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Aug. 13th, 2006 04:39 am
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I ♥ Tron. ^^ Hehehehe.

He's so adorable!!! Ok, so I just got finished playing the second Space Paranoids part in KHII again. I love that part of the game! Any time I go into Space Paranoids I get giddy. Hehehe. It's fun. I love Tron's voice as much as his character, too. I'm glad they got his original actor, Bruce Boxleitner, to do his voice for the game. It just wouldn't be the same otherwise.

Ah, damn. Now I want to watch the movie. >XD Well, I guess the soundtrack will have to do for now. I'm listening to it. It's so pretty. Or maybe that's just me... but I really love it! It's great. And it's always stuck in my head these days.

Oh, right. So, yea, I'm still trying to beat KHII in Proud Mode. Of course, it's only taking me so long because I haven't been playing it at all lately! Not for a long time now. I've been concentrating on another game mostly.

Tron 2.0! I love that game. ^_^! Hehe. It's almost as good as the original. But Jet is no comparison to my favorite Program. Almost, but not quite. Anyway, I actually beat that very soon after buying it! It didn't take me long at all. A matter of days, which really translates into a matter of a few hours 'cause it's not like I get to play 24/7. But now I'm going through it again on a harder level setting.

That has a beautiful soundtrack as well! And I love listening to it when I'm not listening to the original Tron music. Hehe. ^_^ I love soundtracks. Speaking of which, I just got both Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks, The Curse of the Black Pearl AND Dead Man's Chest. My friends are great. ^^ I listen to those two if I'm not engaged in either of the Tron OSTs. *Snickers*

Well, that's about it. Oh! It's really, really, really late! Or early. Yea, really early. In the morning. And I haven't slept at all. But then, I haven't been sleepy either. >_> Oh well. I don't know what's up with that. I just bet I end up taking a really long nap during the middle of the day... today. Gah!

Ja ne, minna-san! ^_^


Jul. 24th, 2006 01:51 am
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I'm mentally disturbed now... for the rest of my life. Very disturbed.

Some Programs just don't mix. At least, not in that way.

If you really want to know what I'm talking about, ask. But seriously, I don't think you want to know.

(P.S. - It has something to do with something I just read that is fan written. It's kinda KHII related. The hint is in Programs.)
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1. Comment and I'll tell you what fandom I associate with you.
2. I'll tell you what icon I see on my friends list and know it's you.
3. Post this in your own journal so I can see what fandom you associate with me.

Final Fantasy )

Arg!!! Stupid question!! Add Red XIII's theme in the song section, too! I *LOVE* that song. Duh! He's only my favorite character. Sheesh. Sorry, Red. -_-;
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Yo! Check this RPG out. It looks pretty interesting and its very free going with the plot. It's set in its own world, Élisia, which is comprised of all the Final Fantasy worlds as well as the Kingdom Hearts worlds. So cities and towns from any of the games is plausible to existing there. It's basically a crossover of those two series. Have at it:

[ profile] elisia_rpg -A FF and KH crossover RPG set in Élisia.

It's now affliated to [ profile] weapon_rpg--my own RPG that needs some loving, set in the FFVII world but is multifandom.

Join either one please? Both? Great! Now get going!!
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Should I write a Riku centered fanfic?

Darkness Revived )
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I went to my friend's house this weekend, yay. The ride up there was actually fun; I rode my motorcycle and the roads, being out in the middle of nowhere and twisting and hills and stuff, was quite fun. After that... it kinda went downhill.

No offense to Homer, but the weekend kinda sucked. Oh, and he knew it, too. But it's not like he could have done anything. I think had his parents not come home it would have been better. But gawd, they were... annoying. Well, they weren't too bad, but I guess I wasn't in the mood to deal with them. Besides that, I guess I had expected it just to be us three. I got kinda... lazy since I didn't ever feel like doing anything while they were around. -_-' Oops. I got a reputation for sleeping for three days straight. Haha. Hrm.

