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Time to break out the PS2!! ...because I just reserved Dante. Why am I such a retard?
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It finally went too far. If you look hard enough--or not even if you simply know the other game--you can definitely tell that the director for Bayonetta is the same as Devil May Cry. The annoying little weasel of a fellow who is an informant is Enzo. The guy who writes the journals you pick is named Antonio Redgrave. Bayonetta just used the line "flock off feather-face."

Enzo? Dante's informant and gig-hunter in both the original novel and manga. Antonio Redgrave? Obviously a play of the name "Tony Redgrave" aka "Anthony Redgrave" which is Dante's alias in, only, like, everything. Flock off? Direct quote from the first game that Dante says to Griffon. (And if I'm wrong about that than it is DEFINITELY the name of the battle theme during Griffon's fights. It's one of my favorite songs on the OST.)

I am just so amused and yet... all it is doing is making me want to play DMC instead. Ffffft.

Tori. D is grinning mischievously. Watch out for all hell breaking loose, Tony. :|

I think I'm a third or almost half way finished with it. At this rate I highly doubt I will buy it--but I do recommend it to my friends who like games like DMC! (This means you Tori and Teagan.) It's pretty nice and I like the battle system. There is a button for shooting, a button for punch/arm attacks, and a button for kicks/leg/secondary attacks. Holding down either of the melee attack buttons will cause her to stop comboing and fire her guns to break the current combo. On top of that her Dodge Offset move allows you to dodge and then immediately return to the combo you were just in the middle of. Plus Witch-Time is pretty fun to initiate, as well as her Wicked Weave and Torture Attacks. They're fun to watch, haha.

As far as the story goes... it seems decent. There's more cutscenes than I was expecting--not a bad thing. I like Luka. He seems like your kind of character Tori. >X] He's like taking Ezio, making him a journalist, and then hilariously clumsy when it comes to wooing girls. Which was really funny because he was epic and then he suddenly stops when he spots this girl and starts flirting with her, and then is STILL epic when he's dodging while talking to her... but as soon as he goes to leave he runs into something behind him and trips and falls--but makes up for it in grabbing one of the flowers off the something and coming back up with it to throw to her! XDD ...yeah. so. yeah. He's totally worth it. XD

Okay. My only true spoiler for the game, seriously. I'm done.
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HALLOWEEN WAS SO MUCH FUN. I had a blast. And while only one of you will get ANYTHING I am talking about in this spiel I am about to type out I don't care and you can have fun laughing at me, seriously. Also yes, there will be crude humor involved. XD You have be warned, damnit.

So I went to Renfest (that's renaissance festival for you non-Texans) with my friends this year for Halloween. (So cool that it actually fell exactly on it this year, heh.) It's kinda a tradition but this year was so sweet. I went as a winged devil. SO MUCH FUN. I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH. I was playing with the wings all day, but especially got into it as it got dark and beyond. I GOT ASKED FOR FOUR PHOTOSHOOTS. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I've never been asked for photos before; it was quite exciting. :D I also scared a kid who thought he could bad-mouth a devil. Retard. ....and then there were ten-million "horny devil"/"horniest lady I've seen all day" comments flying about. It was rather amusing, actually. All in good jest. (And then there was this one old guy who was creepy about it. I swear to God one of my friends tried to distract and he did NOT look away from me. /cries. But someone else walked up and said something and thus attention diverted we all just sorta....walked away. LOL.) Also got asked for a random hug, idk but I was too happy being excited people liked my costume to be "personal space RAWR" person that day so... she got it. lol. DID I MENTION I GOT ASKED FOR PHOTOS? /shot. Okay, okay.

AND TORI. (Teagan already heard.) GUESS WHAT? I SWEAR TO GOD (again even!) THAT I ACTED LIKE RAMPANT THE OTHER NIGHT. Technically the pair of friends I went with (there were more but we sorta split off and the fourth wasn't dressed up, whatever) went as elementals--the King of Fire and Queen of Ice--and I was their pet demon. lol. So "Master" bought a bag of sweet popcorn (best popcorn I've ever had, I kid you not; it is both sugared and salted) and because my hands literally were my wings it wasn't very practical for me to use them--so I was begging for treats. I did tricks to get them! Haha. (I would open my wings to different degrees and stuff like that.) It was...oddly fun. SHUT UP. I WAS HAVING FUN IN CHARACTER. Plus it was totally amusing. I think "Mistress" might have been a little embarrassed but that's okay, that's not very hard to do. lol. And she was having fun, too. I'm glad. I'm pretty sure we all had tons of fun. I mean obviously I know I did, and the new addition seemed to thoroughly enjoy the crude humor floating around, haha, and obviously Baratus always loves it, and I think even Mokushi loved every bit of it. ^__^

So awesome.

