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So last night I had a lovely little dream. Strange, as usual. (But that's to be expected from me by now.) I wish I could remember a few more of the details though. Because it was a happy dream. :3

Basically, I was hanging out with Mark Pellegrino. Dude, even my mom liked him. He's just that cool. Anyway, we were just goofing off and having fun, probably pranking and doing silly things around...somewhere (idek). I forget what was going on pretty much through the entire thing when my mom was around but I do remember her being there at one point. And they got along too. Fft. For some reason this is amusing to me. Anyway, then we were goofing of again and hanging out... and I think it ended with us sitting down watching a movie together? idk. But it was a nice dream. (I wish my life were that happy outside of dreams.)

I get, like, two of you might get this reference. As far as I know. But whatever. That was my dream last night. And it's much more happy than this damn headache I have now.



That is all.
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I have the strangest dreams sometimes. It's been a while since I've posted one here--did I write out the zombie apocalypse one? that was great--and it is actually one of the most long sort of personal uses for this journal that I've had... that is to say, it's been a "thing" for me to write them here since the beginning. A hobby or habit if you will. I can't quite get that in the words I want to express what I mean/feel but whatever. ANYWAY.

That aside. Here we go one more time:

the mafia and me )

Y-yeah... ignore that, too.
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I had a zombie dream, a la Zombieland. Well, sorta.

It didn't start off a zombie dream, there were no zombies at all--in fact, there weren't very many people at all in the beginning and I was apparently in butt-freakin' no where. (Actually I was up near New Broneffels as if going to Schittlerbann or heading towards the river to raft, whoo. Only... it was some weird stop along the way. ikd.) But then there were people, a few, in this ghost town in the countryside, but I didn't want to stay there (I don't think I was welcome to either) and I left that creepy place being watched by the old lady and.... shit. This dream was actually scary. I mean, it was "mild" and I stayed asleep through the entire thing without jerking awake (somehow) but I was wary and then scared the entire way through. After the "ghost town" I was wondering back to my truck when it became Zombieland. I apparently ran across an abandoned trailer, a surprisingly nice one on the inside, man, and grabbed guns and ammo. (Its Texas; its believable, people. I promise.) I grabbed two pistols and an assault rifle and loaded all of my pockets with ammo (apparently I had my hoodie with me and I put it on at this time; it was night by now and getting chilly so it seemed logical? filled its pockets with ammo). Then the real hunt began. There was something that happened here, a person showed up, some random nice looking guy who I think was a "friendly" at first but I was still keeping my distance? And then he was one of 'em later, but I don't remember ever shooting him. Whatever happened I got away and headed towards my truck. (Do NOT ask me why it was so damn far away. B|) When I got to my truck the scariest part happened and it was definitely a zombie nightmare by that time. I got in my truck no problems. I CHECKED BEHIND ME JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE, AND GODDAMNIT I DO NOT EVEN HAVE A BACKSEAT. But I checked the small space behind the seat anyway. Nothing. Yay. I turn back around and there's this zombie dude that came out of nowhere standing in front of my truck trying to get at me. The door is slammed, locked, and I shit you not the damn dream thought it would be ~HILARIOUS~ to put that thing beside in the truck while my vehicle wouldn't start. (Cold came at night, it needed more gas, etc, etc. Stuff my truck does irl before it'll start sometimes, nothing major) It did start; but that damn freakin' zombie was in the truck with me IDEKH. My doors were locked; when I went to get in I had to unlock it just like I always do, and you can't unlock the passenger side door from the outside, it's broke, but that fucker got in there. Damn you dream physics. Apparently, the zombie set a trap and unlocked my door. (I swear to God I thought that in the dream and therefore according to dream physics it was.) I have no fucking clue why it then got back out and locked the driver's door, but yeah. Whatever. That fucker scared the shit out of me I am surprised I didn't wake up then but I didn't. I twisted its neck until it broke but that wasn't enough. I finally put my gun up under its chin and blew its brains out. GET THIS: there was logic in the way I placed the gun. It had to be under the chin or else I'd blow the window out on the passenger side door so I deliberately repositioned the gun after already having it aimed at the head in general. I kid you not. So anyway then I kick the zombie out, slam the door, LOCK IT, and am out of there. Fuck you, I'm driving out of here. ... Apparently there were a lot of survivors in vehicles because there was traffic on the main road BACKED UP and I decided to follow the lone vehicle turning off onto the back way. DID I FORGET TO MENTION SOME ~BRILLIANT~ FUCKER DECIDED TO NUKE THE PLACE?? Yeah, that happened when I was walking to the truck out in BFE nowhere; it was too far away to hurt me apparently but made for a "pretty" lightshow. That scared the shit out of me too. (Shut up. I've seen Terminator one too many times and how was I supposed to know I was far enough away to not immediately die from it? I bet I got radiation or some shit though. Just my luck. -_-) And there was more than one but I was focused on that one in front of me. That happened right before I got to my truck. Then the rest. At the end, in the truck driving off, it panned off like in some fucking movie and showed the map of the US and the route I was taking. The radio said something about La Vegas, Nevada(?) being free and "getting out" there. As in, out of Zombieland I guess. Out of the country and somewhere safe. Idk. But that's where I was heading, though in the pan-out scene it showed other routes to and from places, too.

