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I really, really miss having the internet. And on top of that my computer. It won't start up--at all. Period. And it's really starting to piss me off. Even in safe mode it just commits suicide at the most impromtu time. I hate it. So I'm gonna take it with me to my brother's house when we head up their for Thanksgiving. We're leaving tomorrow night. At night of all times, heh. Well, it was Mom's choice. Although she says if the weather is bad we might just wait till morning anyhow. Silly. Whatever.

But I miss all my friends on here and at [ profile] paradisa where I RP. I miss my characters. I miss my comic books, too! Because, they're all on the computer and I don't have that either. Not to mention my music. I have my CD player and MP3 player, but I have new music I want to put on said MP3 player and I can't because that requires the computer. It sucks. But, at least my old CD player still works. So I've been using that a lot lately. Heh.

Bah, now I'm kinda sad. I don't want to go. I mean, I don't want to go do work. I want to stay on the internetz all day. Then again, I don't want to play "catch-up" at [ profile] paradisa when I'll just be out of the loop again until much later. Bah. BAH I SAY!

Oh, right. I watched CSI: Miami last night. I haven't been watching it at all this season, but I was happy with that episode. I liked the beginning. That was awesome. I love Calleigh. Btw, if anyone finds any pictures of that episode, some screencaps, specifically of the part where Eric and Calleigh hugged, I'd appreciate a link or whatnot. Not to ship, because "bleh", but because it was cute and I'd like to make a friendship icon or two. ^^'

Aaaaannnd, now for some pointless memes while I have the time:

Meme/quizzes )

And because [ profile] nekohitori tortured me with this, I give it to all of you, too!
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*Dies of laughter*


What kind of CSI Fanfic are you?
LJ Username
Favourite CSI Character
CSI: Miami
You are hardcore porno
Your title would be In The Arms Of An Angel
Your rating would be G
The main event in your fic would be main characters meeting while working on the streets dressed as life-size hotdogs
This fun quiz by simplycatherine - Taken 713 Times.
New! Get Free Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

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Oh, here ya go D-chan. Found these in another folder. They're also mostly for you. The caps were just from another source. ^^'

Icons )

CSI Icons--

May. 3rd, 2007 03:24 pm
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These are the icons I made after [ profile] penguinfighter asked me to make some. There's not as many as I would have liked to make, but I'm lazy I tend to loose interest/inspiration pretty quickly.

However, if you'd like for me to make some more just say so, D-chan. You can always point out specific things you like and don't like in icons and I can make better ones from that. Plus, if you want any words changed or added or whatnot (I suck at coming up with that sort of thing) then ask for that, too.

Anyway, yea... sorry so long. Here ya go.

Icons )
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Here's a load of CSI: Miami icons that I've been meaning to dump for some time now.
D-chan, these are not the icons I am making for you, rest assured. Those a better. lol XD But you're always free to take some of these, too. ^^

Dump #2 )
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Here's a load of CSI: Miami icons that I've been meaning to dump for some time now.
D-chan, these are not the icons I am making for you, rest assured. Those a better. lol XD But you're always free to take some of these, too. ^^

Dump #1 )
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I haven't really liked Delko since he got shot. Maybe the attitude, the defensiveness. Kinda annoying. Like Wofle's.

I'm slowly losing all my beloved characters. ;_;


Mar. 29th, 2007 10:36 am
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The CSI: Miami book I'm reading right now totally mentioned manga! I am excited! That is so cool! */fangirl-geekiness*


Mar. 27th, 2007 08:02 pm
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Repeat meme(s) )
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Title: Hummingbird
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Challenge Prompt: Butterflies
Summary: The subtle nuances of the lab. A light view of a typical day. Calleigh makes her way through the lab so she can get to work examining her evidence.
Disclaimer: I don't own; not making money; don't sue.
Rating: G

Little Miss Sunshine )
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I just read "'How's the Reno going?' Horatio asked." Wow, yes. The next word was "Calleigh" before going into a full sentence, but I never got that far. I couldn't help it--I was thinking of Reno of the Turks! From there my mind flashed to: "Calleigh is dating Reno? What??" *Dies* I have NO clue where that came from. Twisted, twisted mind of mine...
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I just caught the tail end of Ark. It's kinda a CG anime wannabe--the cast/crew was actually Korean/Chinese and English. But it has two (three actually, but I didn't get to hear him because I never saw his character apparently) voice actors that I really like. It was the voice actors of Hades and Trowa... they're good.

I've finished the Acorna series! Yay! I miss her already though. I like her, she's cool, reasonable, and kicks butt. Hehe. Guess Neko and I'll just have to continue RPing more with her! XD

On the note of books, however, I've gotten three more CSI books in the mail. Yay! One Miami and two New York books. I'm starting the Miami one right now. It sounds interesting already. The guy died weirdly--it appears to be a random lightning strike but something's off. Whoo-hoo. Mysterious. lol.

Anyway, that's about it for now. Ja ne, minna-san!

P.S.- TMNT is coming out tomorrow! YAY!!! */fangirl squee-ness*
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Oh my gosh, was that not the most confusing episode EVER? I mean, goodness gracious great balls of fire! There was a twist at every turn and I seriously thought my head was going to explode there for a while. It doesn't help that I'm still operating on a grand total of two hours of sleep here. fjdkls;ajfdklsfdhlg;fa'gdfs!

And whoa, that second murder was the shortest and easiest crime to solve ever. It took, what? Five minutes to solve? (I mean in our time, not "real" time of course, but still! XP) Dear lord.

I do really love all that confusing-ness though, it made for a good show. My mom said "oh, the lies we weave" somewhere around the umpteenth surprise. I agree. The sad part about it all? It's all probably true somewhere out there. Yea, think about that.

