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So. I totally forgot to mention it here that I was going on vacation. Posted it everywhere else ever, but not here. Maybe it's because I wasn't looking forward to it, really. Maybe it's just because I was busy those last few days. ; ; But whatever the reason I just...completely didn't.

So, yeah, I'm in Colorado. Be here till Friday. We came up here for white-water rafting. We went yesterday and its pretty dang fun. I had to paddle for once. >.> My hands are sunburnt. ;___; And we're going again tomorrow, but not Thursday like planned because apparently there are some fires up there preventing us from getting up there. It was the pretty gorge one so I'm sad. But not because at least my brother is getting a refund. (Which means I don't have to feel bad about him paying my reservation for it and my tiring out of it.) But that's the one I wanted to go on. Oh well.

But yeah anyway. Be back later in the week. Did I mention my hands are sunburnt? They hurt. :<
Later, guys.
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Well I had fun today! I went out with my dad tonight and, surprise surprise, I had a great time. Not that I have horrible times every time I go out with him or anything, and I do love him, but sometimes its more iffy than others and sometimes its just plain miserable (usually for me). Sometimes its just fine and I enjoy it. Tonight I had fun.

First, we went out to eat at Red Lobster. I love Red Lobster and tonight the seafood was ridiculously good, whether because they cooked it really well tonight or just because it'd been so long since I'd last had seafood I couldn't tell you. But it was great. I had one problem with the snow crab legs--the first ones they brought out were horribly mushy, ew--but the lobster was so well cooked I didn't have to struggle to get it to part from the shell, the shrimp scampi's juice was terrific, and I got a replacement set of crab legs that were just right. So overall I was very pleased. The waitress got a nice tip. XD

And then--we went to the bookstore!!! Only my favorite place ever. (Seriously.) Together we spent about $80 on books meaning about $100 worth of books in total. But see I get a nice discount from working where I work and so it was the cheaper price spent. Nice, yes? Indeed!

...I'm still getting over the fact that I actually bought the historical novels. Oh, dear. I am so obsessed its ridiculous. (I wonder when it will fade?) Renaissance Italy is so beautiful though; I wish I could go back and see it with my own eyes. Note I did not say I wish I was born back there--no, I like my technology too much, and plus if I wasn't born a noble? I would have been a very miserable person not to mention probably get into all kinds of trouble. X3 Ah, well. Anyway, the books I got are about the Medici, mostly Lorenzo. /sigh. Shut up, Giovanni, I do not need your opinion it is bad enough I know you will be reading over my shoulder every time I pick up one of these books. -_- ....I need to stop talking to my head muses out loud.

Aaaaaaand--! Yes, that's about it. Had a really great time, though. Dad was in a really good mood, I was utterly content with how he was acting for a change, and we had some interesting topics of chat. But, yeah, that's it! I'm happy. ^^

It's kinda a nice feeling, okay?
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Spoilers I guess? )

Also, apparently my Xbox's graphics settings were dumbed way down due to me not knowing there's a switch on the back to enable the HD component. Way to go me. Had the right cables hooked up, got a TV that actually does HD like whoa, and yet-- right. Thanks, Bubba, for figuring that out. And fixing it. I have to admit I believe Ezio looks much better in HD. Fffffft!

That is all. Oh, well... why not...

Merry Christmas.
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Can't I just stay home and play ACII all day long?

Greg didn't come down, why should I have to go over there?

Ugh. I hate holidays. I'm not a family person anymore than I am a people person. -__-

P.S.- I am not looking forward to tomorrow's schedule at all. ;;

Today is...

Sep. 5th, 2009 11:17 am
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Downside: the family is over.

Upside: we're having BBQ crabs and boiled/fried shrimp! :D
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Why, yes~ I have seen Iron Man for a fourth time. Ha! Okay, so this time I went with my dad and I'm very glad I convinced him to take me to the movies. He really enjoyed it--he was laughing through the entire thing, or otherwise voicing his approval, yay!--so I'm really glad we did that. We don't do much together anymore... :( this was good. :D

And I totally enjoyed it more than I probably should have after this many times seeing it in as many weeks. >XD

...And now I'm in love with [ profile] econtra_rpg because I we have a Pepper to go along with my Tony! YAY! This is very fun. ♥

Also, I have a butt-load of icons to post (again) and so my next couple of posts should be that. I just... got distracted with Pepper entering the RPG and all. Whoops. *re-adds to to-do list*


Apr. 8th, 2008 04:17 pm
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Oh, did I fail to mention it's my birthday today? ^__^

Mom's taking me and a small group of friends out to eat when she gets off work. I am perfectly content. Usually I'm not so big on b-days... at least not since I've been older. Say, about since high school I guess. But between yesterday and today I've managed to rack up something a little over 150 dollars... I don't see this as a bad thing at all. No, siree. :D

Well, anyway... off to write some more. I've been working on a multi-chaptered fanfic. And guess what? It's the longest yet: 28 pages so far. I'm beginning to think I'll manage to actually finish this one. I'm very excited.
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I really, really miss having the internet. And on top of that my computer. It won't start up--at all. Period. And it's really starting to piss me off. Even in safe mode it just commits suicide at the most impromtu time. I hate it. So I'm gonna take it with me to my brother's house when we head up their for Thanksgiving. We're leaving tomorrow night. At night of all times, heh. Well, it was Mom's choice. Although she says if the weather is bad we might just wait till morning anyhow. Silly. Whatever.

But I miss all my friends on here and at [ profile] paradisa where I RP. I miss my characters. I miss my comic books, too! Because, they're all on the computer and I don't have that either. Not to mention my music. I have my CD player and MP3 player, but I have new music I want to put on said MP3 player and I can't because that requires the computer. It sucks. But, at least my old CD player still works. So I've been using that a lot lately. Heh.

Bah, now I'm kinda sad. I don't want to go. I mean, I don't want to go do work. I want to stay on the internetz all day. Then again, I don't want to play "catch-up" at [ profile] paradisa when I'll just be out of the loop again until much later. Bah. BAH I SAY!

Oh, right. I watched CSI: Miami last night. I haven't been watching it at all this season, but I was happy with that episode. I liked the beginning. That was awesome. I love Calleigh. Btw, if anyone finds any pictures of that episode, some screencaps, specifically of the part where Eric and Calleigh hugged, I'd appreciate a link or whatnot. Not to ship, because "bleh", but because it was cute and I'd like to make a friendship icon or two. ^^'

Aaaaannnd, now for some pointless memes while I have the time:

Meme/quizzes )

And because [ profile] nekohitori tortured me with this, I give it to all of you, too!
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I took Mom to the theaters today. We saw Next. It's a good movie; I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked it when the action got going there towards the last half. It was cool. And the actual ending is awesome. Surprise. Hehe. I love that sort of stuff.

So, yea, that's what I did for Mother's Day. Took her to the movies. Yesterday we went out to eat with the family. It was nice, too. Had steak. Yummm. ^^ Hehe.

That's all for now. Ja!

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