And that's it. That's my lovely fucking zombie dream. It scared me. I thought I was gone when that zombie was in the truck with me; I felt its teeth on my wrist as I was trying to keeping it back and twist its neck at the same time, but apparently its teeth didn't quite make it together and it didn't break skin (either that or I'm immune? but I didn't get that feeling) and I got away, but I didn't think I was going to. So the dream was mostly uneventful 'cept that one last part, but I swear to God it was scary as fuck the entire way through. I just...always had this permeating sense of dread and fear the entire through the entire dream. Even the beginning had this "creepy" feeling before it turned into Zombieland. Bah. Again, I'm surprised I slept through the entire thing without jerking awake. I came to very slowly after the dream was completely over actually. It's weird.

Weird as fuck, and over now. Thank God. I was very calm through the whole thing, too, but still scared. It was strange for me. Nightmares usually aren't so calm feeling. I jerk awake at the end. This...played out like a movie and except that one frantic part-- I don't know. Then the slow waking up and me calmly going through the dream I just had (to remember it for here)... and...

Well, whatever. That's it.
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So, like, EPIC DREAM IS TOTALLY EPIC. Apparently it started raining between 8 when my alarm went off and about now when I re-woke up to the sound of thunder, rain, and the sight of lightning. WHICH WAS WEIRD BECAUSE I WAS HAVING A DREAM ABOUT HEAVY RAIN AND GETTING FLOODED IN.

It definitely had a lot to do with my unconscious mind bringing forth various issues in my life, but besides the boring part with me, my mom, and my dad that I don't need to bore you with (although it was interesting when he left and...suddenly I was using the powers of one of my OCs? Whut? And it was definitely a dream dream where I was not really in control because I swear I was completely asleep.) there was the fact that apparently I was online most of the time AND TOTALLY CHATTING UP A STORM WITH TORI. Which, lol, is pretty typical these days when she's on and in fact we did last night. Haha. OH. APPARENTLY TORI LIVES A LOT CLOSER TO ME THAN I THOUGHT. No, just kidding but really what was up with that dream? We didn't meet up or anything it's just... we were both being forced to stay home because of the rain! We were talking about it, comparing it to stuff (like Bioshock, lol, whut?), and how we were stuck inside, and RPing out the wha-zoo, man, because there were like ten-billion threads we were suddenly in/starting, lol. ...Also I believe Sammy was there because one or two threads involved her starting plot points in...random RPG? It had no name. LOL. BUT SHE WAS DOING IT WHAT.

Anyway, there were some deeper underlying issues but dude.... just... waking up to find that it's "real"? That was pretty epic.

And now...I am going back to sleep. Because, ugh, gdit insomnia I hate you gtfo.


