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Instead of playing my shiny new game I am reading Dr. Haley's journal. Here is yet another account of my silly fangirlism and dorkability combined:

Halsey wrote, and I quote, "ONI has provided me with a diplomatic shuttle, the Han, along with a dedicated AI, Toran, and my young lieutenant to pilot the craft and act as attaché ('babysitting' comes to mind)" describing the beginning of the procurement process of candidates for the SPARTAN-II project. The object of my amusement is in the very specifically underlined "my" within the sentence. Who writes my lieutenant without inferring... well. Anyway.

Damn me. Why do I ship old people anyway? /facepalms

/turns the page. AND SHE DREW HIM WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING. S-SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! There is also a profile sketch of him. He was quite handsome. 8D

She drew Keyes twice more: once practicing some form of martial arts (she has multiple arm positions drawn out at once and some names for what I presume are the techniques he studied) and another where he must have been fixing something on their shuttle (the caption beneath read: "Hands on. Didn't even wait for the tech crew. Got it done though.") She used his first name only in referring to him in this later entry. Why do I think this is cute? I think she had a mild crush on him, grew attached to him as a constant in her life during that time. And she admired qualities that made him unique and honorable. She purposefully dismissed him from continuing the SPARTAN-II project for this qualities.

...God, I am a dork.

I don't think it's just me anymore--whoever wrote this obviously supports Halsey/Keyes just as much as I do. /glees

"I met my lieutenant again while attending a conference at the University of Calippus.
Don't know if it was the dizzying pressure that I've been under, or the chance reunion with a kindred spirit in a strange place, or something else...

...But I'm glad it was him."

Omg, if they are implying that Miranda is her and his child......

"Did not expect the separation anxiety to be so strong. I guess not hearing her cry wakes me up at night too."

...Madre de Dios they are!

"Jacob has agreed to take her in. I'll miss her, but it's for the best."

In a completely (mostly) different aside: She drew Miranda on one side of a page and, flip the page, on the other side is Cortana drawn out several times. Haha. Her two daughters...

Halsey writes "She spoke her first words (in Italian): 'When the game is over, the king and pawn go into the same box.'"

You do not understand the level of fangirlism that just went filtered through my brain. Trust me, you really don't want to. But least to say there was a lot of squeeing. Cortana's first words make Giovanni cringe and nod appreciatively at the same time. Mmm.

Well there's no doubt about it left: she clearly states that Miranda is her daughter (though without using that phases or the term daughter anywhere). She calls Keyes her father, and says Miranda legally changed her name to his (from hers presumably, obviously). Dr. Halsey is...a very interesting being. A scientist, distant and calculating and cold; a mother, caring, regretful, protective.

It's getting late. I should stop reading and go to bed. Damn.

Wow. That Spartan really looks like Mario.
And with that final loony tidbit I say adieu.


Sep. 10th, 2010 05:26 pm
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Hey guys!!

I have a proposition to make for all of my Assassin's Creed fan friends. You can ignore this otherwise because that is seriously all I am talking about. Also, money. You can ignore it if you don't have any. >.>

The thing is this: I really, really want the Doctor version of the jack-in-the-box collector's item. However, Gamestop does not receive these versions of the collector's edition and yet I do not want to cancel my reserve from there. Basically, I want both versions of the jack-in-the-box. (The other one is the Harlequin, which makes more sense iconically, but I think the Doctor one is more cute. Oh, me, why.) I can't exactly afford both or, more importantly, do not need two copies of the game itself nor any of the other items. So my proposition is thus:

If anyone is buying the collector's edition from anywhere OTHER than Gamestop, will they sell me the Doctor jack-in-the-box for about 20 dollars?


If I bought the collector's edition straight from Ubisoft would anyone like to pay only $75 and receive all of the collector's items except for the Doctor jack-in-the-box?

