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There really aren't words required. The new Star Trek movie is great. And, damnit, if I didn't love every single one of the 'repeated' quotes from the original series. >XD I never even watched any of those! And of course Scotty was my favorite. Hell, that's why I wanted to see the movie in the first place. Simon Pegg ftw! o/

Chekov was endearing, too. Haha. And Sulu. And Bones. Oh, hell... it was a good movie and I liked the characters. Sheesh. Oh, I liked what they did about the timeline, too. Very interesting. I wonder how many fans are upset though. Or how many younger ones are like "cool! do over!" and excited for more, new continuum. :D

I actually wouldn't mind. Go figure.
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It's just me, I'm sure, but ever since seeing Taken (which is really AWESOME, btw! definite recommend, especially if you like action or Liam Neeson... or both! like me, hehe) I keep seeing the same premise in all the TV shows. Law and Order had one on the other day and it amused me. I'm sure that was a re-run seeing as how I don't really watch the new ones of that show. But! Tonight's CSI: NY is a new episode and it's the same premise, too! Haha. (I mean, more or less, of course.) It's amusing. Or.... whatever.

Also--new Criminal Minds was win. I liked that one. I should have moved into the living room quicker--missed the first fifteen minutes. About. They had been playing re-runs, slagit. But it was good. The psychic thing, and the final quote? I liked that.

......aaand I'm done.
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To anyone who knows me, and specifically my fandoms--you'll get why the fact the John Clark being a real live spy for the US in the past... just totally rocks my socks. Duuuuude. AWESOME~!
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I just saw Bangkok Dangerous tonight. It's freakin' awesome. I love Nicolas Cage. Have I mentioned lately how much I love death and blood and destruction? Oh, yeah. I love kick-ass hitmen. I want one. (Neko, shush. I know.)

So, yes. I recommend this to the flist. Without giving anything away, this is a really nice action flick with some emotional attachment thrown in for good measure and it really settles nice in my book as a great movie. ^_^
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Dude. Hell yes:

Movie Rumors.

Also: saw Death Race today. Fucking. Awesome. Hell. Yes.

I want to do that one day. Also? Want one. Of what? Yes.
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But not of the bad kind. ;D

In the past four days I've seen a total of four movies at the theaters. All new stuff. It's really cool. I just got back from the latest one an hour and a half ago. It was fun. I love this week. lol. Well, weekend. I'm so tired though. I'm still doing a 'I-don't-do-anything-but-sit-around-and-maybe-read-or-play-on-my-laptop' job. Do we see a pattern in my life here? lol. But, yeah, I'm a security guard. And no, it's not as cool as it sounds. It's rather lame. And boring. Oh-so boring. Yes, very very boring. Anyway... it's a job. And somehow I still manage to become tired doing it. Tired from doing a whole lot of nothing. Does that make sense? No, no it doesn't. But it happens anyway. -_-

Oh, right, so the movies. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In this order of those days I went and saw: Hancock, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Get Smart, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. I really enjoyed every single one of them, so I pretty much recommend them all to just about anyone.

Hellboy II is by far my favorite one. I loved it to death. (I'm even thinking about RPing Krauss. Hehe.) It's very epic, but it was not over-the-top like I feared might be the case. It was very beautiful visually, and the story is compelling. Poor Abe. Anyway, it's very very good and I recommend that one to everyone! It's awesome! Oh, and hilarious! >XD

I'm not sure which one I liked better: Journey to the Center of the Earth or Get Smart. They were both really good. Get Smart is freakin' hilarious and I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Same for Journey really, but the former is (obviously) more geared for comedy although the story gets to you; and the latter is more epic with its really funny parts. I'd probably go with the second, but I did just get back from it and its fresh in my mind, and if you don't like over-the-top stuff it isn't the best pick. However, it's a fun movie. And it's not really over-the-top, because I don't like that stuff, and this was smart and good and... well, I'll shut up now. Go see it! Both of them!

Hancock is my least favorite, but that's really a bad way of putting it. It's really good, too. Just out of the four... I like the other ones better. lol. But, it's also the farthest one from my mind because I saw it first. Anyway, I recommend it to just about everyone, too. Although it did go through enough curse words for a PG-13 movie. >_- Mostly the word "asshole" or variances thereof.

Also, whatever week that was that Wall-E came out, I went and saw that that first day it was out. It was awesome! Adorably cute!! Hee! ♥ I loved it! Recommend that to everyone, definitely! :D (Also wouldn't mind playing EVE. She's kick-ass.)

That's about it. Although I've been renting a lot of movies, too. RDJ addict? Me? Never! Haha. Yeah... I am. :P Let's see... here's the list: Zodiac, Good Night, and Good Luck, The Singing Detective, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus, and Air America. The last my friend had, the rest were rented in a span of two weekends. Or was that three? :3 Anyway, those are all the RDJ movies. Here's a few Val Kilmer ones, lol: Spartan and Blind Horizon. I'm working on more. XD Um, then I watched Ocean's Thirteen but I really couldn't tell you what happened. I so wasn't paying attention. DX Oops. Oh well. Uh... I forget what else, if anything. I have the feeling I'm missing something.

Cassandra's Dream! That's what I'm missing. It's another movie I rented. It has Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor in it. It's pretty good. And I love both of those guys. They're so cute. Specially Colin! Whoo! :D

Other than...! I've watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ten million more times and it's still fucking awesome. I shouldn't be so amused with it after having seen it so many times, but I still am. Whoo!
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I did not know I could like anything more than the movie. BUT THIS NOVEL IS KICK-ASS! Yes, I am reading the Iron Man novel based off the screenplay. And it is awesome. I love the further insight to Tony Stark. Downey did an excellent job depicting him, even all the little nuances. But with the novel... I can get inside his head. It is wonderful.

