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So this is the first thing I'm greeted to on the internet. Kinda amusing. The fact that I would totally buy it if I had that much money? A little sad and frightening at the same time. Sad that I obviously do not have that kind of money to even THINK along those lines, and frightening because of the pathetic lengths I'd go to in my fangirlism. XD

Anyway. RIP Billy. o7
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Instead of playing my shiny new game I am reading Dr. Haley's journal. Here is yet another account of my silly fangirlism and dorkability combined:

Halsey wrote, and I quote, "ONI has provided me with a diplomatic shuttle, the Han, along with a dedicated AI, Toran, and my young lieutenant to pilot the craft and act as attaché ('babysitting' comes to mind)" describing the beginning of the procurement process of candidates for the SPARTAN-II project. The object of my amusement is in the very specifically underlined "my" within the sentence. Who writes my lieutenant without inferring... well. Anyway.

Damn me. Why do I ship old people anyway? /facepalms

/turns the page. AND SHE DREW HIM WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING. S-SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! There is also a profile sketch of him. He was quite handsome. 8D

She drew Keyes twice more: once practicing some form of martial arts (she has multiple arm positions drawn out at once and some names for what I presume are the techniques he studied) and another where he must have been fixing something on their shuttle (the caption beneath read: "Hands on. Didn't even wait for the tech crew. Got it done though.") She used his first name only in referring to him in this later entry. Why do I think this is cute? I think she had a mild crush on him, grew attached to him as a constant in her life during that time. And she admired qualities that made him unique and honorable. She purposefully dismissed him from continuing the SPARTAN-II project for this qualities.

...God, I am a dork.

I don't think it's just me anymore--whoever wrote this obviously supports Halsey/Keyes just as much as I do. /glees

"I met my lieutenant again while attending a conference at the University of Calippus.
Don't know if it was the dizzying pressure that I've been under, or the chance reunion with a kindred spirit in a strange place, or something else...

...But I'm glad it was him."

Omg, if they are implying that Miranda is her and his child......

"Did not expect the separation anxiety to be so strong. I guess not hearing her cry wakes me up at night too."

...Madre de Dios they are!

"Jacob has agreed to take her in. I'll miss her, but it's for the best."

In a completely (mostly) different aside: She drew Miranda on one side of a page and, flip the page, on the other side is Cortana drawn out several times. Haha. Her two daughters...

Halsey writes "She spoke her first words (in Italian): 'When the game is over, the king and pawn go into the same box.'"

You do not understand the level of fangirlism that just went filtered through my brain. Trust me, you really don't want to. But least to say there was a lot of squeeing. Cortana's first words make Giovanni cringe and nod appreciatively at the same time. Mmm.

Well there's no doubt about it left: she clearly states that Miranda is her daughter (though without using that phases or the term daughter anywhere). She calls Keyes her father, and says Miranda legally changed her name to his (from hers presumably, obviously). Dr. Halsey is...a very interesting being. A scientist, distant and calculating and cold; a mother, caring, regretful, protective.

It's getting late. I should stop reading and go to bed. Damn.

Wow. That Spartan really looks like Mario.
And with that final loony tidbit I say adieu.
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It's a very good song, too. Not that that really matters but it is a good song. Very catchy, actually. Good beat.


P.S.--Yes, that is Altaïr/Desmond/Ezio singing. He looks different, I know. But it's him. Tell me he's not sexy and DIE.
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HALLOWEEN WAS SO MUCH FUN. I had a blast. And while only one of you will get ANYTHING I am talking about in this spiel I am about to type out I don't care and you can have fun laughing at me, seriously. Also yes, there will be crude humor involved. XD You have be warned, damnit.