SO NEKO. We actually only managed to watch one show this year, lol, we kept missing the others, oops, but we were just having so much fun walking around and goofing off and talking to random people/shop owners and.... but anyway! You remember the "Art of Defense Symposium" or whatever it was called (at the Academy of Arms)? Yeah, we managed to actually catch that one. (And before that we listened to Tartantic if you remember them.) Well they had a new person this year! It was still four people battling it out and stuff, but instead of four guys their new person was a girl. SHE WAS SO COOL. And crude. LOL. It was great, really. I could not get over the fact that she was from Florence, Italy. (Why yes I am obsessed with certain assassin-y game coming out on the 17th.) Okay so for you guys who have no clue what I'm talking about their act is that they're four people from different parts of Europe who come here to compete in a small tournament. There is Oscar Hosslehoff from Germany, "Hard" John from England, "Little" Peter O'Toole from Dublin, Ireland, and the new Patchou--you know what I'm going to butcher her name if I even tried because not only can I not spell it but I couldn't even pronounce it really >.>--from Florence, Italy. (They each had specifics but that's all I can remember by heart, damnit!) I really liked the girl this year--and she won! (Which is ironic, really, because last year my favorite was O'Toole and he won when we watched that year. Haha.) They have the audience vote on the winners so even if one of them wins the duels the crowd favorite wins. Oh, and Hosslehoff has this amusing "new" book called "Grab Them By the Crotch and Throw Them Out the Window!" (Best said with a German accent, seriously. Go ahead, do it. I'll wait. /pauses typing for ten seconds.) So the steps are basically thus: I forget the first two but then there's 3) grab them, 4) pummel them (this is my favorite part, Hosslehoff says and pommels a few more seconds), 5) grab them by the crotch, and 6) throw them out the window! Fffft. It's wonderful. So then they introduce the four competitors and it's all great but the one thing I must share is when Hosslehoff was being introed the announcer ("Hard" John usually does this except for himself) mentions the book and Hosslehoff immediately plugs it with "It will change your life!" and then the girl went "It changed my gender!" Ehehehe. Also they have one "intermission" with an "advertisement" that Hosslehoff and John usually do together about (and here comes the really crude humor, folks) "Better Beaver Butter!"--with 50% less beaver hair than other beaver butter! FFFT. Okay, I'm done you can read again. >D

...and if you don't get that, please don't ask. LOLOLOL. (Or as they put it in the beginning: this act does have violence and crude humor; it is not for kids. we warned you! although if they go to public school they won't be able to tell the difference anyway! ...if you don't get a joke ask your kids.)

Vaguely sad we didn't catch any other shows but we did hear "Cast in Iron" while we--well, they--were throwing knifes and axes and stuff. Then we walked over there to listen more but...uh...this REALLY drunk gypsy-wench draped herself over Homer and he told her to get off after smelling her breath (apparently she was spinning around, dancing? and its not hard to wonder why she started to FALL). He had that "serious smile" on his face--it's hard to explain without knowing him 'cause it's not really a smile per se--but basically it meant he was being forcefully polite while really not wanting to deal with something. Least to say it kinda ruined the happy music times for us, lol, and anyway it was over with after that song apparently. We avoided the gypsy-wench and didn't shoot the longbows 'cause she was there at the time, ffft, and went straight to listen to the "drunk-a-wench" which is--you guessed it--more crude humor times. Basically what the, ahem, "lady" does in the tank is rally really hard on the people throwing at the button and/or the nearest would-be throwers if no one is currently doing so. It's great to listen to. Newb (he doesn't have a nifty name given for internet use, heh) threw at her and got close (coupla inches) each throw except for one where you could tell he was getting frustrated. XD Then we walked across the way and listened to the OTHER guy--like a jester type. You threw tomatoes at his face while he bad-mouthed you. lol. Newb threw at him too and this time got worse as he began laughing too hard. XDD All in all it was great fun.

