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To anyone who knows me, and specifically my fandoms--you'll get why the fact the John Clark being a real live spy for the US in the past... just totally rocks my socks. Duuuuude. AWESOME~!
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Why are there so many kick-ass games I want to play? I have no money! Well, thankfully these few new ones I want to add to the list aren't actually out yet. But there are others that are. Bah. Anywho... Tom Clancy just makes kick-ass stuff. Wtf.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

End War
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Why is it always Elysium? What is with that name that people like so much they name all their sci-fi cities that? Seriously. Second sci-fi/video-game-based novel I've read with that name as a pivotal city to humanity. Com'on. (Like I don't totally love that name anyway. Ancient Greek mythology--hellz yeah!)

So, by the way, I am NEVER going to finish that Tom Clancy novel. Neko knows what I'm talking about. The really large/long Clancy novel that I have been reading since forever. Yeah, that'll be a while. What now? you ask. Well, I started reading the prequel to the Mass Effect video game. It's pretty good. It's also a considerably easier read compared. Much shorter too. That all being beside the point... I've already finished half of the novel, started yesterday evening. X3

Anyway, I started reading it because I had meant to read it before I bought the game. Well, Mom got it for me for Christmas (we went shopping so I could pick out what I wanted--I'm lame to shop for that way). So I started playing it. It is addictive. I like it very much so far. I like to make the comparison of: It's D&D in space! lol. Really though, you get to choose your class and select where to put ranks in your various skills. Wonderful.

But because of this, I am likely never to finish Persona 3 either! Gah. First P3 got interrupted by Halo 3 when that came out. I had just gotten back around to playing it and now I go and have Mass Effect to play! What's wrong with me? I was just getting to good plot points in P3, too. I'll have to try and play both. Yeah right. Besides me being too lazy to change the systems that're hooked up each time I want to switch games? Well, no. That's it really. I have no other real excuse. >XD


Sep. 25th, 2007 01:14 pm
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"It's about seduction," Clark said to the shiny new faces in the auditorium, catching Ding's grin in the back of the room and cringing.

. . .

"Gee, Mr. C., does that mean seduction is okay?" Ding asked.

"Only when you get paid for it, Domingo."
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"Had you going for a second, didn't I? You know," van Damm went on, "I figured out what we really missed when we set this country up."

"Okay, I'll bite," Jack said, eyes still closed, and finding the humor in the moment. Damn, but Arnie knew how to run a classroom.

"A court jester, make it a Cabinet post. You know, a dwarf--excuse me, a person with an unusually large degree of vertical challenge--dressed in multicolored tights and the funny hat with bells on it. Give him a little stool in the corner--'course, there isn't a corner here, but what the hell--and every fifteen minutes or so, he's supposed to jump up on your desk and shake his rattle in your face just to remind you that you have to take a leak every so often, just like the rest of us. Do you get it now, Jack?"

Shit yeah!

Aug. 29th, 2007 10:22 am
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"Eat shit and die," the male member of the team whispered, watching the two contact lines close on the display.

This being a quote from Debt of Honor. What's happening at the time is an American boomer (ballistic missile submarine) is attacking a Japanese sub and the sonarman above is watching the kill on his screen. They get the first underwater kill since WWII. Ain't it nice? I think so. I'm almost finished with the book, but I keep getting distracted. And if I read it at night I'm gonna end up staying up too late to finish it. Gah!

Anyway, I read this line and was instantly amused. You see, in Gears of War Dom says this line if I'm not mistaken. It's either him or Cole (maybe even Baird?), but I'm leaning towards Dom. Either way someone in Gears says it and I can just hear the phrase exactly as it is pronounced in the game when I read that. Heh. I like it.
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Perhaps even the best part of any of Tom Clancy's novels. Hell, possibly his best work ever.

And it is when Clark and Oreza meet in Debt of Honor.

You look like you've seen a ghost... )

Yes, that simple a scene. But you see... there is a lot of history in the work of this meeting. If you only read Debt of Honor you definitely wouldn't get it. I mean, it somewhat explains the fact that Clark has a new name and all and that Oreza saw "Clark" die. But there's just so much more to it than that.

And that is what makes it so f-in' awesome.

Should I explain in a full rant? I think I shall.

Obsessive Rant )
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We so just owned their ass! Haha!

Continuing with my book and its war with Japan... we totally just pwned the Japanese and their superior radar systems. Heheh. It was awesome. Our guys just went right under their noses (literally for the helicopter but figuritively for the jets--they went over the radar, pretty literally). That was cool. The F-22s went in straight at them and let the Japanese get a good lock on them. The -22s had F-15Es trailing in their jetwashes so close behind that the radar only picked up on the pair of -22s in formation and not their trailing -15Es. When the pairs separated the Japanese radar fixed on the -15Es as they stayed level and didn't catch the -22s as they flew further up. It was really nice, and a bit more complicated than my explination, but that's the jist of it. Beautiful.

So the helicopter took out one of the radar planes from below its radar screen and the -22s took out two others from up above. And the Japanese F-15Js (using the radar from the planes now shot down) were going after the -15Es and are now instead caught between the -15Es off the coast and the -22s coming back from inshore. Haha. They are gonna get pwned too here soon.

Not to mention Clark and Chavez's little mission went totally beautifully, too. That was some nice footwork. I love those two. Squee. ^^

Ahh, I love it.
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Holy shit, I am actually hating the Japanese right now! (For anyone who actually knows me, you know why this is a surprise.) They fuckin' launched torpedoes at us, and then had to audacity to lie about it! And not just "we didn't launch no torpedoes" but rather "warning! we have launched torpedoes do to a malfunction." Wtf? That's just... worse. And all for a collapse in financial operations.

Oh, don't think I'm a nut just yet. What I'm talking about is simply my book. :P

My latest Tom Clancy novel to be exact. Still the same one as before with all of Chavez's info. Well, the recent stuff I've been going on about. It's Debt of Honor and deals mostly with the Japanese as the main threat. (Clancy is cool. He goes through about every major country throughout his entire series.)

I was excited about it dealing with Japan... and it's still cool. It's just, this part right here, this crap, this attack, is so not cool. I'm seething. Wtf, when did I get patriotism?

Anyway.... yea.....


Aug. 10th, 2007 11:28 am
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Damn, Ding is smart! The guy is smarter than me! Not that that's saying much, but seriously. And not like "I don't do the work 'cause I'm so lazy and I really could pass but most often don't", the guy quite probably would kick my ass even if I did properly study. I mean he's mastering in international relations for crying out loud! Gah.

I suddenly feel ashamed thanks to a person who does not exist. Thanks, Clancy. Thanks a lot. -__-

Yes, I am obsessed. I am also still reading nothing but Tom Clancy novels at the moment, and my current book has a lot of info on Ding's education. So I am noting all this when I learn it. So excuse my random comments of my current obsession.
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Neko, help. What should Barricade loose? Ack.

On another note... to announce to practically no one really... I've been reading Tom Clancy's novels lately. I mentioned it somewhat last time. But, seriously, I am enjoying his books quite a bit. A tough read, I don't really recommend any of the novels to anyone in my group of friends unless you really like reading and/or military/intelligence type stuff. Most aren't all that action packed, but somehow I managed to get sucked in anyway. It's the characters, definitely.

My favorite will always be Rainbow Six. I like those guys the best, especially Chavez. He's cool. I wish he were in more of the novels. Heheh. (But Jack Ryan is growing on me--he's pretty cool, too.) Plus I like the antiterrorist group just for its nature, in and of itself. Team-2 is so cool.

That's... pretty much it. I guess.

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