Jul. 1st, 2009 01:18 pm
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I'm gonna have to post about random shampoo bottle...sayings more often, man. I got a lot of replies for that one. XD

Oh, oh! Ramza-mun~~~! Duuuude, what is your name? /shot. I have something interesting to tell you. I HAD A DREAM. Eheh. It was the other day so memories a little fuzzy buuut--guess what it was about? RAMZA! lollol. It started out as this like icon image stuck in my head (apparently) and then went on from there. I don't remember much, but it had fighting? lol. He was holding a sword in the first image anyway.

Dude, it was weird. I remember waking up and going "...I don't even know anything about this fandom. what the hell was all that?" 'Cause--seriously. I how do you manage to have a dream about someone you don't know? X3

lol. Anyway~! Three posts in a row, aren't you guys proud?

I'll think of something productive to post maybe next time. (YEAH RIGHT.)

P.S.- I just remembered I never posted anything about the last few films I saw. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and.... wow, what did we see before that? Oh, well. I know I didn't post about Up either. Whatever. Both good.
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I had another dream last night. And no, Neko, I still don't know what it is, where I get it from, or how you can get some too. But I sure as heck must have delved into the stuff again last night because this was another doozy. The only problem is I don't really remember much of it anymore. I woke up quite a few times last night and this morning and every hour in between... so I've slept since then.

I do remember was vaguely Daredevil centered, and it was mostly first person view again, but the main person was not me. I think it was some little boy. In fact, I think it was Matt Murdock, but he wasn't blind yet. And there was video games. Old video games... like, Nintendo old. The original Mario old. Yeah. I don't know either.

Anyway, that's about all I can coherently remember... except something about a store and where the boy played the video games, but that's gets a bit lengthy to explain and I probably wouldn't make sense anyway. 'Cause sense when do I ever, right? Right.

So..... that's about it.

Oh, yeah. I watched Daredevil last night because it was on TV and I had nothing else to do. I never would have watched it before... I don't care for Daredevil, and before Ultimate Alliance I didn't even care about comics, much less Marvel... but lately that's been my benge. Heh.

By the way, I love Bullseye. Hellz yeah. But may I say...? As corny as his blue suit is... he really looked quite silly in the movie and I really almost wished they had just given him the craptastic blue suit. Then I got used to it and he was almost butnotquite cute. Hah.

Yeah.... I'm done.
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I had a weird dream last night. It involved the following: a job, band practice, high school, football players, Homer, explanations, a friend in band playing the wrong instrument, talking, old band directors, and a cell phone call from Warrick Brown.

I think I really like The Dresden Files.

I am almost finished with the Acorna series. This both makes me feel vaguely relieved and sad all at once. I am happy, but yet I hate to be finished with a good thing.

I have started writing yet another fanfic series. I am going to die from the amount of incomplete series I currently have going--stuff I haven't posted so no one knows about.

I really like the Ookami soundtrack. It is beautiful. (And addicting.)

I am waiting for mail.
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I had a dream last night! It was weird. (Which of them aren't, right? :P) It went something like this:

It started off following this girl, don't ask me who she is or anything, I have NO freakin' clue. But it followed her... and her family. Something like that. Anyway, it then went into this big drama-action thing. The Terminator was protecting her from four men, they were dressed in cop uniforms but I doubt that's what they were. They were big and heavy set, strong. But the Terminator just kept taking hits (both gunshots and punches) and kept going. He's the Terminator, bitch , he can take that shit. >;D Haha. Right, so... yea. He gutted one and it was all cool. He killed them, then went to find her. She was a pansy, which is why I have no clue who she is. I have no characters that are pansies, nor do I myself ever act like a pansy... not in my dreams anyway. Plus she didn't look familiar or anything. She's just some random chick-pansy. o.o'

And that's about it. At least that I remember.

