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It's just me, I'm sure, but ever since seeing Taken (which is really AWESOME, btw! definite recommend, especially if you like action or Liam Neeson... or both! like me, hehe) I keep seeing the same premise in all the TV shows. Law and Order had one on the other day and it amused me. I'm sure that was a re-run seeing as how I don't really watch the new ones of that show. But! Tonight's CSI: NY is a new episode and it's the same premise, too! Haha. (I mean, more or less, of course.) It's amusing. Or.... whatever.

Also--new Criminal Minds was win. I liked that one. I should have moved into the living room quicker--missed the first fifteen minutes. About. They had been playing re-runs, slagit. But it was good. The psychic thing, and the final quote? I liked that.

......aaand I'm done.

3:33 A.M.

Sep. 26th, 2007 09:59 pm
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I totally didn't know they were starting up so soon. Well, I'm not gonna complain, that's for damn straight sure. Gives me something to do again on week nights. Yay.

So I caught the CSI: New York season premere tonight. (By accident no less.) Very exciting! I was loving all the music stuff, and at the same time thinking to myself "oh, shit... to think a music buff could do this... wow..." haha! XD Also... POOR STATUE OF LIBERTY. That was so not cool. On the other hand, why was I not surprised that it was Danny hanging off the side of her face collecting evidence while in harness? Haha! Great. Lovin' it.

It really was an exciting episode. Maybe that's just me? However I did find it insanely easy to figure the case out. I had it solved waaaay before the CSIs. I was glad that Mac got the hint there, though, about the evidence pointing to his own crime. Ftw, right? Right. I suspected the guy right from the beginning when he first showed up, asking about her case and then talking about the girl's parents. I dunno, it just stuck in my mind. Plus the other guy's personality seemed too off for that kind of planning and shit... coulda been acting, but yeah right.

And anyway... the stuff with Stella at his apartment. When I saw her in his apartment I, again, knew it was him and they had the "wrong" guy. The other guy did, after all, kill the original girl. But not the rest. Also as soon as I saw that piano, instant "it was an A" thought crossed into my mind. I knew it came from that piano.

So, ok, exciting, definitely. Lacking on confusing me, also definitely. For once I actually knew everything way ahead of time! I used to be good at that in movies. I guess it's coming back. Sweet!

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That was the best episode EVAR!!! Of all three shows!! Hell yeah!

OMGOMGOMG that was awesome! *Squee* I mean, everything was just totally awesome!! There was blood, there was an explosion. Hell, I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire episode through! It was like watching an action movie, only shorter! OMG AWESOME!

*Uber squee* Wow. That is officialy my favorite episode ever. All three CSI shows included. Best ever. (Le woe to the Miami not winning that title. OH WELL!)

Oh, geez. I want more. Like, now.

Poor Danny!

Way to go Mac!

And Stella and Hawkes too!

I love how they did all that totally kick-ass stuff. Blocking the exits and everything? Oh yea. That was fun. And I was happy at the end got to see Mac's military training in action. I can always watch that shit hit the fan. I could use a lil more Mac military-training-action. Oh, yea.

*Squee* I'm so excited right now! Arg!


CSI Icons--

May. 3rd, 2007 03:24 pm
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These are the icons I made after [ profile] penguinfighter asked me to make some. There's not as many as I would have liked to make, but I'm lazy I tend to loose interest/inspiration pretty quickly.

However, if you'd like for me to make some more just say so, D-chan. You can always point out specific things you like and don't like in icons and I can make better ones from that. Plus, if you want any words changed or added or whatnot (I suck at coming up with that sort of thing) then ask for that, too.

Anyway, yea... sorry so long. Here ya go.

Icons )
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Forget the main characters of CSI: New York - Dead of Winter by Stuart M. Kaminsky. I fell in love with one of the criminals. I was glad he got his guy in the end and that he didn't die. I actually wish he could've gotten away. With murder, of a cop even. Not to say I'd normally be ok with that, but I liked this guy.