The best part, really, was the end. There's TRIPLETS there and suddenly they're the ones with the short end of the stick when they discover the father is still alive. Why? BECAUSE HE WAS KEEPING A LIE TOO. HAHA! *Dies*

Ok, anyway, but seriously. That was totally awesome. I enjoyed it for one.

By the way, is it just me or did Horatio sound like Caruso was sick when they filmed that episode? L-O-L!!!

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Which CSI wants to examine my crime scene? )
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Have I mentioned that is it currently Spring Break and that I have done nothing so far but watch CSI: Miami all day long for the past three days in a row? Minus the New York I just got finished with that is. And the occasional CSI on the TV in between DVD runs. Haha.
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I don't care how many times I see it, everytime I watch the episode(s) with Nick buried I get teary eyed. Hell, I cry. Plain and simple. Can't help it. Nicky is so emotional it gets to me... kudos to his actor.

I watched Miami and it was good. Hunting is fun... yay for the bear mauling the badguy. lol. And Horatio is cute. Poor thing. It's not that it's all he knows how to do (although, yes, that's definitely true), but more to the fact that that's all he has left. Le sadness. After that I caught the tail end of the second episode with Nick six feet under. So it's the part where they rush and find him then then him out. Like I said, Nicky is so emotional during that time... when they have to make him wait to get out and stuff, that I cry no matter how hard I try not to. Damnit. Oh well. Nicky's worth it. ;D

Unfortunately because Miami is on at the same time, I missed the Irish brother show premiere. That sucks. It looked pretty good. I did catch one scene at commercials, and I do know one thing: I want that song. lol. It was awesome. And, anyway, if the show is as interesting as that scene... then I'm going to be muy sad that I'll be missing it while watching Miami. Why couldn't it be Tuesday? Nothing good comes on Tuesday... XP
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But, oh my gosh!! I'm not sure whether I'd rather be dead or have that needle stabbed in my heart! X_x

I sooo came close to killing someone. Oh man, oh man. That actually had me going there. I mean, they went into the commercial with the doctor saying "alright" to the nurse who was telling her it'd been ten minutes and so it's useless. Aaah! Man, man. Talk about nail-biting and hand-wringing! And all that nerve-wracking stuff!

And that stupid bitch! So was annoying! Helping Clavo Cruz like that! What an idiot! Grrr!! Die!

Annnnnnnnd back during another commercial. Sorry for the spoilers, but, yea, sue me.

I'm still gonna kill someone. Not the same Delko? A different Eric? No. Fucking. Way. I can't handle it. H-he asked for Marisol! He still thinks Mari is alive! I'm gonna cry! Memory loss. It's not fair. *Cries* No, seriously. I cried. ;_;

Yay for commercials? -_-' Bah.

Dude, I love how it's always Caine that hangs up the phone not. It's just... hilarious.

Mom distracted me that last time and I couldn't remember what else I was going to say. But it's over now, so I've got all the time...!

That was kinda... anti-clamatic. I mean, the way they "apprehended" Clavo? But, I'm glad he's gone now. For good. Hah! And stay there! o.o'

Ne~~, anyway... Poor Delko. *Sniff* It's so sad. So far he hardly seems different, but with a bullet in his head and still so out-of-it and lying in a hospital bed... who can tell? But, still. Not remembering his sister. *Le sadness* And poor Caine, having to try and explain that one. Ouch. Not that he really had to... in the end, anyway. Heh.

Man, they seriously like to mess you up when you find a good thing, don't they? *Sigh* I miss Speed...
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Godmuthafuckin'shitfuck!!!! WHY?!! IT'S NOT FAIR!!
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Horatio Caine sat in a back booth waiting for DEA agent Jeremy Burnett, nursing a second cup of coffee, wondering why he didn't eat here more often--the food was good, in its greasy spoon way, and the coffee gave a guy a real jump start on the day.

Idly, he watched a miniskirted, mesh-stockinged trio of transvestites at the next table trying to look nonchalant as one of them passed a tiny folded piece of paper to another across the table.

Oh yeah, he thought, smiling wryly to himself. Now I remember why I don't eat here more often.

"By the way," he said over the rim of his cup, not looking at them. "I'm the heat."

One of them turned to him and said, "Yeah, and I'm Britney fuh--"

The epithet caught in the transvestite's throat as Caine held up his badge, still without looking at them.

Turning toward the counter across the room, the nearest one raised a hand and said, "Check please!"

Caine couldn't help but chuckle.

--Max Allan Collins, CSI: Miami novel Heat Wave

Yes, there are books. And yes, I have bought one. (Only one for now.) And absolutely yes, I am a geeky-rabid-fangirl. XP XD
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MUTHER FUCKER!!! It's not fair. It never fails. Why do they always have to kill off everyone that I like? Or just everyone, period? I mean, come on! Can't I enjoy a set of characters that kick ass and NOT have them DIE ALL THE F-ING TIME!!!

The hell are the producers/makers thinking, trying to kill off all the Delkos? Come on!! Cut 'em a break! Not to mention poor Horatio.... how can he not breakdown after this? First Speed, then Marisol, now Mari's brother, Eric? COME ON!! FUCKERS!

They even tried to scare you by almost killing Alexx! What was up with that? Damn, was it a good episode though. But still! Too damn much excitement! I nearly burst into a rage when I thought Alexx was in trouble. Now a cliffhanger with a very dead-looking Eric? No. Fuck, no. I'm pissed.

I give up. Seriously. Why bother anymore? I'm so fucking pissed... it's not funny! ARG!!!

(Now I have to catch the next episode! If Eric is really, truly dead though...!!! >X[ They be murda ta pay, bi'chas! */horrible gansta immitation*)

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