I think the Terminator was in it because I watched a little of that show with Leigh the other day. It was the un-edited version! Hellz yeah! Haha... I thought it was cool because at the beginning their was this scene which I had "never" seen before. Actually, it's just that I always watch it when it comes on TV and most channels play edited versions. This channel didn't! The scene was when the Terminator first shows up and walks up to the punks all naked and stuff... demands their clothes and when they refuse... BAM! He kills them. Oh, but it's not simple or anything. It's freakin' bloody! Haha! Yes! Ahem. Yes, I'm a bloodthirsty bitch. Sue me. Anyway, he like tears straight through one of the guys chest cavity and pulls out his bloody hand and its beautiful. I was excited. :D

Bloodthirsty-ness aside, hey Lizzie, can I get some more help with another layout project? This one is really hard! And... I hope you don't mind, either. It's your current layout... but it's the best one around right now! >_o! Anyway, much appreciated. When can you be on AIM? ^^'
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All right, time for another dream. This is one that I had some time back and told a brief snippet to Erin. She has been waiting forever now for me to write it out more completely. It's Halo, RedvsBlue, FFVII, and some friends of mine together for some weirdness. And stupidity. Can't forget the stupidity.

You can keep him, but just remember you'll have to take proper care of him. )

Yea, apparently I decided to write it in a fanfic-story type format. It reads like a stupidity-humor oneshot. Umm.... have fun?
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Oh, yea! Lizzie's recent post on her lj reminded me of the thing I forgot about! It was a dream. ^^

This one is short and totally pointless. I had it the day before (Friday) and so we'll see if I can remember it properly. At least it was short... and it's my favorite fandom. Well, one of many current obsessions? >XD

Gun Mastery )
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I had another interesting dream last night! It was quite a thriller. Heh. Ok, that was actually a very bad pun. I'll explain. My dream was the epitome of a thriller movie. It had the "camera" angles and story movement as some type of movie. And considering the nature of the dream, I would classify it as a thriller. It was actually quite interesting though. And at least it wasn't a nightmare! (For me anyway, but that says nothing for the main character.)

So here's the basic story:

The main character's wife was killed many years earlier and the case was never solved if there was a killer. The main character was adamant that there was one. Years later is when the actual dream takes place.

A lot of the beginning I don't remember too well, but I know it went through a couple of scenes where the main character meets this certain other male character and they start hanging out/becoming friends I guess. But strange things come up. The main character starts to get suspicious of things. Exciting suspenseful scenes take place here and there.

Then the end comes up and I remember a bit more of that. The male character finally confronts the main character, reveling himself to the already suspecting main character that he was the murder of the wife years earlier. He also starts to taunt the main character. Somewhere in this scene the main character realizes something and, in typical movie-style flashbacks, earlier scenes play out with emphasize on things that were merely background the original time through. The flashbacks focus on a young boy (about 12 or 13) and even go so far as to 'highlight' him in the slow-playing, sudden hard-hitting realization flashbacks. The young boy is the main character's missing son.

Then it gets a bit silly, but it's still a good thriller. It's just that it suddenly adds in one of my OCs into the story. But it continues smoothly and the OC is actually a good character personality wise. (This particular character tends to be hard for me to keep IC and she runs around doing god-moding type things. Probably because she's "me" and also because when things get screwed up in my plots I basically say "screw it!" and start playing out silly shit. Thankfully my dream kept this from happening and she was as she's supposed to be!) That's the only reason why it's 'silly' so really it's not silly. >_>;

Anyway, with the realization the main character starts to try and get his kid back (of course). The next clear scene in my memory is that the male character, the villain now, grabs the kid and races off in his truck. Nearby are some other people (Mexicans I noted while in the dream) with trucks. I guess the main character hops in one of the vehicles cause he comes back into play at the end of the "movie" but he isn't seen in this particular scene. Anyway, the two Mexican loaded trucks race after the bad guy when they realize the kid is being abducted.

The kid has actually been raised by the bad guy though, so he's not screaming and all that jazz or anything, but rather going along freely. He was raised as the villain's son after all, and calls the villain "Dad."

Anyway, my OC (Kethry) is in there somewhere too and coordinating the Mexicans in their driving, telling them not to ram the vehicle or shoot it or anything violent because it'll only get them in trouble with the law. (She's military, by the way, and very disciplined.) She gets her vehicle up close to the runaway one and hops into the back of the truck. From there she reaches inside the vehicle on the driver's side and 'wrestles' with the villain. The window is either down or has been shot out, go figure.

