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Tori. Tori. Tori. Tori Tori Tori Tori TORI TORI TORI.


Guess what. |D

Somebody is playing a really crappy assassin hit man in this movie I'm watching right now. Oh, God. I can't stop laughing for some reason. I'm not even sure why.


Kekekeke. The main character keeps calling him "kid." Giovanni has one thing to say: WHAT IS WITH YOU OLD PEOPLE (that's you, Volpe) AND CALLING HIM AND THE LIKE SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF "KID" OR "FLEDGLING"?

/brb, dying of laughter

Oh man oh man oh man.

I'm a nutcase.
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It's just me, I'm sure, but ever since seeing Taken (which is really AWESOME, btw! definite recommend, especially if you like action or Liam Neeson... or both! like me, hehe) I keep seeing the same premise in all the TV shows. Law and Order had one on the other day and it amused me. I'm sure that was a re-run seeing as how I don't really watch the new ones of that show. But! Tonight's CSI: NY is a new episode and it's the same premise, too! Haha. (I mean, more or less, of course.) It's amusing. Or.... whatever.

Also--new Criminal Minds was win. I liked that one. I should have moved into the living room quicker--missed the first fifteen minutes. About. They had been playing re-runs, slagit. But it was good. The psychic thing, and the final quote? I liked that.

......aaand I'm done.
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I just saw Bangkok Dangerous tonight. It's freakin' awesome. I love Nicolas Cage. Have I mentioned lately how much I love death and blood and destruction? Oh, yeah. I love kick-ass hitmen. I want one. (Neko, shush. I know.)

So, yes. I recommend this to the flist. Without giving anything away, this is a really nice action flick with some emotional attachment thrown in for good measure and it really settles nice in my book as a great movie. ^_^
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But not of the bad kind. ;D

In the past four days I've seen a total of four movies at the theaters. All new stuff. It's really cool. I just got back from the latest one an hour and a half ago. It was fun. I love this week. lol. Well, weekend. I'm so tired though. I'm still doing a 'I-don't-do-anything-but-sit-around-and-maybe-read-or-play-on-my-laptop' job. Do we see a pattern in my life here? lol. But, yeah, I'm a security guard. And no, it's not as cool as it sounds. It's rather lame. And boring. Oh-so boring. Yes, very very boring. Anyway... it's a job. And somehow I still manage to become tired doing it. Tired from doing a whole lot of nothing. Does that make sense? No, no it doesn't. But it happens anyway. -_-

Oh, right, so the movies. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In this order of those days I went and saw: Hancock, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Get Smart, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. I really enjoyed every single one of them, so I pretty much recommend them all to just about anyone.

Hellboy II is by far my favorite one. I loved it to death. (I'm even thinking about RPing Krauss. Hehe.) It's very epic, but it was not over-the-top like I feared might be the case. It was very beautiful visually, and the story is compelling. Poor Abe. Anyway, it's very very good and I recommend that one to everyone! It's awesome! Oh, and hilarious! >XD

I'm not sure which one I liked better: Journey to the Center of the Earth or Get Smart. They were both really good. Get Smart is freakin' hilarious and I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Same for Journey really, but the former is (obviously) more geared for comedy although the story gets to you; and the latter is more epic with its really funny parts. I'd probably go with the second, but I did just get back from it and its fresh in my mind, and if you don't like over-the-top stuff it isn't the best pick. However, it's a fun movie. And it's not really over-the-top, because I don't like that stuff, and this was smart and good and... well, I'll shut up now. Go see it! Both of them!

Hancock is my least favorite, but that's really a bad way of putting it. It's really good, too. Just out of the four... I like the other ones better. lol. But, it's also the farthest one from my mind because I saw it first. Anyway, I recommend it to just about everyone, too. Although it did go through enough curse words for a PG-13 movie. >_- Mostly the word "asshole" or variances thereof.

Also, whatever week that was that Wall-E came out, I went and saw that that first day it was out. It was awesome! Adorably cute!! Hee! ♥ I loved it! Recommend that to everyone, definitely! :D (Also wouldn't mind playing EVE. She's kick-ass.)

That's about it. Although I've been renting a lot of movies, too. RDJ addict? Me? Never! Haha. Yeah... I am. :P Let's see... here's the list: Zodiac, Good Night, and Good Luck, The Singing Detective, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus, and Air America. The last my friend had, the rest were rented in a span of two weekends. Or was that three? :3 Anyway, those are all the RDJ movies. Here's a few Val Kilmer ones, lol: Spartan and Blind Horizon. I'm working on more. XD Um, then I watched Ocean's Thirteen but I really couldn't tell you what happened. I so wasn't paying attention. DX Oops. Oh well. Uh... I forget what else, if anything. I have the feeling I'm missing something.

