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The Borgia Ring--a hollow ring filled with poison to later slip into drinks.

Why am I not surprised. In my current anime when they started taking of poisons and of loving poisons I first thought of Lorenzo de' Medici. I will never forget the first time I mentioned him to [ profile] plotbunnydoom and the first thing she remembered about him was his supposed love of poisoning people. So now that's stuck in my head forever.

Of course then they said that. That whole "this is a Borgia Ring" line. And showed a ring with a hidden pinprick--a needle tip basically--used to issue poisons. I looked it up and supposedly the ring was real (though without the needle). Or at least rumors abound about it. One of Rodrigo's issue used it to poison rivals and whatnot. Again I say why am I not surprised.

Damn the Borgia forever. An yet... I can't help but be slightly intrigued by them. The more I hear about them the more I want to find out. Like how I got so smitten with Lorenzo and now have ten-million three or four books on him. If I start reading about the Borgia, too, please someone knock some sense into me, se ya?
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I went and saw Death Note tonight. It was pretty good. Live action film based off an anime. How cool is that?

The audience sucked though. It was a bunch of high-school kids and stuff. They were making noises and shit. It died mostly in the beginning, but every now and then... gawd, kids are annoying. XD

Anyway, I'm glad I actually got to see it at the theaters. Obscure movies usually don't play around here, but it was this special thing. A two-night showing only. The ticket cost was high. But oh well. XP

That's all for today! Icons soon, I swear! XD
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I've been watching this lately. It's a good anime. One day I plan to see it all the way through, from the beginning. Heh.

Which Death Note Character Are You?

You are Light. You are intelligent and really, just trying to make a difference in the world. Although sometimes, your motives can be a little misunderstood. You have the talent to have a great social life, people generally like you, but you would just prefer to stay in and study or read a good book. Most plans, are very well thought out right down to the last detail. Whether it's going on a camping trip or a five year plan for your future. You like to be in control and feel uncomfortable when you're not.
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I just caught the tail end of Ark. It's kinda a CG anime wannabe--the cast/crew was actually Korean/Chinese and English. But it has two (three actually, but I didn't get to hear him because I never saw his character apparently) voice actors that I really like. It was the voice actors of Hades and Trowa... they're good.

I've finished the Acorna series! Yay! I miss her already though. I like her, she's cool, reasonable, and kicks butt. Hehe. Guess Neko and I'll just have to continue RPing more with her! XD

On the note of books, however, I've gotten three more CSI books in the mail. Yay! One Miami and two New York books. I'm starting the Miami one right now. It sounds interesting already. The guy died weirdly--it appears to be a random lightning strike but something's off. Whoo-hoo. Mysterious. lol.

Anyway, that's about it for now. Ja ne, minna-san!

P.S.- TMNT is coming out tomorrow! YAY!!! */fangirl squee-ness*

Sounds fun

Nov. 13th, 2006 12:59 pm
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Summarize ten of your fandoms in one sentence, then see who on your friends' list can guess each fandom.

My fandoms, yo. )
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I've been playing DoC for the past hour or so. I've since come up with these things to note:

This is everything reminding me of everything. As usual. )
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Yea, yea. School started. Yay. -_- Riiight. Because I'm so excited. Can't you tell? Phst. Well, the first two days weren't so bad. But I can already tell this school thing is gonna be my exercise (again). Walking around campus is about the hardest physical activity you can get me to do. I guess I need it. But I hate it. And no, it's not the walking part. I hate the HEAT. Summer sucks down here in Texas. Make it go away. Please?