But she can't really do much in the position she's in, specially without getting the kid hurt. He starts threatening the kid's life for one thing, another is that she doesn't want to wreck the vehicle with the kid in it. This is basically when the kid realizes the villain guy isn't his father and he thinks the main character actually is. Smart kid.

Don't ask, but we're in a desert-like place by now (it was a small town after all, but I recall a beach scene so... yea... I don't know...) and the road is a dirt path out in the middle of nowhere. It's dark so I can't see much in the dream but I still think it was some sort of desert-like place in the middle of nowhere, but I could be wrong. Right. Anyway. The point is that the road is coming to an end, there's a cliff up ahead. The villain steers straight for it and threatens to run over the cliff. Also, by now the other two vehicles have fallen quite behind at some point in time during the chase scene.

Kethry now tries reasoning with the man, although it quickly turns into quiet but harsh threatening, military-style basically. It doesn't work, and the more she hurts/pressures/wrestles with the guy the more determined he becomes. Kethry has to figure out something else to do to save the boy. Oddly, the villain is actually encouraging her to save the boy. Or not so oddly, because he has actually cared for the boy for several years now and called him son. He wants to kill himself basically but save the kid.

So Kethry leaves his side of the vehicle and goes to the other. She opens the door to the passenger side and climbs down so that she's standing on the side, hanging onto the roof with the open door swinging behind her. She tells the kid to hang on to her, they're going to jump. But she tries one last time to reason with the villain and stop the vehicle. No go.

At almost the last possible second, Kethry jumps back from the vehicle with the kid latched on to her, pushing backwards off the truck. It keeps going straight for the cliff. Kethry hits the ground martial arts style (basically, rolling back with it and slapping the ground hard with your hands and arms) then, because of the momentum, starts rolling sideways towards the cliff. They stop several yards from it of course, can't even look down it so far away. Kethry makes sure throughout the roll that the kid hardly touches anything but her and keeps him safe, no injuries. The roll stops with Kethry on bottom and the kid on top, then roll back to their sides. Keth rolls back to her back and winces in pain as she lies there. The kid worries about her.

Now the other vehicles show up and the boy's father gets out, examines the kid, makes sure Keth is ok, then hugs the kid and starts sob-explaining. The kid tells him he understands, he knows the truth, he'd like to stay with his real father, blah blah blah... but he's also not really hugging his dad back because he's not used to it or anything, doesn't know him well or anything.

Keth tries to get up, wincing the way, and the kid notices she's bleeding. The main character worries over her, saying he'll take her to the hospital and stuff but she refuses 'cause she doesn't like hospitals. Besides, she says, she knows basic first aid. The main character points out that she can't reach the wound on the back of her shoulder. She just shrugs it off.

It fades into a final scene, something like the newly reunited family on some outing probably with Bar-B-Que and all that, with Keth visiting and being cajoled into playing some sports game with the kid. All happy and stuff.

Yea, strange dream. Here's some more info though: I think the main character was Jeff Bridges, but I can't remember exactly; I remember for certain that the villain was in fact John Travolta. It was quite interesting that not only did it play out like a movie, but it had actors playing the parts as well! And lots of time the first part with the sole focus being on the main character it was through his eyes, so that's half the reason why I can't remember exactly if it was Bridges or not. And I think Kethry had supposedly been in scenes before, but only really showed up in the last part where it focused on her and the kid.

Riight. Isn't that fun? I wonder if it had anything to do with the movie I watched last night? *Rolls eyes innocently* Oh, yea... because half the plot is very similar. >XD Oh, well. Anyway. That's my dream. Fun, ne? Now I want to make a real movie out of it. XDDD
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Why am I awake? Hell if I know. I just know I couldn't sleep well all freakin' night. Oh, and here's the topic of the week: I had another dream. Interesting. I don't remember much at all this time, probably because I've gone back to sleep several times since then. It was the first time I was asleep and then woke up. I fell asleep several more times after waking up several more times so it's no wonder I can't remember it anymore. The only thing I remember is that I think it was some sort of game. That's it.