Cassandra's Dream! That's what I'm missing. It's another movie I rented. It has Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor in it. It's pretty good. And I love both of those guys. They're so cute. Specially Colin! Whoo! :D

Other than...! I've watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ten million more times and it's still fucking awesome. I shouldn't be so amused with it after having seen it so many times, but I still am. Whoo!
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This is odd. Or something...

What the hell? I'm not this nice!! )

I'm bored. Wow am I bored. I already did all the work I have for the day, so I'm just sitting here staring at the computer screen wondering what to do. Since I have access to the internet, why not, yea? But, now that I'm here... there's nothing to do. I did it all already. Checked mail, replied to comments, checked friend's list postings, and even did a meme! So now I'm posting something to get rid of the boredom. As soon as I stop typing it'll plague me again. Can't get back into the RPG though 'cause I won't have a computer back home. Keep my hiatus, maybe I won't get kicked. XP

Well, on a grander note... I have gifts for everyone this year. For those of you who don't really know me in that sense, I never really buy gifts. I want to. Usually. But I never have the money, or know what to get a person. And I'm very picky when it comes to that sort of thing. If I don't know exactly what to get, I won't get anything. I can't just walk around a store and randomly pick out some tiny little thing to give as a thoughtful gift. I just don't work that way. It bugs me. Drives me crazy. But this year I've made an effort and it's working out pretty decently so far. I've got gifts for all my friends. I just need to work on my (immediate) family. Actually, I have something for my dad. That's a surprise! But it makes me happy to finally know what to get him and know for sure he'll enjoy/love it. ^^ As for my mom, I have a few ideas at least... but my brother? Ack! I haven't a clue. Yay for having an entire month to decide still? XD

I know. I'm lame. In other news... well, crap, I don't think I have other news. Oh wait! Is it evil wrong that at this time of year I'm still spending just as much money (more actually?) on myself as others? Meh. Opps. But I'm addictive in nature... I get easily addicted to things. Such as new movies and music. So I have a shitload of new DVDs I've recently bought, and two more in the mail now. Neko, wanna watch? XD And three CDs, all soundtracks I've recently noticed I liked enough to buy. Heh. I love soundtracks way too much. Maybe it's just that I like classical/instrumental music so much. Ah, well, sue me.

One more note, something I thought of thanks to mentioning movies. I get addicted to obessions. Usually characters in video games or books or comics. I went, like, from Deadpool to Spiderman to Daredevil and Bullseye. Thank you Homer for buying Ultimate Alliance. It's all his fault. I swear it is. But every now and then it's someone real--an actor. Currently? Colin Farrell. And it's all Homer's fault!! Here's the simple version:

Ultimate Alliance-->Deadpool-->Bullseye-->Daredevil movie-->Colin Farrell

Wtf, right? Right. But that's how it went. Homer bought Marvel Ultimate Alliance, then he played Deadpool and I fell almost instantly in love, then I read all the Deadpool comics, Bullseye was in a few DP comics and I liked him, Daredevil movie came on TV and despite flipping past it the first time (never been interested in DD before) I saw Bullseye the second time through the channels and ended up watching the dang movie, and from there I grew even more into Bullseye because eventually I got used to the way he looked (actually thought he was vaguely ugly at first, lol) and it grew on me so much I thought he was actually cute (did I mention I love physcos? especially insanely grinning ones?) and I ended up buying the Daredevil movie (Director's cut version though and it's a slight bit darker and I like it) and then I was curious about who played him and looked the actor up and found out he was actually quite cute and then when I got to my brother's for Thanksgiving he had the movie S.W.A.T. (which is really good by the way) and that has him in it so naturally I watched it and like it, and then when I got home a few days later they played Phone Booth (which is also a really good movie) and I like it too and so I went out and bought a bunch of movies he's in including those two and American Outlaws (which is also a good movie) and then the next day a different channel played The Recruit (which is yet another good movie) and so now I'm obsessed. It'll change eventually, as it always does, but I'm gonna end up broke before that happens at this rate. X_x!

In an aside, all those movies I really do recommend. Not because of the actor, even though I'm obsessed that's no reason to recommend a bad show. They're just good. In a small low-down--well, let's see. S.W.A.T. is a good action packed movie with some fun jokes and you're typical underdogs saving the day. If you like shows like Bad Boys II then you'll like that one. Phone Booth is a good thriller/suspense. It all takes place in a phone booth but you never get bored. It's a good psycho-thriller. American Outlaws is a modern western. It's fun and the characters are addictive. It looks great, and its got some good, fun humor too. It's also about Jesse James. Who doesn't like train robbers like Jesse James? The Recruit is one of those CIA movies. It's got Al Pacino in it too, and he does a great job. The story is good and compelling, and the ending is a twist. More or less. So I highly recommend them all, at least individually to people who like those various types of movies if nothing else. ^_^'

And now I've typed up a swarm and this turned out to be a huge post! I think I just killed someone's f-list somewhere out there. >XDDD YOU'RE WELCOME!!