In other exciting news, I'm currently in Austin. Supposedly I'm here visiting my brother. Of course, I've seen him for a grand total of THIRTY minutes now. Yea. Family reunion ahoy! (Have we noticed I'm a sarcastic person yet?) But, whatever. I went shopping and got some nice clothes. Yay? Ahem. Right. Well, whatever. I want to go home though. Play some Halo with Erin. ^_^

Let's talk about the drive up here though. That was fun! I laughed twice really hard for absolutely no reason. Well, it seemed as though I had no reason anyway. Want to know why? Ok, first we passed O'MALLEY Road and then later we passed LOPEZ Auto Garage. Oh, yea. If you're Erin, you get why I laughed. If not, well, let's just say its RedvsBlue mania. Heheh. Oh, then I spent about an hour explaining the show to my mom. That was fun. Hehe. No, really. It was fun. Mom's always real nice when I start explaining 'my' shows to her. She just keeps quiet and lets me talk my head off. XD One time I spent probably two hours explaining Gundam Wing (my all-time favorite Anime!) to her; and most of that was spent on Milliardo/Zechs. >XD

I've been playing DoC. It's a great game... err... I guess? Ok, ok. I'm sad to say that I'm disappointed in the game play. It's kind of... boring. But the storyline is very intriguing. I want to finish the game for that alone at least. It looks really pretty, too. They did a good job there. And I love Turk Vinnie! He is so adorable! And fun. I like kicking things... XD And Cait Sith is so kawaii! I want one! Do you think Reeve will let me keep one version of him? >XDD

Hmm.... let's see. What else have I been meaning to post about for the past week or so? I've been lax in not posting here lately. Or at least about the things I've wanted to post about.

Recent movies: I watched Big Fish with my friends some time last week. It was actually good. I did enjoy it. I hadn't ever been interested in watching it, but I think it was worth a watch through. Pretty emotional at the end I guess. They cried. (My friends.) >XD Also watched Scenes of the Crime with my mom. I guess most people would describe it as boring, but I think I liked it. I know I'm glad I watched it. The ending was both really awesome and yet not cool. It was a great surprise ending, but I was sad at what happened. I don't want to give it away though. But its worth one watch at least. Its a movie to watch for good acting rather than action, that I'll say for sure though.

What else? Heheh. Actually I think I've run low on things to say. But I do have the feeling I'm not remembering something. I'll probably think of it later and have to post again... or just edit this one. Heh. Oh well. We'll see.
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Why am I awake? Hell if I know. I just know I couldn't sleep well all freakin' night. Oh, and here's the topic of the week: I had another dream. Interesting. I don't remember much at all this time, probably because I've gone back to sleep several times since then. It was the first time I was asleep and then woke up. I fell asleep several more times after waking up several more times so it's no wonder I can't remember it anymore. The only thing I remember is that I think it was some sort of game. That's it.

But on another (very similar) note, I do have something else weird to report. The last time I woke up (not too long ago--oh wait, it's been an hour now o.o') I must have been sleeping light. But it felt sooo good to be asleep and I wanted to cry when I woke up suddenly. Anyway, I could have sworn I heard my mom calling out my name. She sometimes does that, and when I'm sleeping light I wake up instanaeously. I woke up with a "hmm?" and there was no one there. Kinda dreamed it I guess? Hmph. I just know that she had been awake and getting ready for work just before (when I had been awake the last time) and so I thought it was her. Stupid fake Mom. >XD

Anyway... here's a link to my messageboard (it is DMC focused if you'd like to join--or you could just join anyway). It's directly to the Akon thread that I made in order to post pictures I took while there. [ profile] glasskey14 reminded me that I hadn't posted them yet. Sorry! Here:

(Whee! Fake cut!! Love me! XD)
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A few random quizzes )
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Ok, so it's not that early but it's still morning for me because I just woke up less than thirty minutes ago. But I'm RPing Reno with Selphie-mun ([ profile] seiphie) and it's exciting! Hehe!

Alright, yesterday I watched Howl's Moving Castle and it's great! It is *so* beautiful. Howl is hot! I want him... either with blond hair or black or even his feathers! He's cute no matter what. And Calcifer is adorable! I want one! Hehe... but my boyfriend says I want one of everything... he's right! XD

But just look. He's so kawaii; wouldn't you want one too? ^_^!

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