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Well I had fun today! I went out with my dad tonight and, surprise surprise, I had a great time. Not that I have horrible times every time I go out with him or anything, and I do love him, but sometimes its more iffy than others and sometimes its just plain miserable (usually for me). Sometimes its just fine and I enjoy it. Tonight I had fun.

First, we went out to eat at Red Lobster. I love Red Lobster and tonight the seafood was ridiculously good, whether because they cooked it really well tonight or just because it'd been so long since I'd last had seafood I couldn't tell you. But it was great. I had one problem with the snow crab legs--the first ones they brought out were horribly mushy, ew--but the lobster was so well cooked I didn't have to struggle to get it to part from the shell, the shrimp scampi's juice was terrific, and I got a replacement set of crab legs that were just right. So overall I was very pleased. The waitress got a nice tip. XD

And then--we went to the bookstore!!! Only my favorite place ever. (Seriously.) Together we spent about $80 on books meaning about $100 worth of books in total. But see I get a nice discount from working where I work and so it was the cheaper price spent. Nice, yes? Indeed!

...I'm still getting over the fact that I actually bought the historical novels. Oh, dear. I am so obsessed its ridiculous. (I wonder when it will fade?) Renaissance Italy is so beautiful though; I wish I could go back and see it with my own eyes. Note I did not say I wish I was born back there--no, I like my technology too much, and plus if I wasn't born a noble? I would have been a very miserable person not to mention probably get into all kinds of trouble. X3 Ah, well. Anyway, the books I got are about the Medici, mostly Lorenzo. /sigh. Shut up, Giovanni, I do not need your opinion it is bad enough I know you will be reading over my shoulder every time I pick up one of these books. -_- ....I need to stop talking to my head muses out loud.

Aaaaaaand--! Yes, that's about it. Had a really great time, though. Dad was in a really good mood, I was utterly content with how he was acting for a change, and we had some interesting topics of chat. But, yeah, that's it! I'm happy. ^^

It's kinda a nice feeling, okay?
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"Most people wish they were doing something more interesting with their lives. So they go home and they watch television shows about people they can never be, or they read books about fantasy worlds they'll never inhabit, or they get on to the Internet and take on a persona, either on a message board or in a role-playing game, and they while away their free time pretending and then wake up the next day and head back to the cubicle maze."

Michael Westen just summed up the entirety of my life in one paragraph. Whoo-fucking-hoo.

...Yeah, I'm lame.
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Excuse me while I get extremely fangirlish over the stupidest little thing. I am reading the second Burn Notice novel, "The End Game," and in there is this part... where Michael doing that whole explaining the whole spy business thing like he does in the show--yeah, he does it way more and freakin' awesomely in the novel, heck yeah!--and he mentioned "manga." LOL. THAT SHOULD NOT AMUSE ME NEARLY AS MUCH AS IT DOES.

But it does. So there. He's also talking about computers and being nerdy in general yeah. *cough* Anyway~!


Jul. 5th, 2009 08:01 am
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I knew I was going to hate the end of Pale Fallen Angel. I just knew it! That's way it took me so long to finally get up the nerve to finish reading it. I just knew it would end that way!! Damnit!!!


*cries* ;_____;

P.S.-- I don't suppose any of my friends are Vampire Hunter D fans? ...With a scanner? *wibbles*
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It turned out Leiter was from Texas. While he talked on about his job with the Joint Intelligence Staff of NATO and the difficulty of maintaining security in an organization where so many nationalitites were represented, Bond reflected that good Americans were fine people and that most of them seemed to come from Texas.

--from Casino Royale by Ian Fleming.

Thank you, Mister Bond. -bows- Thank you very kindly. ^_~
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Here's a fun little excerpt from the Batman novel Inferno by Alex Irvine. It's amusing.

Batshit Crazy )


Aug. 7th, 2008 12:22 pm
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Personal project. Based off the 50 books in 52 weeks things others are doing. I started off wanting to do that, never got around to posting. Now I'm just gonna keep a list of books I read this year. Just for my reference. And if I get to 50 books--all the better! Yay. Haha. -_-

Booklist for 2008 )

Oh, yeah. They're in no particular order, 'cause I don't remember what order I read them in unfortunately. I'll probably group series together though. And maybe go back later and do them alphabetically. Meh.
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Best section in a novel, ever:

Let's put a smile on that face! )

That is soooo like him, too. Haha!

