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Clu Gulager

This is a real person. How is this even a real name?


He stars in a movie with Bruce Boxleitner.
He is also in a movie with Jeff Bridges in it. What. What?

What is my brain?
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Yea, yea. School started. Yay. -_- Riiight. Because I'm so excited. Can't you tell? Phst. Well, the first two days weren't so bad. But I can already tell this school thing is gonna be my exercise (again). Walking around campus is about the hardest physical activity you can get me to do. I guess I need it. But I hate it. And no, it's not the walking part. I hate the HEAT. Summer sucks down here in Texas. Make it go away. Please?

In other exciting news, I'm currently in Austin. Supposedly I'm here visiting my brother. Of course, I've seen him for a grand total of THIRTY minutes now. Yea. Family reunion ahoy! (Have we noticed I'm a sarcastic person yet?) But, whatever. I went shopping and got some nice clothes. Yay? Ahem. Right. Well, whatever. I want to go home though. Play some Halo with Erin. ^_^

Let's talk about the drive up here though. That was fun! I laughed twice really hard for absolutely no reason. Well, it seemed as though I had no reason anyway. Want to know why? Ok, first we passed O'MALLEY Road and then later we passed LOPEZ Auto Garage. Oh, yea. If you're Erin, you get why I laughed. If not, well, let's just say its RedvsBlue mania. Heheh. Oh, then I spent about an hour explaining the show to my mom. That was fun. Hehe. No, really. It was fun. Mom's always real nice when I start explaining 'my' shows to her. She just keeps quiet and lets me talk my head off. XD One time I spent probably two hours explaining Gundam Wing (my all-time favorite Anime!) to her; and most of that was spent on Milliardo/Zechs. >XD

I've been playing DoC. It's a great game... err... I guess? Ok, ok. I'm sad to say that I'm disappointed in the game play. It's kind of... boring. But the storyline is very intriguing. I want to finish the game for that alone at least. It looks really pretty, too. They did a good job there. And I love Turk Vinnie! He is so adorable! And fun. I like kicking things... XD And Cait Sith is so kawaii! I want one! Do you think Reeve will let me keep one version of him? >XDD

Hmm.... let's see. What else have I been meaning to post about for the past week or so? I've been lax in not posting here lately. Or at least about the things I've wanted to post about.

Recent movies: I watched Big Fish with my friends some time last week. It was actually good. I did enjoy it. I hadn't ever been interested in watching it, but I think it was worth a watch through. Pretty emotional at the end I guess. They cried. (My friends.) >XD Also watched Scenes of the Crime with my mom. I guess most people would describe it as boring, but I think I liked it. I know I'm glad I watched it. The ending was both really awesome and yet not cool. It was a great surprise ending, but I was sad at what happened. I don't want to give it away though. But its worth one watch at least. Its a movie to watch for good acting rather than action, that I'll say for sure though.

What else? Heheh. Actually I think I've run low on things to say. But I do have the feeling I'm not remembering something. I'll probably think of it later and have to post again... or just edit this one. Heh. Oh well. We'll see.
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I watched Arlington Road this past week. It's a great show. Awesome, really. I love it to death. It's got a great ending; it's not typical nor at first predicable. And the beginning catches you off guard, gets your attention. It's very nice. I definitely recommend everyone to see it if they haven't already.

(P.S.- This is the movie I watched the night before having that dream. I watched it again this weekend though.)
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I had another interesting dream last night! It was quite a thriller. Heh. Ok, that was actually a very bad pun. I'll explain. My dream was the epitome of a thriller movie. It had the "camera" angles and story movement as some type of movie. And considering the nature of the dream, I would classify it as a thriller. It was actually quite interesting though. And at least it wasn't a nightmare! (For me anyway, but that says nothing for the main character.)

So here's the basic story:

The main character's wife was killed many years earlier and the case was never solved if there was a killer. The main character was adamant that there was one. Years later is when the actual dream takes place.

A lot of the beginning I don't remember too well, but I know it went through a couple of scenes where the main character meets this certain other male character and they start hanging out/becoming friends I guess. But strange things come up. The main character starts to get suspicious of things. Exciting suspenseful scenes take place here and there.