I figure the latter is probably more likely to happen but it's up to you guys! I think it's a great deal because basically all you're paying for is the exact amount for the full game plus an extra measly 10 for all the other bonus items. I'd have to see how much shipping is but I'll likely pay for that, too, especially if you're desperate on cash. ^^

This is basically me being selfish, yes. Oh! And the sooner I know whether you want to make the deal the better. This is so I can preorder it from Ubisoft asap so I don't miss out, plus I have a coupon I'm not sure when will run out. |D (Which means I'm more likely to pay for shipping it to you!) Also, I can always cancel my preorder with Gamestop if you have to back out for whatever reason so if you think it might be possible for you to do when it comes out just go ahead and say yes so we can do this.

Please let me know which copy of the game you need: either PS3 or Xbox360. This is another reason why I need to know asap before I just...go and preorder one.

Oh, jeez that's tl;dr, why?



Sep. 2nd, 2010 11:02 am
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So there were three Horvaths in the credits of Forgotten Sands. One of them weirdly spelt their name with two Ts (as Horvatth). I was vaguely amused. Also, there was one Borgia. Get out of my Prince of Persia game you. :| ...Oh, and one guy named Ding Dong. I'm not kidding. (He was foreign obviously. Not a name change people, the world's not that crazy. Yet. Actually it probably is but I don't want to know about it.)

And yes, I sat through that entire thing--I swear to God I should have gotten an achievement for sitting through all of it just because of it's length. The music was pretty.
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Nightingale tried to make sense of the manuscript. It was disjointed and strange. He didn't understand half of it, but it all rang true, impossibly true.

He took out his hip flask when he reached the page that described how he reached the page that made him take out his hip flask.

It wasn't the booze that made his mind reel.


Feb. 10th, 2010 01:24 am
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...... /dying now over Caterina's words to the Orsi occupiers

Oh oh, oh my God. I-I was...gonna post over how cute Leo was at the beginning maybe, but... but now I am having a hard time breathing. Oh, Caterina. Suddenly I am in love.

And I thought Rosa had a foul mouth! xDDD

Edit: OH. That's what's in that stupid pink pouch. Because that makes it SO INCONSPICUOUS, Ezio!!!! Ffft!!

Double Edit (already finished): ...oh, that's not even fair. I want Sequence 13 already. :<

I think this is the guy I remember reading about when I went on my Medici/Florentine history binge on wiki. I should not be allowed to go there if I don't want to get distracted foreverrrrrrrrr. He's some weird church guy the people loved but has a bad history, or something, and for a while had Firenze in his clutches--till the Medici finally got it back, thank God. ...I just wish the Medici could have kept it a little longer after Il Magnifico died. Ah, well.

I just find it so amusing that I read about him already. I love how they play real history to make their own invents fit in so smoothly. It's awesome. Good job, Ubisoft! Bene, molto bene!

... /sigh. Back to being bored. :c
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I have just found the most loveliest glitches in ME2 ever. Mmhmmm, I love shit like this. [why yes, I am employing the use of sarcasm] It's always so wonderful to discover bad processing triggers like this, oh yes. I just love WALKING ON AIR.

I believe Shepard and party are about 10-15 feet off the ground currently. Just...floating in air like nothing was wrong. At first it looked like I was on a ledge or something but no. I decided to find a way OFF--but instead found myself walking all over the place. On air.


Not only can I not get off the fake ledge but naturally I'm stuck in this limbo land of nothingness. Wonder.

I love this sort of shit, really. And we wonder why I am constantly pissed at this game. I almost want my money back. I hate restarting so often. Dying sucks, but this is ridiculous.

Oh, and did I mention I can't save on this mission for some bizarre reason? I'm not in battle...


Jan. 29th, 2010 01:42 am
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...why is there porno to buy in my video game? /just. stares.
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It finally went too far. If you look hard enough--or not even if you simply know the other game--you can definitely tell that the director for Bayonetta is the same as Devil May Cry. The annoying little weasel of a fellow who is an informant is Enzo. The guy who writes the journals you pick is named Antonio Redgrave. Bayonetta just used the line "flock off feather-face."

Enzo? Dante's informant and gig-hunter in both the original novel and manga. Antonio Redgrave? Obviously a play of the name "Tony Redgrave" aka "Anthony Redgrave" which is Dante's alias in, only, like, everything. Flock off? Direct quote from the first game that Dante says to Griffon. (And if I'm wrong about that than it is DEFINITELY the name of the battle theme during Griffon's fights. It's one of my favorite songs on the OST.)