So I went to Renfest (that's renaissance festival for you non-Texans) with my friends this year for Halloween. (So cool that it actually fell exactly on it this year, heh.) It's kinda a tradition but this year was so sweet. I went as a winged devil. SO MUCH FUN. I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH. I was playing with the wings all day, but especially got into it as it got dark and beyond. I GOT ASKED FOR FOUR PHOTOSHOOTS. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I've never been asked for photos before; it was quite exciting. :D I also scared a kid who thought he could bad-mouth a devil. Retard. ....and then there were ten-million "horny devil"/"horniest lady I've seen all day" comments flying about. It was rather amusing, actually. All in good jest. (And then there was this one old guy who was creepy about it. I swear to God one of my friends tried to distract and he did NOT look away from me. /cries. But someone else walked up and said something and thus attention diverted we all just sorta....walked away. LOL.) Also got asked for a random hug, idk but I was too happy being excited people liked my costume to be "personal space RAWR" person that day so... she got it. lol. DID I MENTION I GOT ASKED FOR PHOTOS? /shot. Okay, okay.

AND TORI. (Teagan already heard.) GUESS WHAT? I SWEAR TO GOD (again even!) THAT I ACTED LIKE RAMPANT THE OTHER NIGHT. Technically the pair of friends I went with (there were more but we sorta split off and the fourth wasn't dressed up, whatever) went as elementals--the King of Fire and Queen of Ice--and I was their pet demon. lol. So "Master" bought a bag of sweet popcorn (best popcorn I've ever had, I kid you not; it is both sugared and salted) and because my hands literally were my wings it wasn't very practical for me to use them--so I was begging for treats. I did tricks to get them! Haha. (I would open my wings to different degrees and stuff like that.) It was...oddly fun. SHUT UP. I WAS HAVING FUN IN CHARACTER. Plus it was totally amusing. I think "Mistress" might have been a little embarrassed but that's okay, that's not very hard to do. lol. And she was having fun, too. I'm glad. I'm pretty sure we all had tons of fun. I mean obviously I know I did, and the new addition seemed to thoroughly enjoy the crude humor floating around, haha, and obviously Baratus always loves it, and I think even Mokushi loved every bit of it. ^__^

So awesome.

SO NEKO. We actually only managed to watch one show this year, lol, we kept missing the others, oops, but we were just having so much fun walking around and goofing off and talking to random people/shop owners and.... but anyway! You remember the "Art of Defense Symposium" or whatever it was called (at the Academy of Arms)? Yeah, we managed to actually catch that one. (And before that we listened to Tartantic if you remember them.) Well they had a new person this year! It was still four people battling it out and stuff, but instead of four guys their new person was a girl. SHE WAS SO COOL. And crude. LOL. It was great, really. I could not get over the fact that she was from Florence, Italy. (Why yes I am obsessed with certain assassin-y game coming out on the 17th.) Okay so for you guys who have no clue what I'm talking about their act is that they're four people from different parts of Europe who come here to compete in a small tournament. There is Oscar Hosslehoff from Germany, "Hard" John from England, "Little" Peter O'Toole from Dublin, Ireland, and the new Patchou--you know what I'm going to butcher her name if I even tried because not only can I not spell it but I couldn't even pronounce it really >.>--from Florence, Italy. (They each had specifics but that's all I can remember by heart, damnit!) I really liked the girl this year--and she won! (Which is ironic, really, because last year my favorite was O'Toole and he won when we watched that year. Haha.) They have the audience vote on the winners so even if one of them wins the duels the crowd favorite wins. Oh, and Hosslehoff has this amusing "new" book called "Grab Them By the Crotch and Throw Them Out the Window!" (Best said with a German accent, seriously. Go ahead, do it. I'll wait. /pauses typing for ten seconds.) So the steps are basically thus: I forget the first two but then there's 3) grab them, 4) pummel them (this is my favorite part, Hosslehoff says and pommels a few more seconds), 5) grab them by the crotch, and 6) throw them out the window! Fffft. It's wonderful. So then they introduce the four competitors and it's all great but the one thing I must share is when Hosslehoff was being introed the announcer ("Hard" John usually does this except for himself) mentions the book and Hosslehoff immediately plugs it with "It will change your life!" and then the girl went "It changed my gender!" Ehehehe. Also they have one "intermission" with an "advertisement" that Hosslehoff and John usually do together about (and here comes the really crude humor, folks) "Better Beaver Butter!"--with 50% less beaver hair than other beaver butter! FFFT. Okay, I'm done you can read again. >D

...and if you don't get that, please don't ask. LOLOLOL. (Or as they put it in the beginning: this act does have violence and crude humor; it is not for kids. we warned you! although if they go to public school they won't be able to tell the difference anyway! ...if you don't get a joke ask your kids.)

