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Time to break out the PS2!! ...because I just reserved Dante. Why am I such a retard?
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Trying out another new muse at my sandbox. Open to all. Please go and bug. Y/y? ^_^

Over at the Arcana Cabana.

I'll never mind more comments, and I'll never mind what day someone comments on. Or how long it lasts. Seriously. ^^
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Fffffft. Neko. You might get a kick out of this. It had to be done.

Inside joke is go.
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Hey, guys. I'm bored. Come play with my new muse. He's lonely.

In other news.... um, let me think back...
I went and saw Zombieland this weekend. Boy is it freakin' hilarious! I loved it, and I recommend it to anyone! Especially comedy zombie movie lovers. Great, great stuff. And guest star ftw, hell yeah! Was not excepting him--but it was really ironic because me and my friend were just playing that game before we left for the movie theater. ...Then we played it some more when we got back. XD

Uh, what else. Oh, yeah. I got a hopefully kick-ass costume for Halloween this year! Well, I'm looking forward to it at least even if it did cost money. >.> I always want to dress up but hate cheap stuff and am so damn picky. But you know what? I decided to crap out and HAVE SOME GODDAMN FUN this year. We're going to Renfest again this year (I wish he'd stop choosing Halloween to go on though, gdit) and I'll be wearing it there. They're going as the Queen of Ice and King of Fire... and as usual I'm the third wheel (/bricked)... but I'm gonna be their pet demon. XD /retarded.


Um. That's it?

WAIT. I SAW THE ELUSIVE BROWN HARE THE OTHER DAY ON OUR WALK. YUSH! ...not that anybody cares or anything... Now the black one has been missing for a few days. Com'on, guys, stop hiding!!
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w h e r e t h e m u s i c i s i n y o u r s o u l
Elegy is a community-based, panfandom roleplay
played out in a red light district setting where
two rival Houses fight for dominance and
where music influences all aspects of the city,
even giving characters strange abilities.

On a personal little note~ )
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Oh, Neko, did I ever tell you I came up with something for Barricade to loose? Heheh. I finally thought of something! It would work quite well with any 'bot actually. Any of them would be devistated to find out they lost it... if they could remember! *Cackles*

Anyway. I've decided he'll loose memory of the Allspark. No more Cube from Barricade. It may not be as "God-like" to the Cons as it is the Autobots, but it's still a very valuable object to want to possess. So I figure it works great for any 'bot, Con or Auto. And it's better than some half-crapped memory or a skill that I'll later miss or something stupid. Yay.

(Maybe if I knew more of his skills I'd use one, but I can't think of anything really. XP)

So, yea. What'da ya think? Not too bad? It's better than nothing. Meh.

Hmm... I better start on his app so I can get it in ASAP! XD


Jul. 9th, 2007 10:59 pm
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ARG! Why are so many damn events happening all at the same time? What, did everyone get together and PLAN this shit? Just to torture me? Yep, that's it. Damn.

Ha. Ok, both BotS9 for the FotHB guild and the "Return of the Losses!" event at [ profile] paradisa are going on right now. Least to say, I can't keep up! Thankfully the Paradisa one will slow down soon... and then end before BotS. I don't won't to miss out on BotS this year!! It's so fun!! Kiara is sooooo hyper! lawl.

Anyway.... yea...... whoa... I got hyper... damn cookies.........
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I have Good Omens now!! I am going to read it! It will be hilarious! I can already tell. Can't you?

By the way Neko, it is Crowley AND Aziraphale over at [ profile] paradisa. Haha! Crowley is dating Henry. XD

Speaking of RPing, when is Donnie coming back? Raph misses him now that Leo left and he realizes how mean he was to Donnie. ;_; XD

P.S.- I am going to see AWE tonight. ^_^!
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I convinced Daddy to get me a 360 for my birthday! Haha! I got it today with his credit card (had to sign his name, lol) and then handled with much care and love. I think I cradled it once. XD

Oh, yeaaaa... so much love. I played it for, like, five hours straight just a while ago. I'm not sure which is gonna eat me more: the 360 or [ profile] paradisa. Tough call. They both eat my soul.

The 360 came with Call of Duty 2 and I also bought Gears of War and Halo 2, plus I already had Halo. (WTF, you don't even have an Xbox first but you have a game for it already? lol. Yes, I got it when my friend bought his 360 so I could play it over there. ^^) So I'm set for a while. Although, I think Leigh might get me a game for my birthday now. Haha. :D

So, SCORE one for me. Hehe. Off to play catch-up at the RPG~!
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[ profile] paradisa eats my life.
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I saw The Number 23 the other day with my friends. Oh, yea. Definitely a movie I recommend anyone to go see. It's very, very good. And it doesn't matter if you don't like the actor, because he did a very good job. (This is a big compliment coming from me.) I really enjoyed it, and so did my friends. It's kinda a thriller/suspense? I suppose. But it's really good. Go see it.

