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Last year there (or was it the year before that?) there were rabbits I talked about frequently. Specifically I remember getting excited over there being these "twin" white rabbits. I loved seeing them because they made me think of the Twins (Dante & Vergil). XD

Whelp, this year they are not back. They probably died during the winter.

HOWEVER. There are now two little black bunnies on the loose. And they are so cute. They're much smaller than the white (and the brown) ones. I don't know if it's because they're just young or what, but they haven't grown much yet if so. So adorable.

At first we thought there was just one black rabbit left. But yesterday and again today I saw two! They were right next to each other. They hang out near this one yard a lot because the people living there have a captive rabbit they keep in the backyard with the cage on the ground. I figure they like to hang around their buddy. ^^'

Well, anyway. That's all I wanted to say for today.
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We saw ALL FOUR rabbits today on our walk. It was kinda awesome. We get so excited when we spot the rabbits, as if it makes our entire day, it's quite silly. But it's the funnest thing to do while out there just walking! I mean, what else am I supposed to look forward to? lol.

Well, anyway. We spotted Dante first--chillaxin' under a parked car all spread out and totally not giving a damn about anything. He does that. Seriously. More often than not he's the one we spot; and he never seems to give a damn about what's going on around him. Can I name 'em or can I name 'em? Then we spotted Shadow and I swear it took us forever to decide whether it was in fact the black rabbit or a set of dark colored leaves sticking out of the bushes. He was a freakin' ninja sittin' there in the grass, man. So amusing.

Then on the way back down the street we saw Vergil and Trish hanging out together on one of the driveways. And yes I decided to name the brown hare Trish instead of Lady because obviously I like her much better. And she's so cool. And, lol, she was hangin' out with Vergil--I just got that. 8D /dork

OKAY! Yeah. ......I'm sadly obsessed. SIGH.
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The twins were out tonight!! Hehe.
The twin rabbits that is. They were hanging out with the ~~elusive brown hare~~ underneath some parked cars. I swear that one is hard to spot. We've only seen it twice in all this time. Heh.
...also, I am considering naming that one "Lady" suddenly. My only problem is that it is a really pretty colored rabbit...and Lady is not my favorite character. :c

The black rabbit wasn't with them. What should I name that one?
We did, however, spot him on the way back. In a different yard. Apparently he was not invited to the party.


So on that note--if I disappear for about half an hour at seven you know where I'm at. Our not-so-daily daily walk. Yeah...

/patters off

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