Vaguely sad we didn't catch any other shows but we did hear "Cast in Iron" while we--well, they--were throwing knifes and axes and stuff. Then we walked over there to listen more but...uh...this REALLY drunk gypsy-wench draped herself over Homer and he told her to get off after smelling her breath (apparently she was spinning around, dancing? and its not hard to wonder why she started to FALL). He had that "serious smile" on his face--it's hard to explain without knowing him 'cause it's not really a smile per se--but basically it meant he was being forcefully polite while really not wanting to deal with something. Least to say it kinda ruined the happy music times for us, lol, and anyway it was over with after that song apparently. We avoided the gypsy-wench and didn't shoot the longbows 'cause she was there at the time, ffft, and went straight to listen to the "drunk-a-wench" which is--you guessed it--more crude humor times. Basically what the, ahem, "lady" does in the tank is rally really hard on the people throwing at the button and/or the nearest would-be throwers if no one is currently doing so. It's great to listen to. Newb (he doesn't have a nifty name given for internet use, heh) threw at her and got close (coupla inches) each throw except for one where you could tell he was getting frustrated. XD Then we walked across the way and listened to the OTHER guy--like a jester type. You threw tomatoes at his face while he bad-mouthed you. lol. Newb threw at him too and this time got worse as he began laughing too hard. XDD All in all it was great fun.

...Hmmm. What else? OH YEAH. The sword shop had some new replicas they were selling this year: video game swords. They had Alty's long sword, a very interesting metal version of Halo's energy sword, and--dun dun dun--Red Queen from, duh, Devil May Cry 4. They're all too small in size for me to have wanted to buy them for shits and giggles. If it's not going to be a working blade I want to buy the damn thing at the right size. Ya know? Plus Red Queen was way too expensive. However, it was really interesting to see up close. I never realized just how AWKWARD a sword that thing is--seriously, it looks weird. It has odd angles and random pieces just...sticking out. I don't know how to explain it. But it was cool to see in person like that...even though it was so "tiny." (Maybe three-four feet long? And too small width-wise. Trust me. That's so not how large the real thing would be.) They had the rev parts and everything though. The first time I saw it I was pissed and turned my back on it. But I had to go back several times to look at it. XD /is a sucker. Seriously too expensive for the size though. Oh, and Alty's sword? Way too small too. It was say... short sword (if even!) size, and trust me it was NOT his short sword. That is curved. It was his long sword. Only... not long. GAY.

But that's okay because I know how easy it is to find them online (and even as WORKING BLADES if I want) so I'm not worried about that. Because yes, I plan on buying them. XP

SPEAKING OF ASSASSIN'S CREED. There was...a guy dressed as Alty up there. Except. It made me want to cry. He was kinda larger and the costume he had didn't fit so well and and and... and yeah, it just wasn't cool, sadly. (Someone today told me they saw a black robed version, too! But I didn't see him personally. :c) /SIGH

...I think that's FINALLY about it. Oh, yeah. I'll have pictures up later I SWEAR. I just have to get them first and they're not on my camera (yeah, right. WHAT camera? fft.) So I promise you those, flist, in the future!! Seriously!


Hope everyone had a great Halloween, too. Later~!
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Excuse me while I get extremely fangirlish over the stupidest little thing. I am reading the second Burn Notice novel, "The End Game," and in there is this part... where Michael doing that whole explaining the whole spy business thing like he does in the show--yeah, he does it way more and freakin' awesomely in the novel, heck yeah!--and he mentioned "manga." LOL. THAT SHOULD NOT AMUSE ME NEARLY AS MUCH AS IT DOES.