...Hmmm. What else? OH YEAH. The sword shop had some new replicas they were selling this year: video game swords. They had Alty's long sword, a very interesting metal version of Halo's energy sword, and--dun dun dun--Red Queen from, duh, Devil May Cry 4. They're all too small in size for me to have wanted to buy them for shits and giggles. If it's not going to be a working blade I want to buy the damn thing at the right size. Ya know? Plus Red Queen was way too expensive. However, it was really interesting to see up close. I never realized just how AWKWARD a sword that thing is--seriously, it looks weird. It has odd angles and random pieces just...sticking out. I don't know how to explain it. But it was cool to see in person like that...even though it was so "tiny." (Maybe three-four feet long? And too small width-wise. Trust me. That's so not how large the real thing would be.) They had the rev parts and everything though. The first time I saw it I was pissed and turned my back on it. But I had to go back several times to look at it. XD /is a sucker. Seriously too expensive for the size though. Oh, and Alty's sword? Way too small too. It was say... short sword (if even!) size, and trust me it was NOT his short sword. That is curved. It was his long sword. Only... not long. GAY.

But that's okay because I know how easy it is to find them online (and even as WORKING BLADES if I want) so I'm not worried about that. Because yes, I plan on buying them. XP

SPEAKING OF ASSASSIN'S CREED. There was...a guy dressed as Alty up there. Except. It made me want to cry. He was kinda larger and the costume he had didn't fit so well and and and... and yeah, it just wasn't cool, sadly. (Someone today told me they saw a black robed version, too! But I didn't see him personally. :c) /SIGH

...I think that's FINALLY about it. Oh, yeah. I'll have pictures up later I SWEAR. I just have to get them first and they're not on my camera (yeah, right. WHAT camera? fft.) So I promise you those, flist, in the future!! Seriously!


Hope everyone had a great Halloween, too. Later~!


Oct. 13th, 2009 12:20 pm
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Title: Cleaning Up Shop
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Character(s): Rampant!Dante and Atellus
Challenge Prompt: Return
Summary: Giving second chances is sometimes the greatest sacrifice of all.
Disclaimer: I don't own; not making money; don't sue.
Rating: PG

For a moment nothing happened as the two just sort of stared blankly at one another. )


Oct. 13th, 2009 12:15 pm
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Title: Safety and Peace
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Character(s): Dante and Tony Redgrave
Challenge Prompt: Protection
Summary: When things get a little rough you can always depend upon a possessive lover to get things done.
Disclaimer: I don't own; not making money; don't sue.
Rating: PG-13

Dante flipped a hand and instantly the creature pounced on him. )
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Instead of concentrating on the episode--I have to admit I'm a little lost, I must have missed an episode or two of last season--I get stuck on the line McGee just said to get Tony's attention.

I'm thinking about buying a pair of red leather pants. Something that really cradles my--

...naturally, the first thing I think of is Dante. /facepalms
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Okay, so I'm really bored and really lame (sue me) and just for fun started reading over some old threads with Tony and Dante (my favorite pair right now; they're so cute <3) and LOL the phrase "It's only when someone thinks they can top me that anything rough happens around here!" Let me repeat that: when someone thinks they can top me...

Oh, yeah. And Dante was the one saying this. Hehehehe.

In reference to this. And as Tori will recognize, the icon fits PERFECTLY for this thread... and, lol, its exactly where I came up with the keywords from. >XD
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Oh, no he did NOT! CHE! That commercial... whatever it was... some new movie I think... just said...

Let's rock, baby.

No, no, no, no... see, that is just not allowed. (He said it so dully too. Ffft.)

HE STOLE DANTE'S LINE. THAT IS NOT ALLOWED. have to be COOL to steal a line like that, man. And say it with some style! Not so bland and monotone. Ffft, wtf!?

Yeah. We object. Grr. >3
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I'm going--I'm going to kill something!!

How the hell could I suck this bad? It's stuck in a hallway, nowhere to run, throwing fireballs at me that I can't manage to hit back? Not just once, not just twice, but more than three times dead? Out of what? Half a dozen, a dozen tries? And got two lousy sets of 800 orbs out of those dozen or two tries for all that wasted effort? Really now? I'm that pathetic?

Dear Lord!!