But on another (very similar) note, I do have something else weird to report. The last time I woke up (not too long ago--oh wait, it's been an hour now o.o') I must have been sleeping light. But it felt sooo good to be asleep and I wanted to cry when I woke up suddenly. Anyway, I could have sworn I heard my mom calling out my name. She sometimes does that, and when I'm sleeping light I wake up instanaeously. I woke up with a "hmm?" and there was no one there. Kinda dreamed it I guess? Hmph. I just know that she had been awake and getting ready for work just before (when I had been awake the last time) and so I thought it was her. Stupid fake Mom. >XD

Anyway... here's a link to my messageboard (it is DMC focused if you'd like to join--or you could just join anyway). It's directly to the Akon thread that I made in order to post pictures I took while there. [ profile] glasskey14 reminded me that I hadn't posted them yet. Sorry! Here:

(Whee! Fake cut!! Love me! XD)

Yet Again

Jul. 14th, 2006 02:00 pm
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Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Lizzie, I think you're right; we must have switched something. Geez. Yep, I had another dream. That's three in a row. Will tonight hold something too? Feh.

Anyway, this one was actually kinda fun. It was based heavily on video games. Apparently I was the hero, or rather, one of many candidates. There was a bunch of us in this psuedo competition to see who was the real hero. There were a bunch of worlds (about 7 or 8) to go to and preform a certain task on each. I had already completed a lot of the tasks, in fact I had finished with the land based worlds and needed to move on to the water worlds. The first thing I was doing was looking through items (weapons and suits I think) but I couldn't get any yet. So I tried to pick the least dangerous world (the one without sharks) and headed to it. Turns out instead of sharks it had dragons. o.O' But that's ok! Because the dragon I ran into, first thing when I got there, was actually nice. He didn't try anything harmful or whatnot. And when I made him laugh, he decided he liked me so much he would help me travel the water world! Which was, by the way, against the rules of the competition, but he didn't care. He broke them for him. Hehe. Something about "well, this only proves that this one should be chosen for the job!" XD It was fun.

I woke up after that unfortunately. I want to know what me and my dragon friend would have done together...! Hehe! I did go back to sleep and continued the dream a little bit, but not much happened... he did turn into a human form so he could follow me on land inside the cave he brought me to though. It actually scared me when he brought me to the cave because we were under water and I signaled that I needed air but he kept going forward and even went into an underwater cave! Then he surfaced on the inside of the cave so everything was ok. Then he turned into human form so he could follow me and we went into the cave. I woke back up again as the alarm went off that time though. >X[
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I had another dream last night. I don't want to go into detail this time, but I remember it. I don't usually remember a lot of dreams in a row. If I have another one tonight, I'm going to either cry or laugh. Ok, not really. But still.

Anyway, this was another weird one. It was me and... someone. He was familiar but not anyone I know. I think it was an actor. I don't remember the actual point or where we were, but it was some room and we were goofing off. Least to say, the rest I don't want to discuss. It's... well, let's just say... I have issues. o.o'

Anyway, I need something to do. Of course, I'm busy with keeping up with all the RPGs I'm in and stuff, but I still manage to hit bored moments. It's weird... I should be doing something. Oh well, guess I get tired of it. Any suggestions?

Not Cool

Jul. 12th, 2006 08:12 am
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You know how they say you don't dream in color? Yea, I don't think that's entirely true. Why? Because I could swear I had color in my dream this morning. It was a nightmare.

It started out with me getting a motel room, or something, and the counter guy said "No one's ever been able to stay for longer than a few days." Either that or I remembered him saying it later in the dream at the beginning, but either way he said it. Anyway, I definitely found the reason out and I definitely did NOT like it.

It started off with me and my cat (Miss Daisy, who's dead now. ;_;) staying there. Yes, me and my cat. Don't ask, I don't know. It's a dream. Right. So we're staying there. I'm attacked by a cockroach. And not your normal roach either, oh no no... this one is HUGE. And I'm not talking tree roach huge, because we've got those here. No, this was larger. Yes, larger. Like I said... HUGE. Like, so huge it had thickness instead of being paper thin. Yea, that's scary.