But it does. So there. He's also talking about computers and being nerdy in general yeah. *cough* Anyway~!
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To anyone who knows me, and specifically my fandoms--you'll get why the fact the John Clark being a real live spy for the US in the past... just totally rocks my socks. Duuuuude. AWESOME~!
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I did not know I could like anything more than the movie. BUT THIS NOVEL IS KICK-ASS! Yes, I am reading the Iron Man novel based off the screenplay. And it is awesome. I love the further insight to Tony Stark. Downey did an excellent job depicting him, even all the little nuances. But with the novel... I can get inside his head. It is wonderful.

First, he is totally in love with Pepper and it is so adorably cute that he just can't quite grasp that fact. Total denial. XD It's fun! Plus, a few other differences from the movie make it beautiful. Although I like some scenes better the way they are in the movies, a few I like in the novel just as well. So I find some way to combine them or something. lol. But, it really gets into the characters more even and especially in the differenterized spots. (Yes that is a made up word.)

But my favorite part? The first time Iron Man fights. He goes to Gulmira and pwns. Well, while he is doing it... he decides to listen to music. And what does he choose? Heavy metal, naturally! But the best part is... its my favorite stuff, too! Metallica! Black Sabbath! Hellz to the yeah! lol. And the songs totally fit. And I love it to no end.

Gawd, I am in love with Tony Stark. XD
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I am so revved up thanks to this movie! I absolutely LOVE it!! It is sooo pretty. I love all the visuals. And I like who they chose to play Tony Stark. I think he's cute. XP Sue me.

In other news... LJ is pissing me off. I have now paid for my account (both the upgrade and extra userpics) TWICE and it is not registering. Now my icons are seriously lacking and it's pissing me off. That and the fact that... if it finally DOES register with the retards own as LJ... it better give me all those months combined... and, more importantly, if it DOESN'T that money better damn WELL STILL BE IN MY BANK ACCOUNT. Grr...!

Seriously. Pissing. Me. OFF.

I've got to figure out how to talk to them about that. Bah.

Buuut..... this was supposed to be a big rant about my movie. I am a fangirl now. I want to play the game, too. And get the novel. XD I know, I know--when I fangirl, I fangirl hard. XDDD

Ah, well. So.... the movie is awesome and I want to go see it again. :D
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This is odd. Or something...

What the hell? I'm not this nice!! )

I'm bored. Wow am I bored. I already did all the work I have for the day, so I'm just sitting here staring at the computer screen wondering what to do. Since I have access to the internet, why not, yea? But, now that I'm here... there's nothing to do. I did it all already. Checked mail, replied to comments, checked friend's list postings, and even did a meme! So now I'm posting something to get rid of the boredom. As soon as I stop typing it'll plague me again. Can't get back into the RPG though 'cause I won't have a computer back home. Keep my hiatus, maybe I won't get kicked. XP

Well, on a grander note... I have gifts for everyone this year. For those of you who don't really know me in that sense, I never really buy gifts. I want to. Usually. But I never have the money, or know what to get a person. And I'm very picky when it comes to that sort of thing. If I don't know exactly what to get, I won't get anything. I can't just walk around a store and randomly pick out some tiny little thing to give as a thoughtful gift. I just don't work that way. It bugs me. Drives me crazy. But this year I've made an effort and it's working out pretty decently so far. I've got gifts for all my friends. I just need to work on my (immediate) family. Actually, I have something for my dad. That's a surprise! But it makes me happy to finally know what to get him and know for sure he'll enjoy/love it. ^^ As for my mom, I have a few ideas at least... but my brother? Ack! I haven't a clue. Yay for having an entire month to decide still? XD

I know. I'm lame. In other news... well, crap, I don't think I have other news. Oh wait! Is it evil wrong that at this time of year I'm still spending just as much money (more actually?) on myself as others? Meh. Opps. But I'm addictive in nature... I get easily addicted to things. Such as new movies and music. So I have a shitload of new DVDs I've recently bought, and two more in the mail now. Neko, wanna watch? XD And three CDs, all soundtracks I've recently noticed I liked enough to buy. Heh. I love soundtracks way too much. Maybe it's just that I like classical/instrumental music so much. Ah, well, sue me.

