May. 15th, 2008 09:01 pm
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So they killed off another favorable CSI guy. They tend to like to do that. Yeah, I actually managed to watch the latest CSI (original) episode. I never really bothered anymore lately, but we flipped to it half way through and watched the rest from there on out.

That sucks. Somehow I'm not surprised. Pity though. I liked him.


Mar. 27th, 2007 08:02 pm
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Repeat meme(s) )
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I had a weird dream last night. It involved the following: a job, band practice, high school, football players, Homer, explanations, a friend in band playing the wrong instrument, talking, old band directors, and a cell phone call from Warrick Brown.

I think I really like The Dresden Files.

I am almost finished with the Acorna series. This both makes me feel vaguely relieved and sad all at once. I am happy, but yet I hate to be finished with a good thing.

I have started writing yet another fanfic series. I am going to die from the amount of incomplete series I currently have going--stuff I haven't posted so no one knows about.

I really like the Ookami soundtrack. It is beautiful. (And addicting.)

I am waiting for mail.
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Have I mentioned that is it currently Spring Break and that I have done nothing so far but watch CSI: Miami all day long for the past three days in a row? Minus the New York I just got finished with that is. And the occasional CSI on the TV in between DVD runs. Haha.
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I don't care how many times I see it, everytime I watch the episode(s) with Nick buried I get teary eyed. Hell, I cry. Plain and simple. Can't help it. Nicky is so emotional it gets to me... kudos to his actor.

I watched Miami and it was good. Hunting is fun... yay for the bear mauling the badguy. lol. And Horatio is cute. Poor thing. It's not that it's all he knows how to do (although, yes, that's definitely true), but more to the fact that that's all he has left. Le sadness. After that I caught the tail end of the second episode with Nick six feet under. So it's the part where they rush and find him then then him out. Like I said, Nicky is so emotional during that time... when they have to make him wait to get out and stuff, that I cry no matter how hard I try not to. Damnit. Oh well. Nicky's worth it. ;D

Unfortunately because Miami is on at the same time, I missed the Irish brother show premiere. That sucks. It looked pretty good. I did catch one scene at commercials, and I do know one thing: I want that song. lol. It was awesome. And, anyway, if the show is as interesting as that scene... then I'm going to be muy sad that I'll be missing it while watching Miami. Why couldn't it be Tuesday? Nothing good comes on Tuesday... XP
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Grissom's back! Yay!! He looks like an old, scruffy bear! Yay?? >XDDD

Wow. What an episode. And I never even saw an episode that didn't have Gris in it. I never caught any of them! Haha. In fact, I just now got into the whole watch the new episodes every week thing, so this is the first new episode I've watched of CSI--I usually catch reruns on Spike.

I have to say, I never did like that new guy's actor anyway. He was in Scream I think, and I didn't like his character in that either. Haha. But, now I feel sorry for the guy. I mean, he wasn't a dirty cop or anything, he just got caught up in the wrong thing. That damn real dirty cop was a bastard! His own daughter!? >X[ Not cool. And then, when the new guy (Mike?) saw what was happening... he must have forced the memory away or something, because he didn't remember the real rapist/murderer until the end. At least he saved Catherine and got to take care of the real bad guy. I say that makes up for the innocent he killed by mistake; at least in my book anyway.

So, I don't care for the guy (at least the actor; can't say much for the character because I never watched any with him) but I definitely feel sorry for him. Kinda makes me like him, even. Heh.

Oh, and I watched Shark after that. I like that show. Shark is an awesome guy. He's no Horatio, but he's pretty damn cool. Plus, I like his voice. XD I don't know! I just know he's done some voice acting for Disney and stuff, and I like it. Heheh. Anyway, it was a good episode, too. ^_^
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Yea, yea... sue me. Anyway, anyone interested in CSI and claiming things... check out: [ profile] all_csi_claims. The only one specific I found was pretty much dead. So, yea... XP
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So, you'd think I'd post about my trip in the snow. But noooooooo... not me. Never.


Don't ask me what's wrong with me, I don't know. I only wish I knew. Anyway, it was fun, blah, blah, blah... yea, yea.

My current obsession is CSI: Miami. Don't get me wrong, I love CSI the best. Or at least I did. But I've seen so many it's mostly reruns and I never seem capable of catching the new ones. Oh well. So I find something else to watch during the day. And that has become my obsession. I ♥ Horatio. (Like the dork that I am. :P)

Other than that, I have been RPing a lot since getting back. My current RPG (and by "my" I just mean the one I'm currently in and paying attention to) decided to take a fall, but the remaining active members made a spin-off from it. So when I got back I had to play catch up in the new RPG. Not that that took long or was hard, but still. I like my RPing. ^^'

So, yea. That's all currently. Oh, that and... I hate school. Which has started back up. And I hate it. Annnnnnd.... I need a job. Yea... don't ask what happened to my last one; I hate that mess, too. *Kills something*

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