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Instead of playing my shiny new game I am reading Dr. Haley's journal. Here is yet another account of my silly fangirlism and dorkability combined:

Halsey wrote, and I quote, "ONI has provided me with a diplomatic shuttle, the Han, along with a dedicated AI, Toran, and my young lieutenant to pilot the craft and act as attaché ('babysitting' comes to mind)" describing the beginning of the procurement process of candidates for the SPARTAN-II project. The object of my amusement is in the very specifically underlined "my" within the sentence. Who writes my lieutenant without inferring... well. Anyway.

Damn me. Why do I ship old people anyway? /facepalms

/turns the page. AND SHE DREW HIM WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING. S-SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! There is also a profile sketch of him. He was quite handsome. 8D

She drew Keyes twice more: once practicing some form of martial arts (she has multiple arm positions drawn out at once and some names for what I presume are the techniques he studied) and another where he must have been fixing something on their shuttle (the caption beneath read: "Hands on. Didn't even wait for the tech crew. Got it done though.") She used his first name only in referring to him in this later entry. Why do I think this is cute? I think she had a mild crush on him, grew attached to him as a constant in her life during that time. And she admired qualities that made him unique and honorable. She purposefully dismissed him from continuing the SPARTAN-II project for this qualities.

...God, I am a dork.

I don't think it's just me anymore--whoever wrote this obviously supports Halsey/Keyes just as much as I do. /glees

"I met my lieutenant again while attending a conference at the University of Calippus.
Don't know if it was the dizzying pressure that I've been under, or the chance reunion with a kindred spirit in a strange place, or something else...

...But I'm glad it was him."

Omg, if they are implying that Miranda is her and his child......

"Did not expect the separation anxiety to be so strong. I guess not hearing her cry wakes me up at night too."

...Madre de Dios they are!

"Jacob has agreed to take her in. I'll miss her, but it's for the best."

In a completely (mostly) different aside: She drew Miranda on one side of a page and, flip the page, on the other side is Cortana drawn out several times. Haha. Her two daughters...

Halsey writes "She spoke her first words (in Italian): 'When the game is over, the king and pawn go into the same box.'"

You do not understand the level of fangirlism that just went filtered through my brain. Trust me, you really don't want to. But least to say there was a lot of squeeing. Cortana's first words make Giovanni cringe and nod appreciatively at the same time. Mmm.

Well there's no doubt about it left: she clearly states that Miranda is her daughter (though without using that phases or the term daughter anywhere). She calls Keyes her father, and says Miranda legally changed her name to his (from hers presumably, obviously). Dr. Halsey is...a very interesting being. A scientist, distant and calculating and cold; a mother, caring, regretful, protective.

It's getting late. I should stop reading and go to bed. Damn.

Wow. That Spartan really looks like Mario.
And with that final loony tidbit I say adieu.
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Omg, Neko. You are so going to want Halo Legends when it comes out. It's an anime made by several different writers/drawers of various animes put together taking place...well, whenever. Each episode is its own stand-alone story if I'm getting this right. It's coming out as a whole next year but individually for one full day once per week the episodes are airing on Xbox Live. I just watched the first episode and if it's anything to go by... I totally want this when it comes out. And I think you'd enjoy it, too.

I must say I was very impressed. My only problem now is trying not to spoil it for anybody else by saying one thing I want to right now! Eek! /zips up hands? lol
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Oh, oh! Neko! You so need to play Halo 3: ODST. It is great! And Vergil is so cute!!! I think you'd like him, hee. Although it's hard to "hear" him at first until you figure out how he "talks"--but he is so adorable. Unless of course you've read through some spoilery stuff or something. I knew what was going on, but didn't realize--well, stuff. ANYWAY!

It's such a good game, and dude I think you'd really like what they added. (Trying not to give it away!) S-so cute.

I realize you probably don't have time or whatever... but, seriously. Mmmm. You need to figure out a way to play it. >D
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I just liked this enough to share. Watch the video, Another Day at the Beach, if you like Halo.

Merry Christmas.


