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I have just found the most loveliest glitches in ME2 ever. Mmhmmm, I love shit like this. [why yes, I am employing the use of sarcasm] It's always so wonderful to discover bad processing triggers like this, oh yes. I just love WALKING ON AIR.

I believe Shepard and party are about 10-15 feet off the ground currently. Just...floating in air like nothing was wrong. At first it looked like I was on a ledge or something but no. I decided to find a way OFF--but instead found myself walking all over the place. On air.


Not only can I not get off the fake ledge but naturally I'm stuck in this limbo land of nothingness. Wonder.

I love this sort of shit, really. And we wonder why I am constantly pissed at this game. I almost want my money back. I hate restarting so often. Dying sucks, but this is ridiculous.

Oh, and did I mention I can't save on this mission for some bizarre reason? I'm not in battle...


Jan. 29th, 2010 01:42 am
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...why is there porno to buy in my video game? /just. stares.
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[39]Halo (Arbiter & Chief, Master Chief)
[16]Mass Effect (Generic Biotic/Shepard/Weapons, Normandy)
[29]Bioshock (Big Daddy & Little Sister, Big Daddy [Bouncer, Rosie], Little Sister, Scenery)

Yeah, and I'm a Vice Admiral. )
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And therefore I have another icon!dump post to... post. A shite load of Mass Effect icons again. A bit more variety, yet still so many "repeats." I need to work on that some. :3

Here )
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Laptop = capable of making icons = icon dump!

So, in other words, I made some icons. Still not wonderful, but a few I really like. There's a couple of Devil May Cry 4 and some Mass Effect icons. I've downloaded some fonts and brushes now so the next batch should, theoretically, be better. Heheh... whatever that means. >X3

Here )
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Here's my first batch of Mass Effect icons. As a warning, the computer I made these on was a piece of crap--it didn't appreciate my art program very much. (Photoshop 7 to be precise.) So because of that I couldn't do very much (I couldn't get the text feature to work at all--how gay is that?), and since it wasn't my computer I also had very limited resources. So I couldn't do anything fancy. In other words? All these suck arse. However, because the ME icon base is limited, I though I'd share anyway. Besides that, I do like a few of the banners I managed to make at the same time. ^^'

So, here they are. Please be nice.

Mass Effect Icons and Banners )
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Okay, you've been warned. That aside, if you've played through the game or don't plan on ever playing it or just don't give a damn... this is a really good video someone made for Mass Effect. It's somewhat a summary of the entire game. And tt's set to awesome music: Nightwatch's "Planet Hell."

Mass Effect Video by [ profile] lossefalme.
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Now I'm just obsessed with Mass Effect. I love that game so much it's not even funny. Of course, I already beat it? So quickly. It's kinda sad. Of course, the reason so quickly is probably even sadder--I had absolutely nothing else to do. Nothing. Whatsoever.

So I've also got this huge "crush" on one of the characters. That's not unusual. XDD

Go figure.

Well, whatever. That's the way I work apparently.

Actually, I really love the different aliens and technology and stuff. It's awesome. And there's so much. Everything is written out in this codex of information that you can gather and read during the game. I like learning the history, biology, religion, and other major info about all the alien races. And technology. How FTL travel works, Biotics, eezo, and so much other stuff. How to fight in space. What an object going FTL speeds looks. It's just... cool.

And the turians are my favorite alien race. They are so pretty! (Remember, this is coming from the person who thinks an Elite is pretty.) They have avian like features, but describing that they look like birds is inaccurate. About their eyes is the only feature avian looking if you ask me. They have no feathers or anything. But their faces are cool looking. Pretty "masks" on their faces. Heh.

Anyway, the turian party member is my other favorite. I'd have a romantic subplot with him, too, if I could. lol. The human male, though, that's who I was talking about above. If you play a female character you can manage to have a romantic subplot played out with him. :D! Interesting. But seriously... why not an alien? (Other than an asari, that is.) I'd totally do one. >XD

Now I need to make some icons for my new fandom. ^_^''
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Why is it always Elysium? What is with that name that people like so much they name all their sci-fi cities that? Seriously. Second sci-fi/video-game-based novel I've read with that name as a pivotal city to humanity. Com'on. (Like I don't totally love that name anyway. Ancient Greek mythology--hellz yeah!)

So, by the way, I am NEVER going to finish that Tom Clancy novel. Neko knows what I'm talking about. The really large/long Clancy novel that I have been reading since forever. Yeah, that'll be a while. What now? you ask. Well, I started reading the prequel to the Mass Effect video game. It's pretty good. It's also a considerably easier read compared. Much shorter too. That all being beside the point... I've already finished half of the novel, started yesterday evening. X3

Anyway, I started reading it because I had meant to read it before I bought the game. Well, Mom got it for me for Christmas (we went shopping so I could pick out what I wanted--I'm lame to shop for that way). So I started playing it. It is addictive. I like it very much so far. I like to make the comparison of: It's D&D in space! lol. Really though, you get to choose your class and select where to put ranks in your various skills. Wonderful.

But because of this, I am likely never to finish Persona 3 either! Gah. First P3 got interrupted by Halo 3 when that came out. I had just gotten back around to playing it and now I go and have Mass Effect to play! What's wrong with me? I was just getting to good plot points in P3, too. I'll have to try and play both. Yeah right. Besides me being too lazy to change the systems that're hooked up each time I want to switch games? Well, no. That's it really. I have no other real excuse. >XD

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