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So this is the first thing I'm greeted to on the internet. Kinda amusing. The fact that I would totally buy it if I had that much money? A little sad and frightening at the same time. Sad that I obviously do not have that kind of money to even THINK along those lines, and frightening because of the pathetic lengths I'd go to in my fangirlism. XD

Anyway. RIP Billy. o7
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Someone remind me to watch this! It's so cool!

Also, I imagine an awesome time for magic. That or a really bad time for it?

Idek, that's just what first comes to mind. Lunar cycle, solstice, combined? Sweet. Although Dean does not agree with me. He's off mumbling under his breath fingering a gun somewhere. Seriously. He says 'what's up with this shit'. Because you know it spells trouble for hunters. :D

Yes I'm a dork. Shut up.
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My friend sent me this website and I thought it was pretty cool. Guys, it's my college they mention in there. And they're talking good about it! It's kinda cool to hear. So let me derp out just a little. I promise it's only a little. College isn't that exciting. XD

Harvard vs Lamar

See, this is why you guys should come down here to live with me~. /laughs
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Yep, still like astronomy. This bit about Venus is interesting.

Neko and I went to see Vantage Point today. Totally awesome movie!!! I definitely recommend it to any and everyone. It's just that good. You know the phase "it keeps you on the edge of your seat!" that's used all the time? And it's not necessarily true? Totally true for this movie!! I finally discovered the meaning of that phrase! lol. The performance is wonderful; all the actors are great. And it gets you from the beginning with emotion and suspense.

I think that's about all I can go into without putting up a spoilers warning, so since I don't feel like typing a whole lot right now I'll call it quits. But seriously... recommend EVERYONE to go and see it at some point in time. Very good.

On another note, after the movie we went to the mall. Now normally malls aren't my thing, nor Neko's really, and it was way too crowded since it's the weekend... but because I was there with Neko it was kinda fun. We both found lots of stuff to spend our money on. She got a crap load of TF comics and a TF shirt, too. I got a book myself and three shirts. One is Mass Effect, one is Assassin's Creed, and the other is Grimlock from Tf!! ^_^ Hehe. They make me happy. They had a DMC4 shirt, and I kinda wanted it, but it's Nero not Dante and I want another Dante shirt! Nero's cool, I got used to him, and actually like him, but Dante is Dante and Dante is AWESOME. Nero just wasn't worth the money at the moment. Whoops. Sorry, Nero. My book is fantasy novel about mages... I forget the exact name. I have so many books to read already...! I shouldn't have bought any... but I couldn't help it. I also got a book for free!! Someone was looking at the same book I was and we starting talking about it. She wanted to buy it for her boyfriend, and she did end up buying it, but then she talked to him and he said he didn't want it. She so gave it to me! How awesome is that? It was really nice of her. I was speechless. I want to 'pay it forward' one day. That'd be good. :3

Anyway... That's all for now. I'll some more icons to post here soon though. Yes, yes, way too many for my own good. But I get bored! And I love the games sooo much. ^^
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The second time I put up anything news related. This is interesting. I'm kinda into arstonomy right now. (Thanks, Mass Effect.) I used to really be interested in that field--in fact, I liked a lot of science oriented fields back when I was younger. They still fascinate me in the short run, but I hate studying in the long. Ug. Anyway, if you're not interested in the main artical (which isn't so bad), at least check out the second picture. It's beautiful. And click on the others in that list. There's 26 in total, and all of them are beautiful pictures. The text is interesting, too, if you like the scientific stuff. ;D

Spy Satellite Falling
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I usually don't read the news, especially AOL's crappy version of it, but this was too cool to pass up: WWII Fighter Plane Discovered On Beach.

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