I am just so amused and yet... all it is doing is making me want to play DMC instead. Ffffft.

Tori. D is grinning mischievously. Watch out for all hell breaking loose, Tony. :|

I think I'm a third or almost half way finished with it. At this rate I highly doubt I will buy it--but I do recommend it to my friends who like games like DMC! (This means you Tori and Teagan.) It's pretty nice and I like the battle system. There is a button for shooting, a button for punch/arm attacks, and a button for kicks/leg/secondary attacks. Holding down either of the melee attack buttons will cause her to stop comboing and fire her guns to break the current combo. On top of that her Dodge Offset move allows you to dodge and then immediately return to the combo you were just in the middle of. Plus Witch-Time is pretty fun to initiate, as well as her Wicked Weave and Torture Attacks. They're fun to watch, haha.

As far as the story goes... it seems decent. There's more cutscenes than I was expecting--not a bad thing. I like Luka. He seems like your kind of character Tori. >X] He's like taking Ezio, making him a journalist, and then hilariously clumsy when it comes to wooing girls. Which was really funny because he was epic and then he suddenly stops when he spots this girl and starts flirting with her, and then is STILL epic when he's dodging while talking to her... but as soon as he goes to leave he runs into something behind him and trips and falls--but makes up for it in grabbing one of the flowers off the something and coming back up with it to throw to her! XDD ...yeah. so. yeah. He's totally worth it. XD

Okay. My only true spoiler for the game, seriously. I'm done.
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Happy New Year!

I had a great time! I had some friends over--yes, over at MY house for a change--and it was fun. We had some steak and chicken grilled to delish~ with some potatoes on the side and it was good. So then we huddled next to the small fire for like ever hanging out and dodging the smoke. XD It was hilarious fun. Ring-around-the-fire, seriously. Mucho funo. Yeah...

And smores. I almost forgot to mention the smores. Yum. Marshmellows~

Then after midnight and a few firecrackers--and watching everyone else's really nice displays, lol, so awesome of them to spend the money for our pleasure XD--we headed inside and played a zombie card game. Oh, man, Neko I am so sorry you missed out. It was wicked fun, and so crazy!! Baratus won by accident more than anything else. XDDD

Also, Tori, since you're the only one I've told something to you get to deal with my rantings next time we're both on AIM. Enjoy.

And that's about it. Hey Neko--when do you go back? Just curious. :3

Also I bought a game and ACII book that I do not need but oh well. Got a pretty soundtrack with the game I'm listening to now, so, uh, yay?. So yeah. End of my day. I'm spent and I think I can thoroughly get to bed by this point. Phew.

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...oh, snap. What are you doing Desmond?
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...I caved.

Alex Mercer is now mine to do with as I please. >D
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Betrayed by the ruling families of Italy, a young man embarks upon an epic quest for vengeance. To eradicate corruption and restore his family's honor, he will study the secrets of an ancient Codex, written by Altaïr. To his allies, he will become a force for change--fighting for freedom and justice. To his enemies, he will become a dark knight--dedicated to the destruction of the tyrants abusing the people of Italy. His name is Ezio Auditore di Firenze. He is an Assassin.

This is the description of Assassin's Creed II in the Xbox Live Marketplace. Am I just a dork is that the awesomest description I've heard so far? Hellz yeah!

And I am so interested in this Codex thing. Y/y?

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Assassin's Creed II TGS Trailer, so pretty. And HEY! That's not fair! We get to see Ezio's face and all? (He's kinda cute. I thus dub him "puppy-dog Ezio" thanks to his revenge-get! expressions.)

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So my friend got a Wii. We had all pretty much agreed we were never going to get one because none of us were ever interested in having to buy one to play it. There just weren't enough games wanted playing on the device. But he got one. Rather, she did.

Which is actually pretty awesome because no money was spent. lol. Apparently her grandmother got it...from a church thing or something? Some give-away type thing. And anyway naturally she didn't understand what the hell it was. (Didn't even pronounce the name right until told how, lol.) So my friend got her hands on it. Awesome, yes?