One more note, something I thought of thanks to mentioning movies. I get addicted to obessions. Usually characters in video games or books or comics. I went, like, from Deadpool to Spiderman to Daredevil and Bullseye. Thank you Homer for buying Ultimate Alliance. It's all his fault. I swear it is. But every now and then it's someone real--an actor. Currently? Colin Farrell. And it's all Homer's fault!! Here's the simple version:

Ultimate Alliance-->Deadpool-->Bullseye-->Daredevil movie-->Colin Farrell

Wtf, right? Right. But that's how it went. Homer bought Marvel Ultimate Alliance, then he played Deadpool and I fell almost instantly in love, then I read all the Deadpool comics, Bullseye was in a few DP comics and I liked him, Daredevil movie came on TV and despite flipping past it the first time (never been interested in DD before) I saw Bullseye the second time through the channels and ended up watching the dang movie, and from there I grew even more into Bullseye because eventually I got used to the way he looked (actually thought he was vaguely ugly at first, lol) and it grew on me so much I thought he was actually cute (did I mention I love physcos? especially insanely grinning ones?) and I ended up buying the Daredevil movie (Director's cut version though and it's a slight bit darker and I like it) and then I was curious about who played him and looked the actor up and found out he was actually quite cute and then when I got to my brother's for Thanksgiving he had the movie S.W.A.T. (which is really good by the way) and that has him in it so naturally I watched it and like it, and then when I got home a few days later they played Phone Booth (which is also a really good movie) and I like it too and so I went out and bought a bunch of movies he's in including those two and American Outlaws (which is also a good movie) and then the next day a different channel played The Recruit (which is yet another good movie) and so now I'm obsessed. It'll change eventually, as it always does, but I'm gonna end up broke before that happens at this rate. X_x!

In an aside, all those movies I really do recommend. Not because of the actor, even though I'm obsessed that's no reason to recommend a bad show. They're just good. In a small low-down--well, let's see. S.W.A.T. is a good action packed movie with some fun jokes and you're typical underdogs saving the day. If you like shows like Bad Boys II then you'll like that one. Phone Booth is a good thriller/suspense. It all takes place in a phone booth but you never get bored. It's a good psycho-thriller. American Outlaws is a modern western. It's fun and the characters are addictive. It looks great, and its got some good, fun humor too. It's also about Jesse James. Who doesn't like train robbers like Jesse James? The Recruit is one of those CIA movies. It's got Al Pacino in it too, and he does a great job. The story is good and compelling, and the ending is a twist. More or less. So I highly recommend them all, at least individually to people who like those various types of movies if nothing else. ^_^'

And now I've typed up a swarm and this turned out to be a huge post! I think I just killed someone's f-list somewhere out there. >XDDD YOU'RE WELCOME!!

Bubye now~!


Oct. 2nd, 2007 05:47 pm
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Halo 3. ♥
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I had been waiting for them to actually release this thing almost since the day I first played the game. And now they have, and I ordered it, and it came in today. It is simply the most beautiful thing I have heard in forever. I love it. It's even more beautiful outside of the game. And it totally tells a story without the video needed. Now that is how music should sound. (And I'm only on the second song so far!)

I squee because I want to. Oh yea. (Out loud... AGAIN! Haha.)
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OMGOSH I just saw my first ever Halo 3 commercial! On the TV, just now! SQUEEEE! And omg I literally squeed out loud. Yes, I did. It was that exciting. >XD

It was amusing, too. It showed places in Halo 2 with commentary about "goodbye place where I got sniped, burned, etc." OMG WIN! Then it was all preorder now at blahblahblah and who cares because the scenes and commentary were everything important. lol. X] And I am so excited about this game. Yeusssss...
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OMGosh, best movie EVAR! I don't care what I said before, this one takes the cake! Full out!! BOOYAH, BABY!