May. 14th, 2008 08:26 pm
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So I was watching this show on snakes today and I started thinking about Sangheili (Elites from Halo). It's odd, but it made me think. See, they have a few similarities. You can laugh, but please here me out first--then call me crazy for coming up with these ideas.

A snake's jaw bone is very unique; they have two separate bones rather than one connected jaw. They have a "split-lip." This allows them to stretch their lower lip wide enough to swallow large prey whole. Sangheili are commonly called "split-lips" by human personnel because they have mandibles for jaws.

Now, I've always wondered about what Sangheili eat. In the Halo graphic novel it is shown that Sangheili ships possess a hunting grounds on board. Mostly it's to honor the hunt, if I've read and interpreted correctly, but I wonder if they also eat their downed prey. Seems to me that would also be apart of honoring the hunt. (Like Native American beliefs.) Some of those animals... are quite large.

I realize the Sangheili have a benefit that snakes do not: hands. So they can rip pieces of meat apart similar to the way humans do. Cutting, slicing, ya know. But chewing? That doesn't seem very likely considering their mouth structure. So I imagine they eat huge chunks of meat in one large go. Looking at the snake, and their intricate mouth system, I can see where these similarities could in handy.

A Sangheili's split-jaw structure would make it easier for the alien to swallow large pieces of meat whole. But that isn't all the Sangheili have similar to a snake. If I remember correctly, in Halo 3 the details of the Sangheili mouth are a little easier to discern--and they were given another snake-like quality: an extra row of teeth. This extra set of teeth are in the top of the mouth, not connected in any way to the mandibles as the other two sets of teeth are. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I remember seeing this.)

In a snake these extra set of deadly teeth help the snake swallow its prey, literally walking up the dead animal's body inch by inch. In a Sangheili's mandible jaw structure I'm not sure how this would work, or if it would even help (quite frankly when I first saw this my first thought was "wouldn't those get in the way?"--but I'm beginning to wonder), but it is still a similarity. More or less. Perhaps they're just vestigial? Maybe they were more snake-like fifty-million years ago or something like that. You never know. On the off chance that they're not, maybe they do, somehow or another, work in a similar fashion to a snake's extra row of teeth. Maybe somehow they can be made to move in a fashion that would help a Sangheili swallow, moving in concession with the mandibles.

It's just food for thought. (Ha. Bad pun, sorry.) I find the Sangheili a very interesting species. I would love to learn more of their society, especially anything before the ages of the Covenant. But biology can be fun, too, apparently. At least in the theoretical sense. Sometimes I wonder why I like science in the abstract, but can't focus nearly as well when I'm studying it for school. Anyway, there's my little rant about Sangheili physiology concerning their mouth structure compared to a large constrictor snake. Enjoy~? XD

By the way, the episode of Criminal Minds that's on right now is pure love. The part with Hotchner on the stand? Awesome incarnate. He pinned that guy exactly. :D

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[39]Halo (Arbiter & Chief, Master Chief)
[16]Mass Effect (Generic Biotic/Shepard/Weapons, Normandy)
[29]Bioshock (Big Daddy & Little Sister, Big Daddy [Bouncer, Rosie], Little Sister, Scenery)

Yeah, and I'm a Vice Admiral. )
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Dude, if only I was, like, a millionare or something... geez.


Now, I've known people have done this before and all... and I've heard of Nightmare Armor Studios before... but I just watched this 'cause I found it while looking for Halo artwork... and it's just awesome. I totally want some.

Oh. And that part where the girl totally glomps the "Spartan"? Totally me. lol. (I wish. But, no, seriously... I would so do that.) XD
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So I had a TERRIBLE weekend. What about you?

On the other hand, I have a new Halo shirt. Much joy.

True Bliss

Mar. 28th, 2008 07:50 am
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My Halo books still have that new book smell. Squee. ^______^
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Guess what me and Homer were doing two seconds ago...

Duck Hunt Meets Halo

Youtube!! >XD Neko, you should watch this one. Amusing. Does not the title say it all...?
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While I'm at it and have access to the internet...