Then the end comes up and I remember a bit more of that. The male character finally confronts the main character, reveling himself to the already suspecting main character that he was the murder of the wife years earlier. He also starts to taunt the main character. Somewhere in this scene the main character realizes something and, in typical movie-style flashbacks, earlier scenes play out with emphasize on things that were merely background the original time through. The flashbacks focus on a young boy (about 12 or 13) and even go so far as to 'highlight' him in the slow-playing, sudden hard-hitting realization flashbacks. The young boy is the main character's missing son.

Then it gets a bit silly, but it's still a good thriller. It's just that it suddenly adds in one of my OCs into the story. But it continues smoothly and the OC is actually a good character personality wise. (This particular character tends to be hard for me to keep IC and she runs around doing god-moding type things. Probably because she's "me" and also because when things get screwed up in my plots I basically say "screw it!" and start playing out silly shit. Thankfully my dream kept this from happening and she was as she's supposed to be!) That's the only reason why it's 'silly' so really it's not silly. >_>;

Anyway, with the realization the main character starts to try and get his kid back (of course). The next clear scene in my memory is that the male character, the villain now, grabs the kid and races off in his truck. Nearby are some other people (Mexicans I noted while in the dream) with trucks. I guess the main character hops in one of the vehicles cause he comes back into play at the end of the "movie" but he isn't seen in this particular scene. Anyway, the two Mexican loaded trucks race after the bad guy when they realize the kid is being abducted.

The kid has actually been raised by the bad guy though, so he's not screaming and all that jazz or anything, but rather going along freely. He was raised as the villain's son after all, and calls the villain "Dad."

Anyway, my OC (Kethry) is in there somewhere too and coordinating the Mexicans in their driving, telling them not to ram the vehicle or shoot it or anything violent because it'll only get them in trouble with the law. (She's military, by the way, and very disciplined.) She gets her vehicle up close to the runaway one and hops into the back of the truck. From there she reaches inside the vehicle on the driver's side and 'wrestles' with the villain. The window is either down or has been shot out, go figure.

But she can't really do much in the position she's in, specially without getting the kid hurt. He starts threatening the kid's life for one thing, another is that she doesn't want to wreck the vehicle with the kid in it. This is basically when the kid realizes the villain guy isn't his father and he thinks the main character actually is. Smart kid.

Don't ask, but we're in a desert-like place by now (it was a small town after all, but I recall a beach scene so... yea... I don't know...) and the road is a dirt path out in the middle of nowhere. It's dark so I can't see much in the dream but I still think it was some sort of desert-like place in the middle of nowhere, but I could be wrong. Right. Anyway. The point is that the road is coming to an end, there's a cliff up ahead. The villain steers straight for it and threatens to run over the cliff. Also, by now the other two vehicles have fallen quite behind at some point in time during the chase scene.

Kethry now tries reasoning with the man, although it quickly turns into quiet but harsh threatening, military-style basically. It doesn't work, and the more she hurts/pressures/wrestles with the guy the more determined he becomes. Kethry has to figure out something else to do to save the boy. Oddly, the villain is actually encouraging her to save the boy. Or not so oddly, because he has actually cared for the boy for several years now and called him son. He wants to kill himself basically but save the kid.

So Kethry leaves his side of the vehicle and goes to the other. She opens the door to the passenger side and climbs down so that she's standing on the side, hanging onto the roof with the open door swinging behind her. She tells the kid to hang on to her, they're going to jump. But she tries one last time to reason with the villain and stop the vehicle. No go.

At almost the last possible second, Kethry jumps back from the vehicle with the kid latched on to her, pushing backwards off the truck. It keeps going straight for the cliff. Kethry hits the ground martial arts style (basically, rolling back with it and slapping the ground hard with your hands and arms) then, because of the momentum, starts rolling sideways towards the cliff. They stop several yards from it of course, can't even look down it so far away. Kethry makes sure throughout the roll that the kid hardly touches anything but her and keeps him safe, no injuries. The roll stops with Kethry on bottom and the kid on top, then roll back to their sides. Keth rolls back to her back and winces in pain as she lies there. The kid worries about her.

