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Might be looking for a new laptop instead of getting a new Xbox for Christmas. Something's wrong with the monitor. It's tiny right now but it's annoying. And, hell, if it suddenly decides to completely die off I will be quite upset. And it is growing, whatever this little blank spot is. :\

Well, anyway. Just ranting over this recent development in my online life. I noticed it yesterday and already it's a dozen or so more pixels large. So not cool. Restarting didn't help. Suuuuuuuuuucks.

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It gets...awfully dark in here...when the power goes out. And everything beeping back to life startled the crap out of me while I was getting ready haphazardly to get to bed.

Feh. -__-
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I can't sign on to Xbox Live and it's pissing me off. Apparently their "Xbox Live signup is currently unavailable" and therefore I cannot recover my gamertag on my personal Xbox. Joy.

Fuck you too, Xbox Live. No, I didn't want to get on and play Left 4 Dead at all. Never. That would be boring.

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Gah! Not having your own internet sucks.


Mar. 11th, 2009 09:23 pm
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-10 to house cleaning (especially with a broom/mop)
+ 5 to mosquito-hawk hunting with a broom
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I really, really miss having the internet. And on top of that my computer. It won't start up--at all. Period. And it's really starting to piss me off. Even in safe mode it just commits suicide at the most impromtu time. I hate it. So I'm gonna take it with me to my brother's house when we head up their for Thanksgiving. We're leaving tomorrow night. At night of all times, heh. Well, it was Mom's choice. Although she says if the weather is bad we might just wait till morning anyhow. Silly. Whatever.

But I miss all my friends on here and at [ profile] paradisa where I RP. I miss my characters. I miss my comic books, too! Because, they're all on the computer and I don't have that either. Not to mention my music. I have my CD player and MP3 player, but I have new music I want to put on said MP3 player and I can't because that requires the computer. It sucks. But, at least my old CD player still works. So I've been using that a lot lately. Heh.

Bah, now I'm kinda sad. I don't want to go. I mean, I don't want to go do work. I want to stay on the internetz all day. Then again, I don't want to play "catch-up" at [ profile] paradisa when I'll just be out of the loop again until much later. Bah. BAH I SAY!

Oh, right. I watched CSI: Miami last night. I haven't been watching it at all this season, but I was happy with that episode. I liked the beginning. That was awesome. I love Calleigh. Btw, if anyone finds any pictures of that episode, some screencaps, specifically of the part where Eric and Calleigh hugged, I'd appreciate a link or whatnot. Not to ship, because "bleh", but because it was cute and I'd like to make a friendship icon or two. ^^'

Aaaaannnd, now for some pointless memes while I have the time:

Meme/quizzes )

And because [ profile] nekohitori tortured me with this, I give it to all of you, too!
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So last night I did what I said I was gonna do: I stayed up to finish reading the Halo novel and then went to bed. I WAS gonna post about it very briefly before going to sleep. This was at 10:01 pm. Well, at 10:15 I actually went to bed... without posting. Why? Because my computer won't start! Soo.... I'm having technical difficulties with my computer and therefor have no internetz. Which sucks. I'm at my friend's right now. Anyway...

I finished reading Halo: Contact Harvest. And yes, I cried my eyes out at that last part. And it took me forever to dry my eyes long enough to fall asleep.

Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?

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That's a good song by the way.

Okay, what is with me and electronic devices these days? First my computer at home, now the automatic stapler here at work? What the hell? I mean, com'on! My computer is on the fritz at home. It won't work properly for the life of me. And don't ask me what's wrong either! I have no clue. Or at least not a well defined enough of one to try and explain it here in writing.

And now the stapler? Not that I can't live without it... I can staple by hand (or rather, by arm since that's the muscle that will hurt after a good while of operating a stapler) but maaan... this is getting ridiculous. It is eating the paper you put into it. lol. Yeah, that's funny. But not quite amusing. Well, okay, yes, it is. It's not my paper after all. But still. Wtf?

Oh, also, I am officially not allowed to eat Runts anymore. Why? BECAUSE I KEEP DROPPING THEM! WTF IS WRONG WITH ME!?

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