I have fallen in love--all over again. I have the Halo 3 soundtrack now. The CDs are beautiful. The music is wonderful. I love listening to the familiar themes (and few new ones) in a true orchestral setting. The instruments are so beautiful sounding. It's fun distinguishing the different sounds and how they arranged the music and a bunch of words here to describe what I'm thinking/talking about but can't quite express because my brain is (here we go Neko--here's the other icon quote I need to make) my brain is fart.

Anyway, it's beautiful and awesome and I'm in love with Halo all over again. I played it yesterday after listening to the music. Heheh.
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So last night I did what I said I was gonna do: I stayed up to finish reading the Halo novel and then went to bed. I WAS gonna post about it very briefly before going to sleep. This was at 10:01 pm. Well, at 10:15 I actually went to bed... without posting. Why? Because my computer won't start! Soo.... I'm having technical difficulties with my computer and therefor have no internetz. Which sucks. I'm at my friend's right now. Anyway...

I finished reading Halo: Contact Harvest. And yes, I cried my eyes out at that last part. And it took me forever to dry my eyes long enough to fall asleep.

Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?

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I hate headaches. No, seriously. Why? I mean, why do they even have to exist? Okay, I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable answer to that out there somewhere, but right now I don't want to hear it, much less no it exists.

So yes, I have a headache at the moment. Hope you weren't too daft to figure that one out.

At least I managed to get online today, as opposed to yesterday. Yes, I had this headache then too! Bah-and-a-half. But I'll live... or something like that. But anyway...

I've been reading the new Halo novel lately. Totally awesome. I love Johnson. I miss the Spartans, but this is cool too. And I really like all the background info in this novel. Like the entire point/plot of the novel: the start of the Human/Covenant War. Yay.

Also, although I absolutely despise both the Jiralhanae (Brutes) and San'Shyuum (Prophets) I do like hearing things from their point of view. The Jiralhanae simply for insight on their culture and heirarchy, and the San'Shyuum only for the info on how/why they started this war. I couldn't care less about their society and shit--I hate them more than the Brutes. Seriously.

More fun is the Unggoy point of view, and the Huragok. I like both of them. The main individuals at least. Their so cute and fun and... well, I feel sorry for them in the long run. I wish I could help them somehow. They deserve it.

Anyway, I won't post spoilers just yet, and if I ever do it'll be in a cut with a warning, so don't worry too much Neko. But the important thing is that I'm almost finished with it... and that's what I really wanted to point out in this post. Haha.

Because quite frankly, I'll probably only stay up long enough to finish reading the novel and then hit the sack. My head hurts and I don't feel like RPing right now--which is the basis of my life when I am online. Whoo-hoo. Joyous life have I. -_-


Oct. 2nd, 2007 05:47 pm
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Halo 3. ♥


Sep. 16th, 2007 02:25 am
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Title: Share All That We Know
Fandom: Halo
Challenge Prompt: Connected
Summary: Cortana relays what she finds in the Covenant battle network to the Master Chief.
Disclaimer: I don't own; not making money; don't sue.
Rating: PG

List of Things to Do While Still Alive Behind Covenant Lines™ )
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O. M. F. G.

The Hugging Elite

or better yet, see it here:

Halo Legendary Ending

L. O. L.
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OMGOSH I just saw my first ever Halo 3 commercial! On the TV, just now! SQUEEEE! And omg I literally squeed out loud. Yes, I did. It was that exciting. >XD

It was amusing, too. It showed places in Halo 2 with commentary about "goodbye place where I got sniped, burned, etc." OMG WIN! Then it was all preorder now at blahblahblah and who cares because the scenes and commentary were everything important. lol. X] And I am so excited about this game. Yeusssss...
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Speaking of Halo 3... It just hit me when exactly the game is coming out. It's like, in two months. Which is still a good bit away off... but it's not that that really hit me... it's just... school starts in a month... and, well, we'll be just in the middle of the semester about... and, ah, mierda. I'm so gonna fail my classes this semester.


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