Bubye now~!
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I am so in love with The Kill Point right now! Oh my gawd I love that show! In fact, I'm kinda watching the encore right now. It is good. It does not hurt that it has John Leguizamo in it. I have always loved him. (Ever since I had a crush on Luigi from the Super Mario Brothers movie.) The only thing missing is Rainbow. LOL!

I keep excepting/wanting Rainbow to get in there and take ahold of the situation. They'd have the perps down in seconds. Then again, I kinda like the bad guys. (Go figure.) But really... they're not all that bad. I mean, it's all bad circumstances on their part. Not the robbing the bank part, but everything that led them up to that point where they made the decision to rob the bank. Of course, the Rainbow guys wouldn't understand that. They're soldiers; they'd be upset that other soldiers are giving them a bad name. Nevermind the fact that it's all bad luck.

By "leading up to the decision" I mostly refer to Leguizamo's character, Mr. Wolf for lack of a better memory on my part. He's a Sergeant in the army, or rather was. Dishonorably discharged and sent to prison for disobeying orders. Probably some shitty-ass orders, but like the higher-ups give a damn about that. Poor guy. Sixteen people got killed when they replaced him with another Sarge--one that followed the orders and went in. Someone really screwed up there, and I seriously doubt it was the guy they blamed.

But, hell, it's the way it goes. On the one hand I think Rainbow would understand about bad orders. Especially Chavez, who was actually purposefully cut off from evac on one lovely covert op. On the other, they'd be pissed that soldiers cracked and decided to break the laws of their country.

Either way it sucks. And I feel more attuned to the bad guys in this new show than the good. Although I do have to commend the Captian of the police unit, or whatever. The tactical Captian guy. He won my admiration as well. So I like a lot of the "good" players... and hate some of the "bad." Now let me define those two terms.

By "good" I mean the Captian and his crew and Mr. Wolf and the other military guys. By "bad" I mean the Feds, the higher police guy(s), and that damned government or whatever guy who thinks he's the shit and all-important. Fuck him and his daughter. Ok, she didn't really do anything like her dad... but still, she's annoying. And dumb.

I know my opinions and stuff are skewed a bit on who's good and bad, but sue me. I can't help but like who I like. I can't help that the characters (and the actors portaying them) are awesome and compelling. I can't help who I sympathize with--I just do. So that's that.

But man, I didn't think it would be TWO hours long; I was expecting one. But, I got Mom hooked, too. lol. We watched it together. Gawd, I love it. And I can't wait for next week and the next show. I have found a new passion. Not only that though, but I was wondering how they'd manage to make a series out of only one "hiest." Well, they've managed it. It's still the same robbery-gone-bad-and-turned-hostage-situation. It's "to be continued." It'll be the same guys the next week. Wow.

I can't wait.
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Who says Caruso can't act? Although, it was a little weird hearing him try to speak in a... hell I don't even know what kinda accent that is, nothern? ...speak in an accent. It took some getting used to.

So I just watched Kiss of Death. It finally came in the mail! Took damn forever. Well, I thought it was pretty decent. I liked it. And I LOVE the actors in it. I couldn't care less about Samuel L. Jackson, although he had an okay character in this, but I really, really love Nicolas Cage and, of course, David Caruso. I was a bit wary about him acting something other than a cop, specially Horatio. But he seemed to actually be able to act. Granted, his character was very emotional based like Horatio. Just, in a completely different manner considering he was on the other side of the law for a long time. But he was always trying to help people, whether good or bad. He just kept getting screwed in the process. Poor thing.

Cage was just nuts. Well, his character I mean. He plays a nice sociopath. :D But, seriously, I have always loved Cage to no end. He is an awesome actor. Any type of character he plays is awesome. Plus he's kinda cute. ^^

But, yes, it is a good movie. Definitely worth a watch if that type of movie, or any of the actors, are up your alley. I reccomend it a must-rent at least once, a buy if your obsessed with any of the actors like me.

P.S.- The little girl's name was Karina. I just realized why that sounds so familar. It's from the Acorna series. >_-; It sounds so much prettier when tacked on to that little girl though. lol.

P.S.S- I take it back, it's spelt Corinna. No wonder it's so pretty. I think he called her Cori a lot, too. It was pretty, but I could never quite tell what he was saying.

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