Anyway... at least I did watch a few movies that I wanted to while up there. Most importantly was Tron. Ever since playing KH2 I've been wanting to see that. As old and corny as it is, I enjoyed it. Hehe. I love Tron. For some odd reason, he became one of my favorite characters in KH2. ^^' I also watched a bunch of other movies, including The Time Machine and The Chronicles of Riddick, neither of which I had ever seen before.

I also played a game which I hadn't played since forever ago!! It was Starfox 64! I love that game. (Is it just me, or is the Gumni Ship stages in KH2 very similar to this game? I love the Gumni stages a lot just for that fact. Heheh.) I still had most of the game completely memorized some how. It seemed so much easier to play though... maybe I needed to put it on Hard or something, but I never got the chance. It was still lots of fun though! I got Kit through one play through. Hehe. ^_^

After that... there's nothing else to say about the stay. But the trip home? Oh, yea... let me tell you. I love my luck. Recently my truck's tire went flat, like, last week. (That's getting fixed today, yay!) And guess what? On the way home, my motorcycle's tire went flat!!! Argg! Shoot me dead, right now! Seriously. No, but, yea... that totally sucked. The best part was that I was very close to home though (about a mile out of Beaumont) so it wasn't too long for someone to get there. And it went out slowly, so I didn't got splat on the pavement. A definite plus. Mommy came and got me. (Yes, "mommy"... :P) I refused to leave my bike though, so Dad came next. We stuck it in the back of Mom's truck and went home. That bike is heavy. That's all I have to say.

I was so happy to lie down in my comfy bed that night. XD
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After beating KH2 and taking forever to decide which game to play next, I started on Proud Mode in KH2, then switched over to Digital Devil Saga 2. I need to beat that game; I can't believe I stopped playing it without finishing it first...! Anyway, I was skipping too much in the replay of KH2 anyhow, and I love to pick up things I missed or didn't releaize the first time through in the second play through. So I'll just wait a while and beat DDS2 in the meantime.

Speaking of KH2... I think I owe this journal a rant over that...

So.... playing KH2 in Proud Mode is, well, hard. I mean, I specifically remember playing through Roxas's part really easily and beating everything the first time through. Both Axel(first time) and the Nobody boss(I forget it's name) took me more than one try. The Nobody boss I got on the second try, but Axel kicked my ass several times...!! Grr. In my defense, I didn't have any healing items left over and you can't buy anything when you're Roxas. Well, at least I kicked Axel's ass the first time in the second battle. XD

And as for getting my ass kicked... Sephiroth kicked my ass in TWO moves the first time I found him. Of course, it didn't help that the first hit was the first strike, aka I didn't manage to hit the triangle button quick enough. X\ I was too in awe of the great Sephy-sama! XD Ok, ok, anyway... I still haven't beat him and I'm not sure if I ever will. The guy's fast! I only once got in enough hits to take off the first bar of life, but then he quickly got on a roll again and killed me. And he's got sooo many life bars. X_x!!

I love Sephy-sama...! ^^'

The Letter. )

Oh, oh!! I love the fact that Sora got to change outifts in some of the worlds! He is so adorable as a lion cub in the Pride Lands, and in Halloween Town his costume is awesome!! In fact, I have officially decided that I want to cosplay Sora next year as his Halloween Town costume. It's so cool! Hehe. ^_^

Kairi, Warrior Princess? )

By the way, Yuna, Riku, and Paine sucked in the game as far as I'm concerned. Did the fact that they were pixies bother anyone else? Tch! It was kinda stupid. I thought they were cute, but com'on! And... ) At least they were in character, and cute. I liked their wings and costumes. ^^

Nobody's Axel )

That would be my major rant, right there. Oh yea... had to say that. Feels good.... X] Other than that, well, I already noted the XIII's rearranged name thing, soo, yea. But on that note, Roxas was the first thing I picked up before even playing the game. Looks and the name. Then Xemnas as I got further in, and then Even's Nobody (what's its name?) once reading the Ansem report with that name in it. Oh, and one more, I forget which though. Xigbar maybe, hell I forget. And I tried a few others but gave up. Anyway, I thought that was cool.

I think I'm done now though... wow, that's the most I've ever typed here or, quite frankly, anywhere else... ever. >_>;;

And because I owe [ profile] glasskey14 one of these:

Meme )

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