Oh my gosh was this movie pretty. The robots are so freakin' awesome. And I even got used to the different voice actors. Not too shabby. But, seriously, Transformers is my all time favorite movie right now--and probably will be for some time to come. I loved every moment of it.

Kinda glad I've been reading my military books lately (damn you Tom Clancy, I have converted to your fanbase) for the beginning of the movie was heavy on it. Ok, not really heavy, but still. There is that military SpeOps team in the movie. Not too bad for human forces. Haha.

I don't think my heart ever slowed down during that movie. It always had my attention. It starts hard, continues hard, and ends hard. It never really slowed down. The "slow" parts weren't really slow. And the battles were fucking awesome/beautiful/pretty. I mean kick ass.

I totally want a Bumblebee of my own. HE IS SO CUTE! *Squee* You can expect me to app either him or Jazz when the apps at Paradisa are open again. Haha! XD

Damnit, Erin. Do you remember the Decepticon in the spaceship? The one we liked so much? (At least I did.) Because he was calm and cool? Crap I can't remember his name! But, I thought he would be larger. Kinda cool that he wasn't... and now that I think about it, I like his choice of vehicles. It was some good Deception on his part. Yay.

Scorpinok was kinda cool. Who did he ride with? Can't remember his name either. Damn, my memory sucks. Oh, yea, the other one I can't remember his name... he had a little buddy. It was a boombox. The Decepts were the only ones with the small bots. Hmph. Whatever.

My only objection is Jazz. See the movie and then you'll know.
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That was the best episode EVAR!!! Of all three shows!! Hell yeah!

OMGOMGOMG that was awesome! *Squee* I mean, everything was just totally awesome!! There was blood, there was an explosion. Hell, I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire episode through! It was like watching an action movie, only shorter! OMG AWESOME!

*Uber squee* Wow. That is officialy my favorite episode ever. All three CSI shows included. Best ever. (Le woe to the Miami not winning that title. OH WELL!)

Oh, geez. I want more. Like, now.

Poor Danny!

Way to go Mac!

And Stella and Hawkes too!

I love how they did all that totally kick-ass stuff. Blocking the exits and everything? Oh yea. That was fun. And I was happy at the end got to see Mac's military training in action. I can always watch that shit hit the fan. I could use a lil more Mac military-training-action. Oh, yea.

*Squee* I'm so excited right now! Arg!



Apr. 4th, 2007 07:02 pm
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I just realized that Danny Messer's (CSI: NY guy) actor's name is Carmine. I am crying/dying of laughter. This is love.

For those who have no clue what I'm talking about, here's why: )

Carmine = absurdly death-defying insane, gung-ho, never-stays-behind-cover love!♥


Mar. 29th, 2007 10:36 am
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The CSI: Miami book I'm reading right now totally mentioned manga! I am excited! That is so cool! */fangirl-geekiness*
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Horatio Caine sat in a back booth waiting for DEA agent Jeremy Burnett, nursing a second cup of coffee, wondering why he didn't eat here more often--the food was good, in its greasy spoon way, and the coffee gave a guy a real jump start on the day.

Idly, he watched a miniskirted, mesh-stockinged trio of transvestites at the next table trying to look nonchalant as one of them passed a tiny folded piece of paper to another across the table.

Oh yeah, he thought, smiling wryly to himself. Now I remember why I don't eat here more often.

"By the way," he said over the rim of his cup, not looking at them. "I'm the heat."

One of them turned to him and said, "Yeah, and I'm Britney fuh--"

The epithet caught in the transvestite's throat as Caine held up his badge, still without looking at them.

Turning toward the counter across the room, the nearest one raised a hand and said, "Check please!"

Caine couldn't help but chuckle.

--Max Allan Collins, CSI: Miami novel Heat Wave

Yes, there are books. And yes, I have bought one. (Only one for now.) And absolutely yes, I am a geeky-rabid-fangirl. XP XD
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Horatio looks really nice in a long coat! ♥ Squee!! */geeky fangirl-ness*

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