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Dude, totally went to that one. We went to that one, right?

Anyway, that just made my day. Night. Whatever. I don't remember seeing that one before. Um... that Dick at dear_mun has an icon of a fridge... and a link to this in the comment section. lol. It's amusing. Sue me.
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My hair is gone!

Well, rather, it is extremely short. Compared to before anyway. It's... different. I'm still getting used to it. Plus, because I was feeling "adventurous" (hahhah) I let the hairdresser layer the front part. So it's in my face. Too short to put back like I'm used to... so I'm definitely having to get used to that too. Vaguely annoying, whut?

And yes, I do now vaguely remind myself of my original FemShep that I created in Mass Effect. Only with brown hair instead of blond. But my hair is now about that same length, and my eyes are (usually) the same color of green. (Their hazel--green to blue--to be exact.) It's amusing in a vague, uber-to-the-point-of-scariness fan kind of way. XD

Character/muse meme )

And because Neko posted a "if you're having a bad day, just watch this" video, and we were talking about it today at lunch before I watched it, but then watched it just now (lovely)... *breath* ...I'm posting one too! Mine is from RedvsBlue. Kick-ass.

RedvsBlue Seasons 1-4 Recap



Sep. 21st, 2006 11:16 pm
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Oh, oh, oh! I really, really like this one! It's freakin' hilarious. A great up-late, giggly, hyper, nothing-better-to-do, I'm-bored kind of fic. Hehehehehehe. ^_^

It's almost like watching RedvsBlue.
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This is competely AU in the way I've set this up. Although it takes place in the Halo timeline, you'll notice I used RedvsBlue names and basic personality traits for said named characters. Because of this its kinda a crossover, but not really since the characters aren't completely RedvsBlue. This is meant to be a serious fic. I just needed names for the other Spartans. And although I'm sure I could have taken the time to come up with my own characters with original names, I just didn't feel like it. Also, the RedvsBlue team is pretty diverse and this way I get to have that in my fic. Not to mention I just love RedvsBlue to death and who wouldn't want them together with the Master Chief? Perhaps I'd write a silly fic with this crossover, but I just suck at humor. And I like seriousness. So, here it is.

Are we tired of reading my Author's Note yet? Yea, me too. Let's rock.

Spartan Squad 261 )


Sep. 14th, 2006 09:01 pm
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We were talking about being addicted to Halo today. Well, you know what? That applies to RedvsBlue, too. How do I know this, why do I say it? When you're shopping in Walmart and some random kid is yelling something like "gimme some Oreos!" and you think instantly of Grif... well, yea. It's an obsession. Or at least it comes in an unhealthy dosage per day.


Sep. 11th, 2006 09:44 pm
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It's a freakin' cliffhanger!! I want to shoot someone! As much as I've come to loath it, I still want to know what happens. But nooooo... the fanfic came to an end. Only it was hardly ended. There's gonna be a second part, but it's not up yet. I'm going to go insane.

Either that, or completely forget about it. Yea... that sounds much more plausible. Damn.

Anyway, seeing as how I've gotten back into reading (be it fanfics or novels) I've come across another fic to read. It's another RedvsBlue fanfic, vaguely connected to Halo. I'm not very far into it so my judgement is currently on 'to-be-determined' but I can say this at least: the characters are far more ic and the author doesn't seem to prefer one team over the other. Yay! On the other hand, I'm not sure how good the writer is. One of the lines was stolen almost line-for-line from the series. Oh well.

I am beginning to realize that I like Grif. Scary as that is, I think it's true. Hmm. Anyway, check out the new fic if you dare:

The sergeant looked deep and hard at each of them. “No aliens ter fight boys. Master Chief stalled their armada at some kinda ring world. Here in Blood Gulch, we’re fighting a far more dangerous enemy.”

“Who sir?” asked Simmons, his voice full of trepidation. Griff was equally on edge. A more dangerous enemy? Risky for certain, but surely that would increase the chances of promotion.

“Gentlemen,” said the sergeant. “We are fighting… the blues.”

Griff saw where this was going. He looked up at the sky. “Master Chief… I fucking hate you.”
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Which Red-VS-Blue Character Are You?