Damn. Note to self: I need to write up a book list of this year. Keep forgetting. Or don't feel like it at the time I think about it. I should do it now. Meh.
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Here's a rather long excerpt from the Iron Man novel (written by Peter David). I wrote it up for someone wanting to know more about Pepper, and thought I would share further. Enjoy~!

I've never seen someone fail so spectacularly. )
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I did not know I could like anything more than the movie. BUT THIS NOVEL IS KICK-ASS! Yes, I am reading the Iron Man novel based off the screenplay. And it is awesome. I love the further insight to Tony Stark. Downey did an excellent job depicting him, even all the little nuances. But with the novel... I can get inside his head. It is wonderful.

First, he is totally in love with Pepper and it is so adorably cute that he just can't quite grasp that fact. Total denial. XD It's fun! Plus, a few other differences from the movie make it beautiful. Although I like some scenes better the way they are in the movies, a few I like in the novel just as well. So I find some way to combine them or something. lol. But, it really gets into the characters more even and especially in the differenterized spots. (Yes that is a made up word.)

But my favorite part? The first time Iron Man fights. He goes to Gulmira and pwns. Well, while he is doing it... he decides to listen to music. And what does he choose? Heavy metal, naturally! But the best part is... its my favorite stuff, too! Metallica! Black Sabbath! Hellz to the yeah! lol. And the songs totally fit. And I love it to no end.

Gawd, I am in love with Tony Stark. XD

True Bliss

Mar. 28th, 2008 07:50 am
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My Halo books still have that new book smell. Squee. ^______^
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"The highest possible form of treason," said Minton, "is to say that Americans aren't loved wherever they go, whatever they do. Claire tried to make the point that American foreign policy should recognize hate rather than imagine love."

"I guess Americans are hated a lot of places."

"People are hated a lot of places. Claire pointed out in her letter that Americans, in being hated, were simply paying the normal penalty for being people, and that they were foolish to think they should somehow be exempted from that penalty."

--from Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.

Apply to all mankind. Amen.
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Why is it always Elysium? What is with that name that people like so much they name all their sci-fi cities that? Seriously. Second sci-fi/video-game-based novel I've read with that name as a pivotal city to humanity. Com'on. (Like I don't totally love that name anyway. Ancient Greek mythology--hellz yeah!)

So, by the way, I am NEVER going to finish that Tom Clancy novel. Neko knows what I'm talking about. The really large/long Clancy novel that I have been reading since forever. Yeah, that'll be a while. What now? you ask. Well, I started reading the prequel to the Mass Effect video game. It's pretty good. It's also a considerably easier read compared. Much shorter too. That all being beside the point... I've already finished half of the novel, started yesterday evening. X3

Anyway, I started reading it because I had meant to read it before I bought the game. Well, Mom got it for me for Christmas (we went shopping so I could pick out what I wanted--I'm lame to shop for that way). So I started playing it. It is addictive. I like it very much so far. I like to make the comparison of: It's D&D in space! lol. Really though, you get to choose your class and select where to put ranks in your various skills. Wonderful.

But because of this, I am likely never to finish Persona 3 either! Gah. First P3 got interrupted by Halo 3 when that came out. I had just gotten back around to playing it and now I go and have Mass Effect to play! What's wrong with me? I was just getting to good plot points in P3, too. I'll have to try and play both. Yeah right. Besides me being too lazy to change the systems that're hooked up each time I want to switch games? Well, no. That's it really. I have no other real excuse. >XD
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Courtesy of [ profile] nekohitori for tagging me. ;P

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4-7 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5.Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest (unless it's too troublesome to reach and is really heavy. Then go back to step 1).
6. Tag five people.

Actually, a total of four of them had been entangled.

By the time the wire guns started going off, D was already in midair.

The glint of the Hunter's blade as he brought it down with one hand made Gilligan think of two things inside the machine's interior. He'll never break through, he first assured himself. But then he thought, No! Not there!

Yes, there.

--from Vampire Hunter D: Mysterious Journey to the North Sea Part Two by Hideyuki Kikuchi

I tag:
[ profile] glasskey14
[ profile] mywings
[ profile] thejim
[ profile] garber18
[ profile] radioactivepie
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So last night I did what I said I was gonna do: I stayed up to finish reading the Halo novel and then went to bed. I WAS gonna post about it very briefly before going to sleep. This was at 10:01 pm. Well, at 10:15 I actually went to bed... without posting. Why? Because my computer won't start! Soo.... I'm having technical difficulties with my computer and therefor have no internetz. Which sucks. I'm at my friend's right now. Anyway...