First, he is totally in love with Pepper and it is so adorably cute that he just can't quite grasp that fact. Total denial. XD It's fun! Plus, a few other differences from the movie make it beautiful. Although I like some scenes better the way they are in the movies, a few I like in the novel just as well. So I find some way to combine them or something. lol. But, it really gets into the characters more even and especially in the differenterized spots. (Yes that is a made up word.)

But my favorite part? The first time Iron Man fights. He goes to Gulmira and pwns. Well, while he is doing it... he decides to listen to music. And what does he choose? Heavy metal, naturally! But the best part is... its my favorite stuff, too! Metallica! Black Sabbath! Hellz to the yeah! lol. And the songs totally fit. And I love it to no end.

Gawd, I am in love with Tony Stark. XD
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I am so revved up thanks to this movie! I absolutely LOVE it!! It is sooo pretty. I love all the visuals. And I like who they chose to play Tony Stark. I think he's cute. XP Sue me.

In other news... LJ is pissing me off. I have now paid for my account (both the upgrade and extra userpics) TWICE and it is not registering. Now my icons are seriously lacking and it's pissing me off. That and the fact that... if it finally DOES register with the retards own as LJ... it better give me all those months combined... and, more importantly, if it DOESN'T that money better damn WELL STILL BE IN MY BANK ACCOUNT. Grr...!

Seriously. Pissing. Me. OFF.

I've got to figure out how to talk to them about that. Bah.

Buuut..... this was supposed to be a big rant about my movie. I am a fangirl now. I want to play the game, too. And get the novel. XD I know, I know--when I fangirl, I fangirl hard. XDDD

Ah, well. So.... the movie is awesome and I want to go see it again. :D
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Yep, still like astronomy. This bit about Venus is interesting.

Neko and I went to see Vantage Point today. Totally awesome movie!!! I definitely recommend it to any and everyone. It's just that good. You know the phase "it keeps you on the edge of your seat!" that's used all the time? And it's not necessarily true? Totally true for this movie!! I finally discovered the meaning of that phrase! lol. The performance is wonderful; all the actors are great. And it gets you from the beginning with emotion and suspense.

I think that's about all I can go into without putting up a spoilers warning, so since I don't feel like typing a whole lot right now I'll call it quits. But seriously... recommend EVERYONE to go and see it at some point in time. Very good.

On another note, after the movie we went to the mall. Now normally malls aren't my thing, nor Neko's really, and it was way too crowded since it's the weekend... but because I was there with Neko it was kinda fun. We both found lots of stuff to spend our money on. She got a crap load of TF comics and a TF shirt, too. I got a book myself and three shirts. One is Mass Effect, one is Assassin's Creed, and the other is Grimlock from Tf!! ^_^ Hehe. They make me happy. They had a DMC4 shirt, and I kinda wanted it, but it's Nero not Dante and I want another Dante shirt! Nero's cool, I got used to him, and actually like him, but Dante is Dante and Dante is AWESOME. Nero just wasn't worth the money at the moment. Whoops. Sorry, Nero. My book is fantasy novel about mages... I forget the exact name. I have so many books to read already...! I shouldn't have bought any... but I couldn't help it. I also got a book for free!! Someone was looking at the same book I was and we starting talking about it. She wanted to buy it for her boyfriend, and she did end up buying it, but then she talked to him and he said he didn't want it. She so gave it to me! How awesome is that? It was really nice of her. I was speechless. I want to 'pay it forward' one day. That'd be good. :3

Anyway... That's all for now. I'll some more icons to post here soon though. Yes, yes, way too many for my own good. But I get bored! And I love the games sooo much. ^^
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OMGosh, best movie EVAR! I don't care what I said before, this one takes the cake! Full out!! BOOYAH, BABY!

Oh my gosh was this movie pretty. The robots are so freakin' awesome. And I even got used to the different voice actors. Not too shabby. But, seriously, Transformers is my all time favorite movie right now--and probably will be for some time to come. I loved every moment of it.

Kinda glad I've been reading my military books lately (damn you Tom Clancy, I have converted to your fanbase) for the beginning of the movie was heavy on it. Ok, not really heavy, but still. There is that military SpeOps team in the movie. Not too bad for human forces. Haha.

I don't think my heart ever slowed down during that movie. It always had my attention. It starts hard, continues hard, and ends hard. It never really slowed down. The "slow" parts weren't really slow. And the battles were fucking awesome/beautiful/pretty. I mean kick ass.

I totally want a Bumblebee of my own. HE IS SO CUTE! *Squee* You can expect me to app either him or Jazz when the apps at Paradisa are open again. Haha! XD

Damnit, Erin. Do you remember the Decepticon in the spaceship? The one we liked so much? (At least I did.) Because he was calm and cool? Crap I can't remember his name! But, I thought he would be larger. Kinda cool that he wasn't... and now that I think about it, I like his choice of vehicles. It was some good Deception on his part. Yay.

Scorpinok was kinda cool. Who did he ride with? Can't remember his name either. Damn, my memory sucks. Oh, yea, the other one I can't remember his name... he had a little buddy. It was a boombox. The Decepts were the only ones with the small bots. Hmph. Whatever.

My only objection is Jazz. See the movie and then you'll know.
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Memorable quotes from my current obsession. The excerpts are taken directly from the second novel, The Flood. I'm sure I'm not through yet...

Real pretty. )

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