Tex. You're one tough bitch. You're skilled in a large variety of weapons, but you're best one may be the sniper rifle. You seem to prefer more stealthy approaches rather than just charging in, so you've become pretty comfortable with camouflage. You value money alot, and it may be your weakness. You're not even siding with the blue team, you just side with the most money. But you don't consider yourself mean, you're just paid to do mean things.

Take this quiz!

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All right, time for another dream. This is one that I had some time back and told a brief snippet to Erin. She has been waiting forever now for me to write it out more completely. It's Halo, RedvsBlue, FFVII, and some friends of mine together for some weirdness. And stupidity. Can't forget the stupidity.

You can keep him, but just remember you'll have to take proper care of him. )

Yea, apparently I decided to write it in a fanfic-story type format. It reads like a stupidity-humor oneshot. Umm.... have fun?
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Here, it's all I can manage at the moment. Sorry.

Caboose )
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Yea, yea. School started. Yay. -_- Riiight. Because I'm so excited. Can't you tell? Phst. Well, the first two days weren't so bad. But I can already tell this school thing is gonna be my exercise (again). Walking around campus is about the hardest physical activity you can get me to do. I guess I need it. But I hate it. And no, it's not the walking part. I hate the HEAT. Summer sucks down here in Texas. Make it go away. Please?

In other exciting news, I'm currently in Austin. Supposedly I'm here visiting my brother. Of course, I've seen him for a grand total of THIRTY minutes now. Yea. Family reunion ahoy! (Have we noticed I'm a sarcastic person yet?) But, whatever. I went shopping and got some nice clothes. Yay? Ahem. Right. Well, whatever. I want to go home though. Play some Halo with Erin. ^_^

Let's talk about the drive up here though. That was fun! I laughed twice really hard for absolutely no reason. Well, it seemed as though I had no reason anyway. Want to know why? Ok, first we passed O'MALLEY Road and then later we passed LOPEZ Auto Garage. Oh, yea. If you're Erin, you get why I laughed. If not, well, let's just say its RedvsBlue mania. Heheh. Oh, then I spent about an hour explaining the show to my mom. That was fun. Hehe. No, really. It was fun. Mom's always real nice when I start explaining 'my' shows to her. She just keeps quiet and lets me talk my head off. XD One time I spent probably two hours explaining Gundam Wing (my all-time favorite Anime!) to her; and most of that was spent on Milliardo/Zechs. >XD

I've been playing DoC. It's a great game... err... I guess? Ok, ok. I'm sad to say that I'm disappointed in the game play. It's kind of... boring. But the storyline is very intriguing. I want to finish the game for that alone at least. It looks really pretty, too. They did a good job there. And I love Turk Vinnie! He is so adorable! And fun. I like kicking things... XD And Cait Sith is so kawaii! I want one! Do you think Reeve will let me keep one version of him? >XDD

Hmm.... let's see. What else have I been meaning to post about for the past week or so? I've been lax in not posting here lately. Or at least about the things I've wanted to post about.

Recent movies: I watched Big Fish with my friends some time last week. It was actually good. I did enjoy it. I hadn't ever been interested in watching it, but I think it was worth a watch through. Pretty emotional at the end I guess. They cried. (My friends.) >XD Also watched Scenes of the Crime with my mom. I guess most people would describe it as boring, but I think I liked it. I know I'm glad I watched it. The ending was both really awesome and yet not cool. It was a great surprise ending, but I was sad at what happened. I don't want to give it away though. But its worth one watch at least. Its a movie to watch for good acting rather than action, that I'll say for sure though.

What else? Heheh. Actually I think I've run low on things to say. But I do have the feeling I'm not remembering something. I'll probably think of it later and have to post again... or just edit this one. Heh. Oh well. We'll see.


Jul. 21st, 2006 09:46 pm
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No one commented on my Riku intro fanfiction post.... ;_; I want/need opinions, people. Read? *Sniff*

All right, in other news.... well, give me a second to think of other news. XD

Oh, right. I have icons for Erin, but as usual they're up for grabs to anyone. Just give credit, please. There are twelve so far, but I plan on making some more. Here:

It's Tex from RedvsBlue )
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Look, more! XD

Yeah. That's right. I'm a gay robot.
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This is now, like, my favorite webpage: I'm having a lot of fun. It's like we're real soldiers. ^^


Jun. 26th, 2006 11:03 pm
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Look, it's Donut!♥

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