I finished reading Halo: Contact Harvest. And yes, I cried my eyes out at that last part. And it took me forever to dry my eyes long enough to fall asleep.

Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?

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I hate headaches. No, seriously. Why? I mean, why do they even have to exist? Okay, I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable answer to that out there somewhere, but right now I don't want to hear it, much less no it exists.

So yes, I have a headache at the moment. Hope you weren't too daft to figure that one out.

At least I managed to get online today, as opposed to yesterday. Yes, I had this headache then too! Bah-and-a-half. But I'll live... or something like that. But anyway...

I've been reading the new Halo novel lately. Totally awesome. I love Johnson. I miss the Spartans, but this is cool too. And I really like all the background info in this novel. Like the entire point/plot of the novel: the start of the Human/Covenant War. Yay.

Also, although I absolutely despise both the Jiralhanae (Brutes) and San'Shyuum (Prophets) I do like hearing things from their point of view. The Jiralhanae simply for insight on their culture and heirarchy, and the San'Shyuum only for the info on how/why they started this war. I couldn't care less about their society and shit--I hate them more than the Brutes. Seriously.

More fun is the Unggoy point of view, and the Huragok. I like both of them. The main individuals at least. Their so cute and fun and... well, I feel sorry for them in the long run. I wish I could help them somehow. They deserve it.

Anyway, I won't post spoilers just yet, and if I ever do it'll be in a cut with a warning, so don't worry too much Neko. But the important thing is that I'm almost finished with it... and that's what I really wanted to point out in this post. Haha.

Because quite frankly, I'll probably only stay up long enough to finish reading the novel and then hit the sack. My head hurts and I don't feel like RPing right now--which is the basis of my life when I am online. Whoo-hoo. Joyous life have I. -_-


Sep. 25th, 2007 01:14 pm
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"It's about seduction," Clark said to the shiny new faces in the auditorium, catching Ding's grin in the back of the room and cringing.

. . .

"Gee, Mr. C., does that mean seduction is okay?" Ding asked.

"Only when you get paid for it, Domingo."
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"Had you going for a second, didn't I? You know," van Damm went on, "I figured out what we really missed when we set this country up."

"Okay, I'll bite," Jack said, eyes still closed, and finding the humor in the moment. Damn, but Arnie knew how to run a classroom.

"A court jester, make it a Cabinet post. You know, a dwarf--excuse me, a person with an unusually large degree of vertical challenge--dressed in multicolored tights and the funny hat with bells on it. Give him a little stool in the corner--'course, there isn't a corner here, but what the hell--and every fifteen minutes or so, he's supposed to jump up on your desk and shake his rattle in your face just to remind you that you have to take a leak every so often, just like the rest of us. Do you get it now, Jack?"

Shit yeah!

Aug. 29th, 2007 10:22 am
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"Eat shit and die," the male member of the team whispered, watching the two contact lines close on the display.

This being a quote from Debt of Honor. What's happening at the time is an American boomer (ballistic missile submarine) is attacking a Japanese sub and the sonarman above is watching the kill on his screen. They get the first underwater kill since WWII. Ain't it nice? I think so. I'm almost finished with the book, but I keep getting distracted. And if I read it at night I'm gonna end up staying up too late to finish it. Gah!

Anyway, I read this line and was instantly amused. You see, in Gears of War Dom says this line if I'm not mistaken. It's either him or Cole (maybe even Baird?), but I'm leaning towards Dom. Either way someone in Gears says it and I can just hear the phrase exactly as it is pronounced in the game when I read that. Heh. I like it.
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Perhaps even the best part of any of Tom Clancy's novels. Hell, possibly his best work ever.

And it is when Clark and Oreza meet in Debt of Honor.

You look like you've seen a ghost... )

Yes, that simple a scene. But you see... there is a lot of history in the work of this meeting. If you only read Debt of Honor you definitely wouldn't get it. I mean, it somewhat explains the fact that Clark has a new name and all and that Oreza saw "Clark" die. But there's just so much more to it than that.

And that is what makes it so f-in' awesome.

Should I explain in a full rant? I think I shall.

Obsessive Rant )

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