In other news............ well, I don't really have any other news. Except, I suppose, maybe, that my (our) latest RPG is up and running. We haven't figured out how to (or whether to) accept applications yet, but if you want to join ask me. It's a multi-dimension RPG so it's definitely multi-fandom/crossover. Dimension-hopping.... yum. Haha. Look: [ profile] plane_shift_rpg. ^_^

P.S.- I meant to ask if you'd join, Liz, because you're an awesome RPer and I miss RPing with you. You too, Sis. But I know both of you are iffy on the RPing these days, so.... yea. But... I'd be happy. XD
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So, you'd think I'd post about my trip in the snow. But noooooooo... not me. Never.


Don't ask me what's wrong with me, I don't know. I only wish I knew. Anyway, it was fun, blah, blah, blah... yea, yea.

My current obsession is CSI: Miami. Don't get me wrong, I love CSI the best. Or at least I did. But I've seen so many it's mostly reruns and I never seem capable of catching the new ones. Oh well. So I find something else to watch during the day. And that has become my obsession. I ♥ Horatio. (Like the dork that I am. :P)

Other than that, I have been RPing a lot since getting back. My current RPG (and by "my" I just mean the one I'm currently in and paying attention to) decided to take a fall, but the remaining active members made a spin-off from it. So when I got back I had to play catch up in the new RPG. Not that that took long or was hard, but still. I like my RPing. ^^'

So, yea. That's all currently. Oh, that and... I hate school. Which has started back up. And I hate it. Annnnnnd.... I need a job. Yea... don't ask what happened to my last one; I hate that mess, too. *Kills something*


Oct. 3rd, 2006 09:48 am
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Sunday I went to the movies and then to eat. It was fun. We went and saw Jet Li's Fearless. The movie is pretty dang awesome. I love the last battle's weapon choices! Oh my gosh! I think both me and Leigh had orgasms when they appeared with those weapons. LOL. Yea... but seriously, it was good. And... emotional. I hate emotions, but damnit. The movie was sad! Eh, go see it. :P

Then we went to eat. Mmm... steak. It was exspesive-ish... and I felt bad for that. But, he wanted to pay for it. I'm not complaining, right? Right. It was really good. But it was also funny; the people around us were stupid-silly kind of people. And this one girl's voice! Oh, geez. I could have laughed all day just because of that one little thing. *Shakes head* I'm horrible.

Anyway, that was that day. And it was the most exciting. Although I did get to play my Alien Frog bounty hunter again on Saturday! Whoot! I love my character for this space campaign we're playing. It's awesome. And my character kicks ass. She goes by 'Linda.' Heh heh. Oh, yea. ^_~

Anyway.... that's about it.
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Someone join [ profile] elisia_rpg. Quick! :P

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Aug. 27th, 2006 02:03 am
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Don't ask me why I'm doing this, but I am. Here's a list of current characters floating around made by YT:

Game || [ profile] new_spira

Reno || [ profile] crazynightstick
Vergil || [ profile] ultravioletnite
Red XIII || [ profile] cosmomemoryxiii
Sun Ce || [ profile] thelilconqueror

Game || [ profile] afterlife_rpg

Rufus Shinra || [ profile] fear_darknation

Game || [ profile] ahoy_rpg

Aoshi Shinomori || [ profile] iceblue_omnitsu
Westley || [ profile] dread_roberts

Game || [ profile] weapon_rpg

Sephiroth || [ profile] sephiri
Vincent Valentine || [ profile] redvelvetchaos
Gan Ning || [ profile] ningofthebells
Kadaj || [ profile] doubledgedblade

Weapon NPC || [ profile] weapons_npc

Game || [ profile] elisia_rpg

Riku || [ profile] darknessrevived
Rude || [ profile] one_stoic_turk
Roxas || [ profile] thirteenthblade
Tron || [ profile] execute_program

Game || [ profile] gimmick_rpg

Dante || [ profile] devil_hunter_d
Katsuya Suou || [ profile] sun_of_justice

Currently Unused But Not Deleted

Dong-Young Whang || [ profile] hidden_thievery
Zhou Tai || [ profile] loyal_youping

Currently Looking for a Home

Master Chief || [ profile] spartan117mc

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