How did I beat this game the first time through? Omg, I suck so badly. How the hell do I expect to get past the "dragon" if I can't hit the spider's fireballs back at him!? Seriously!!

GAH!! ::Flails things::
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Btw, I would just like everyone to know that Nelo Angelo's crotch glows.


Jul. 8th, 2009 06:29 pm
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We have vanilla ice cream with strawberries. <3

My inner Dante is pleased. ^^'
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I fixed my journal layout! HUZZAH!! I think it looks so pretty now.

...just don't ask me how long it took to get all those damn numbers in the coding right. >.>

Thanks a WHOLE WHOLE bunch to Mako, as she helped me find all the trouble spots so I could get it right. She is awesome. <3

The colors are the same, it's the same theme, but it's got a new image and I fixed the placement and size of the links on the side of the header (that would be the banner up top). I'm not even messing with those colors. UGH. That would take... another forever. But! While I did not do it on purpose, my new image fits along anyway. lol.

Oh, and I have three songs now on my journal. One is in the links. One is in the image and on my new profile coding. (Of which, is also new and shiny and FINISHED and... with much thanks to Mako.) The third is in the picture on the profile. Can anyone name the separate songs? :D

Oo, oo, don't you like my new DMC/Vergil layout? Ehehehee. <3 I'm excited. Content. Happy. YAY.

Now just if [ profile] the_fucking would open back up so I can make a claim. Grr!


Mar. 24th, 2008 02:14 pm
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Here are half of those icons I said I'd be posting way back when... heh. :P

DMC Icons )
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Laptop = capable of making icons = icon dump!

So, in other words, I made some icons. Still not wonderful, but a few I really like. There's a couple of Devil May Cry 4 and some Mass Effect icons. I've downloaded some fonts and brushes now so the next batch should, theoretically, be better. Heheh... whatever that means. >X3

Here )
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Dance With the Devil

If DMC4 is seriously coming out on the Xbox 360... I actually now have no reason to buy a PS3. Oh well.
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Ok, so I haven't been keeping up too much on DMC4 except to read what's posted in my b-list about it at various places, but I never go to links and stuff. I changed my mind today because I'm bored up here at work. And here's my little weirdness:

Fuck Nero, and Fuck subtly-Dante... I am oogling over the pictures of Frost.

Why? Because the Frost has always been my favorite demon. Period. No questions asked. No ifs, ands, or butts about it. Ever since I saw the two Frosts jump down in the moonlight in the first game, I have always loved Frosts. Never waver.

And in that second novel of DMC I totally did a Myth Busters--I rejected reality and substituted my own. FROST DID NOT DIE YOU BASTARD!!! *Deep breath*

So, yes, I am looking forward to DMC4. If only for the Frost demon. XDDD

Sounds fun

Nov. 13th, 2006 12:59 pm
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Summarize ten of your fandoms in one sentence, then see who on your friends' list can guess each fandom.

My fandoms, yo. )
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Hey! Did anyone else notice that the coin the two random girls are fighting over is Dante's coin from the game? I'm talking about in the Devil May Cry 3 Code:2 "Vergil" manga. There's one page with two random girls fighting over one measly coin in the alleyway as Dante walks past. The coin has the Eva/Trish figure used in the Devil May Cry icon symbol thingie (both for the game and in the game as his sign, you know what I mean) and even has written on it "Devil May Cry" repeated over and over on it. That's the same two sided coin he has in the second game, right? Well, yea. I thought that was totally cool. Don't ask, it just is. Hehe. ^_^

The Novel

Oct. 25th, 2006 12:34 pm
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I think I like this beginning story better. Odd to say with how much I like DMC3. But this fits in with DMC better... and it's just plain cool. I like the explinations for things. Mostly Ebony and Ivory. It's totally awesome. And, also, oddly enough, it still has Enzo though. Heh.

But I really, really like this book. It's freakin' awesome! Had my emotions going... I like the way Dante was portrayed. Just the way Rikku was saying earlier, about his emotions and stuff. To say he is uncaring... well, it's simply a lie.

But, ugh. Man, I can't even begin to expression things right. Everything's blurring into one non-coherent thought process right now. As much as I want to express my joy and opinions and insights on this novel, I can't at the moment. It's going to bug me. But... A really good book tends to do that to me.
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Now the old lady died... Goldstein. *Cries*

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