He was old (seventies), big, and kinda 'dumb,' but he was a good guy. Something about him elicited a deep sympathy for him. I was more interested in him and his parts of the story than I was the CSI character's and solving the crime. Strange, but true. And he wasn't really all that dumb, more like an animals cunning. He was good at what he did, but a bit slow in thinking. But he could still think, despite what others said and he even thought. (Kinda like Caramon from Dragonlance.)

I dunno. I liked him. He was cool. It made me happy he killed the traitor guy in the end. ^^


Apr. 4th, 2007 07:02 pm
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I just realized that Danny Messer's (CSI: NY guy) actor's name is Carmine. I am crying/dying of laughter. This is love.

For those who have no clue what I'm talking about, here's why: )

Carmine = absurdly death-defying insane, gung-ho, never-stays-behind-cover love!♥


Mar. 27th, 2007 08:02 pm
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Repeat meme(s) )
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But on another note, if I were Danny or Lindsey I wouldn't have been able to stay in that apartment. Odd sort of pseudo phobia ) I would have had to have my partner go in without me, call for back-up, something other than going in there myself. I would have freaked out and been useless, screaming and running out the door in a flash. Oh, oddly enough though, actually I wouldn't have had the sudden surprise of finding the buggers; I can hear roaches crawling usually, so I would have heard them long before the two saw them.

On another note... the rerun played on the Spike channel was pretty interesting. I liked it.

Mac+stabbing a pig=experimental love

Really, the guy keeps earning more and more points in my book. I really like him! (About the only thing I like that actor in, sadly.)

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Have I mentioned that is it currently Spring Break and that I have done nothing so far but watch CSI: Miami all day long for the past three days in a row? Minus the New York I just got finished with that is. And the occasional CSI on the TV in between DVD runs. Haha.
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Wow! Suddenly I like Mac a whole lot. lol. I was amused with his interest in the science behind the magic tricks. Mostly because he was preforming them! Haha! That was fun. I thought it was cool when he made that rose out of nowhere--if simply for the fact that he was confusing his team-mates and that he was only trying it out for fun (in the name of science!) and was totally offhandeded about the entire thing. Plus the whole "a magician never reveals his secrets" line was totally corny to the point of amusement. Then he set himself on fire!! How cool is that!? Dude, he just got, like, 50 brownie points in my book. lol. The guy is cool.

So, anyway, this CSI: NY episode was definitely good, in my opinion. I liked it. But oh boy do I foresee a lot of Danny/Lindsay fans ranting their "pretty" little heads off at the ending! Shee... That was a nice scene though. Cute. He went with his gut instinct. Hehe. ^^

(P.S.- One of you is an avid Chris Angel fan, no? Sorry I can't remember which (it's a tie between two friends, but I can't pin the memory down exactly, sorry!) but at least I remembered reading that much. Heh. I meant to make the announcement the other day that he was in this one, but I forgot. Sorry. Anyway, it was cool. He's a bit eccentric, but he was perfect for this part at least.)
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Ha! I didn't miss CSI: NY after all! I had thought it came on Tuesdays, but it comes on Wednesdays. Heheh. So I didn't miss it! Yay.

I am beginning to like the show. It's not my favorite, and I don't know the characters all that well, but I enjoy watching it. And it gives me another something to look forward to on TV, and there ain't much of that these days. Besides... I really like the MIA/NY crossover idea. It's really quite fun. I need to work on mine. I can't get the specifics of the characters yet, probably, but at least I don't think I'd butcher them horridly. Too badly anyway.

Anyway, poor Stella! Wonder how that'll turn out. Heh. Oh well. We'll see. It was a good episode. Quite intriguing.


Feb. 6th, 2007 11:05 pm
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I think I'm starting to like New York, too. *Dies*

Which is actually wierd because I very specifically didn't like them months ago when I first caught one of the episodes because I didn't like the flow. Too serious, characters too flat, and just not my kind of setting. I guess. Something. But I'm trying to watch it for research purposes right now (crossover fanfic) and I think I might be growing to like it.

Still, Miami is my favorite. And nothing beats the original CSI and its characters. ♥
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Yea, yea... sue me. Anyway, anyone interested in CSI and claiming things... check out: [ profile] all_csi_claims. The only one specific I found was pretty much dead. So, yea... XP

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