Now the other vehicles show up and the boy's father gets out, examines the kid, makes sure Keth is ok, then hugs the kid and starts sob-explaining. The kid tells him he understands, he knows the truth, he'd like to stay with his real father, blah blah blah... but he's also not really hugging his dad back because he's not used to it or anything, doesn't know him well or anything.

Keth tries to get up, wincing the way, and the kid notices she's bleeding. The main character worries over her, saying he'll take her to the hospital and stuff but she refuses 'cause she doesn't like hospitals. Besides, she says, she knows basic first aid. The main character points out that she can't reach the wound on the back of her shoulder. She just shrugs it off.

It fades into a final scene, something like the newly reunited family on some outing probably with Bar-B-Que and all that, with Keth visiting and being cajoled into playing some sports game with the kid. All happy and stuff.

Yea, strange dream. Here's some more info though: I think the main character was Jeff Bridges, but I can't remember exactly; I remember for certain that the villain was in fact John Travolta. It was quite interesting that not only did it play out like a movie, but it had actors playing the parts as well! And lots of time the first part with the sole focus being on the main character it was through his eyes, so that's half the reason why I can't remember exactly if it was Bridges or not. And I think Kethry had supposedly been in scenes before, but only really showed up in the last part where it focused on her and the kid.

Riight. Isn't that fun? I wonder if it had anything to do with the movie I watched last night? *Rolls eyes innocently* Oh, yea... because half the plot is very similar. >XD Oh, well. Anyway. That's my dream. Fun, ne? Now I want to make a real movie out of it. XDDD
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So what if it's not the best movie ever? I'm really into old stuff right now. Lots of 80s movies on my to-watch list currently. It's pretty fun. I think I laughed just about the entire way through, either because it was generally funny or because it was so dang corny or just plain embarrassing. Heh. Check it out: Starman.
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I went to my friend's house this weekend, yay. The ride up there was actually fun; I rode my motorcycle and the roads, being out in the middle of nowhere and twisting and hills and stuff, was quite fun. After that... it kinda went downhill.

No offense to Homer, but the weekend kinda sucked. Oh, and he knew it, too. But it's not like he could have done anything. I think had his parents not come home it would have been better. But gawd, they were... annoying. Well, they weren't too bad, but I guess I wasn't in the mood to deal with them. Besides that, I guess I had expected it just to be us three. I got kinda... lazy since I didn't ever feel like doing anything while they were around. -_-' Oops. I got a reputation for sleeping for three days straight. Haha. Hrm.

Anyway... at least I did watch a few movies that I wanted to while up there. Most importantly was Tron. Ever since playing KH2 I've been wanting to see that. As old and corny as it is, I enjoyed it. Hehe. I love Tron. For some odd reason, he became one of my favorite characters in KH2. ^^' I also watched a bunch of other movies, including The Time Machine and The Chronicles of Riddick, neither of which I had ever seen before.

I also played a game which I hadn't played since forever ago!! It was Starfox 64! I love that game. (Is it just me, or is the Gumni Ship stages in KH2 very similar to this game? I love the Gumni stages a lot just for that fact. Heheh.) I still had most of the game completely memorized some how. It seemed so much easier to play though... maybe I needed to put it on Hard or something, but I never got the chance. It was still lots of fun though! I got Kit through one play through. Hehe. ^_^

After that... there's nothing else to say about the stay. But the trip home? Oh, yea... let me tell you. I love my luck. Recently my truck's tire went flat, like, last week. (That's getting fixed today, yay!) And guess what? On the way home, my motorcycle's tire went flat!!! Argg! Shoot me dead, right now! Seriously. No, but, yea... that totally sucked. The best part was that I was very close to home though (about a mile out of Beaumont) so it wasn't too long for someone to get there. And it went out slowly, so I didn't got splat on the pavement. A definite plus. Mommy came and got me. (Yes, "mommy"... :P) I refused to leave my bike though, so Dad came next. We stuck it in the back of Mom's truck and went home. That bike is heavy. That's all I have to say.

I was so happy to lie down in my comfy bed that night. XD

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