At the time I didn't think anything of it though, it was still small. So I get attacked... but, here's where I'm really proud of myself, I fight back. The thing's almost as long as my foot, but that's ok because I'm not trying to crunch it... at least not with the shoe that's on my foot. I'm hitting it with something, maybe another shoe. *Shrugs* But my cat is helping. Together, we finally kill it. (And somehow I have tongs by this time and am trying to pick up the pieces, its in two by now.) Is it over? NOOOOO... of course not. -_-

No, instead, there's a freaking LARGER one that comes at me. This time I scream, 'cause yea... this thing is even bigger but not only that, it hisses at me. Well, sort of. I didn't hear sound, but it opened it mouth and stuff. And it was the mouth that really scared me. I mean, this was not a normal roach. The thing had mandibles... really scary ones. They were really large and hard to describe; they were long and skinny and folded into its mouth. But that just doesn't touch what I saw in my dream. It kinda made my think "alien" at the time. Anyway, this thing starts chasing me around! On purpose. With what intent I don't know, but I don't want to know!

So it chases me (and my cat) all over the place until I go back to the bedroom and start packing my stuff really hurriedly. (This is actually a funny part--I was basically picking things up and stuffing clothes into my large suitcase, hangers and all. It just... looked funny. Specially now that it's over with. Heh.) I manage to stuff everything in and (just barely) zip the suitcase closed. I'm glancing at the door the entire time, watching for it.

Finished, I run out and race for the door. It's behind me. I get out, slam the door shut, and run to my car which isn't very far. In fact, it's like right there, parked sideways so that the truck's driver door is right in front of me. I start fumbling in my pocket for the key, glancing back at the door just waiting for the thing to follow me outside and get me. I pull out a key, but its the wrong one. The person inside the truck tries to unlock it for me and open the door, but he can't get it to unlock no matter what (and this is the kind you have to pull up on, not electrical or anything without a manual one). It's as if I'm not supposed to make it.

And yes, there was someone in my truck. It was as if he had been staying there with me, because it was natural. One of those switches that dreams do, because I never saw my cat again either but I wasn't scared for her or anything because it's not like the roach got her. It just kinda switched from the cat to my ex-boyfriend. Weird.

Anyway, that was the end. I managed to wake myself up after that. Somehow. But here's a funny part: I realized after I woke up that in fact the first key WAS my vehicle key and I was searching for my house key. How do I know? In the dream it specifically showed my the key I pulled out of my pocket and it was a long key. The key I was searching for was the smaller of my two keys that I stick in my pocket, which would be my house key. I don't know why it was like that but in the dream I was specifically thinking I had the wrong key and was still trying to get out my truck key, the smaller one. Oh well. Oh, also, it wasn't that I couldn't find the key; it was there in my pocket. But instead, no matter how I tried, I couldn't get my fingers inside the pocket. I wasn't meant too, just like the door wasn't supposed to open. Scary! >X(

Oh, yea. And it was about when I ran outside when I remembered the man's words about "only being able to stay for a few days." Oh, right! I figured that one out! Geez! I don't want to stay anymore either!!! Tch! And I specifically was thinking something of the equivalent in the dream, too. (In fact that might have been the first time I heard the phrase, in a sort of flashback inside the dream without actually seeing it, only hearing it played out in my head yet at the same time "seeing" it... dreams are weird. But I can't say for sure either way.)

Right! So the color... why do I say there was color? How can I remember, because don't we technically "know" everything in the dream, including colors if we need to? Because I swear that out of the entire dream, the two roaches had color. Both were vividly brown. Very detailed. Almost like pretty CG, except evilly on a cockroach. I specifically remember that, too. Definitely color. And not that I just "knew" it, but that I really saw the color there. I dunno. Maybe I'm wrong, but seriously seemed that way to me.

Hell, all I know is that it was a nightmare and I didn't like it. At least I wasn't scared and paranoid when I woke up though. Just calmly writing this out. But... still! *Shivers*

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