So anyway now they have one... and you know what? It's not so bad. A little frustrating sometimes, but really cracktastically fun. Nothing serious about it, man. But we were laughing and that's what counts, right? Sure. So I'll never want one but it's fun with friends. ^^

Btw, we played Acme Arsenal (silly), Wii Resort Sports (crack), and (my personal favorite) Ghost Busters. Because--dude--how does anyone not like the Ghost Busters? I shall shun you forever. Though of course I had problems adjusting to the controls on them all. XD

Anyway, that was yesterday and today. Now... back to my beloved internets. Mmm. /hugs
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I've discovered that I really, really, really like playing Left 4 Dead--on the internet. It is so much fun! It's a game based on how well you play with others, in my humble opinion, and it makes the game that much more fun to play with other real people rather than running around with a tag-along AI that sucks at not shooting you. Or standing in front of the Witch. (On the other hand, players tend to be jack-asses and/or idiots half of the time, too. You just have to find the right group.)

So.... yeah. I've discovered I like Xbox Live. Help us all.

On the other foot--I found that I magnanimously HATE Dynasty Warriors 6. While it looks pretty, and I still like some of the relationships between certain characters (aka my favorites; read: Sun Ce and Zhou Yu)... I am royally pissed at what they did with too many things. The good: the leveling system and game-play is still fun, in fact I like the new way they did the horses and skills. The bad: everything else they changed all the fun weapons to not-so-fun weapons! Seriously, everyone with an "exotic" weapon got switched over to a spear or spear-type weapon. How lame is that! Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, ZHANG HE, and Ling Tong just to name a few (of my favorites!). (And what the heck is Zheng Ji wielding? I can't tell yet. Or Diao Chan for that matter. And Lu Bu's weapon! Wth!) They also changed the looks of people. Granted, they try to "up the ante" with each successive game when it comes to the characters, but... I think they screwed over a few people this time. At least combined with the weapons. But seriously... I do not like Pang Tong's new design. *sigh* Oh well. Uh... oh, yeah. I hate Sun Shang Xiang in this game. I liked her. Now she's retarded and uses a BOW. Sounds almost cool minus the fact that she's not wielding chakrams, but NO. It's NOT. It's annoying. And her Musou Mode sucks. So there. AND SUN CE DOES NOT HAVE A MUSOU MODE! WHAT THE FUCK, KOEI? I HATE YOU, TOO!

*deep breath* Okay, I'm done. But I really don't like that game anymore. *sniff* Sun Jian looks cool, but hard to get over his "original" look. (DW4 is my first DW game, and my favorite out of all.) Gan Ning looks nice, but also hard to get over his old look. I will say this though: I like his new double sword weapon style. 'S cool and fun.

Okay, now I'm done with that. Seriously.

XBOX LIVE IS FUN. I want to play some more. Alas, I have to wait till Friday. lol. Gotta be at my friend's place to actually get on. :P Anywho, looking forward to some Gears online, but I'll probably end up playing more Left 4 Dead. lol. It's additive. ^^'
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So last weekend.... finally posting for that... X3 ...anyway, so I went and saw Deception. I think it's pretty good. The beginning has a lot of sex stuff, and (as usual) I could do with less of that crap, but it sets up the ending and so I'm not upset. Heh. The ending is great and I thought it was cool. As usual I have nothing intelligent to say about it, but that's both because it's been awhile... and I hate giving away spoilers. And... I'm lazy. (If you have not figured that out about me by now... FOR SHAME. XD)

I also finally got over my weeping of the loss of a certain character in my latest video game... and got back on the ball to finish Bioshock. Dude, that game rocks. I'm already more than half-way through playing it again, this time on hard though, and I love how I catch things in more detail on my second way around. Of course, that's not to say I don't catch everything the first time through; no, in fact I usually predict things before they happen. (Indeed, with Bioshock I did that very thing; and--though not to give anything away--I got it right this time, that is to say what I guessed happened, but it wasn't in quite the manner I was leaning towards. Still...) It's just that I catch them in more detail. I'm not playing it any more slowly--in fact I think, no, I know I'm playing it much more quickly this time--but things just 'click' in a more detailed manner. Like, instead of just understanding what's going on, what happened in the past, now I completely understand both how they did it, why, and other detailed expressions of such knowledge and understanding. (XD) Anyway.... I was kind of disappointed with the ending... it seemed so abrupt. Or maybe that's not it exactly... I usually like open-ended endings to things. Where the imagination is set free to run as it wishes. Especially if it's dark. >X] But I'm thinking I just thought I was going to get a different ending. Maybe that's the only reason. Still... it did seem awfully abrupt rather than leaving you satisfied and full. The entire game is awesome and fulfilling, but the ending seemed short-lived and disappointing compared to all the in depth detail and hard work of the rest of the game. It left me with a nice little twist and evil open-ended "I can imagine whatever I want here" feeling... but disappointed that it was so SHORT. I was watching in all anticipation and then suddenly... it'sbackatthetitlescreen. WHAT!? THAT'S IT!? Okay..... let's try this again! Well, it's the SAME YOU DOLT. Naturally. Well, whatever. I love the game anyway. And maybe I'll like the other ending better. You never know.

Here's a random meme to stick in between. )

Yes, that rhymed. Shame on me.

In other news... no, wait. I lost my other news. Damn. I could have SWORN I had something else to say. Other than the fact that I have a HUGE amount of icons I need to dump when I get around to it. Like, almost a hundred or maybe even a little over a hundred icons just sitting and waiting for me to post. I might post 'em in two posts. I hate over-cramming one post like that. :3

Anyway, whatever else I had to say can either be said later or forgotten altogether. *Shrug*
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Why are there so many kick-ass games I want to play? I have no money! Well, thankfully these few new ones I want to add to the list aren't actually out yet. But there are others that are. Bah. Anywho... Tom Clancy just makes kick-ass stuff. Wtf.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

End War

Ice Demon

Jan. 27th, 2008 04:29 pm
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So I've been watching a bunch of the DMC4 trailers (finally!) and it looks AWESOME. I totally can't wait for that game to come out now! But, I totally want to beat up Nero. He is gay. Why? Because he fights with Dante. And Dante should/could totally beat his ass up in a sec. But... whatever. The game looks beautiful. And I'm so glad it's coming out on the 360 too. I don't want to buy a PS3. :P

Also, I took a glance at some of the new FFXIII pictures and stuff, and it looks beautiful too!! The graphics look so great it's not even funny. Like Halo 3 really. That good. ('Cause I thought they were excellent.) And the characters look cool. I want to play that game. I think I hope it comes out on PC... because that would be the only PS3 game I really couldn't live without. X\ Bah!

Although... by that time it shouldn't cost so much! ^^'

Fill in the blanks meme. )
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Now I'm just obsessed with Mass Effect. I love that game so much it's not even funny. Of course, I already beat it? So quickly. It's kinda sad. Of course, the reason so quickly is probably even sadder--I had absolutely nothing else to do. Nothing. Whatsoever.

So I've also got this huge "crush" on one of the characters. That's not unusual. XDD

Go figure.

Well, whatever. That's the way I work apparently.

Actually, I really love the different aliens and technology and stuff. It's awesome. And there's so much. Everything is written out in this codex of information that you can gather and read during the game. I like learning the history, biology, religion, and other major info about all the alien races. And technology. How FTL travel works, Biotics, eezo, and so much other stuff. How to fight in space. What an object going FTL speeds looks. It's just... cool.

And the turians are my favorite alien race. They are so pretty! (Remember, this is coming from the person who thinks an Elite is pretty.) They have avian like features, but describing that they look like birds is inaccurate. About their eyes is the only feature avian looking if you ask me. They have no feathers or anything. But their faces are cool looking. Pretty "masks" on their faces. Heh.

Anyway, the turian party member is my other favorite. I'd have a romantic subplot with him, too, if I could. lol. The human male, though, that's who I was talking about above. If you play a female character you can manage to have a romantic subplot played out with him. :D! Interesting. But seriously... why not an alien? (Other than an asari, that is.) I'd totally do one. >XD

Now I need to make some icons for my new fandom. ^_^''

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