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When Aisu gets bored and finds something random to spam with, aka: meme time! Or rather, quiz time. :3

You never no how many I'm liable to post in one sitting. )
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Might be looking for a new laptop instead of getting a new Xbox for Christmas. Something's wrong with the monitor. It's tiny right now but it's annoying. And, hell, if it suddenly decides to completely die off I will be quite upset. And it is growing, whatever this little blank spot is. :\

Well, anyway. Just ranting over this recent development in my online life. I noticed it yesterday and already it's a dozen or so more pixels large. So not cool. Restarting didn't help. Suuuuuuuuuucks.

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I should NOT like this commercial so much: I don't even like Pepsi.

But, damn, if you know who that is you know EXACTLY WHY THAT IS FUCKING HILARIOUS. Because you know he would totally do something like that. |D

...when he snapped his fingers I think I swooned a little. /cough

ANYWAY. Oh, yeah... I need to play with my icons now. I so need stuff for this fandom. :3

go figure

Sep. 26th, 2010 09:17 pm
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If I have to fix my truck again within the next week I will scream.

I love Shifter to death but I am seriously getting tired of constantly having to call my dad to fix him. I need a knew car. Mmgh.


Sep. 23rd, 2010 01:31 pm
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My emailbox is empty. What is this nonsense.


I tagged everything while at work. I forgot how boring it is up here without any work to do... I got my job back at the school. Whoo. /o/

So, getting close to class now... lalala.

Tis is pointless.
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Time to break out the PS2!! ...because I just reserved Dante. Why am I such a retard?
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Instead of playing my shiny new game I am reading Dr. Haley's journal. Here is yet another account of my silly fangirlism and dorkability combined:

Halsey wrote, and I quote, "ONI has provided me with a diplomatic shuttle, the Han, along with a dedicated AI, Toran, and my young lieutenant to pilot the craft and act as attaché ('babysitting' comes to mind)" describing the beginning of the procurement process of candidates for the SPARTAN-II project. The object of my amusement is in the very specifically underlined "my" within the sentence. Who writes my lieutenant without inferring... well. Anyway.

Damn me. Why do I ship old people anyway? /facepalms

/turns the page. AND SHE DREW HIM WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING. S-SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! There is also a profile sketch of him. He was quite handsome. 8D

She drew Keyes twice more: once practicing some form of martial arts (she has multiple arm positions drawn out at once and some names for what I presume are the techniques he studied) and another where he must have been fixing something on their shuttle (the caption beneath read: "Hands on. Didn't even wait for the tech crew. Got it done though.") She used his first name only in referring to him in this later entry. Why do I think this is cute? I think she had a mild crush on him, grew attached to him as a constant in her life during that time. And she admired qualities that made him unique and honorable. She purposefully dismissed him from continuing the SPARTAN-II project for this qualities.

...God, I am a dork.

I don't think it's just me anymore--whoever wrote this obviously supports Halsey/Keyes just as much as I do. /glees

"I met my lieutenant again while attending a conference at the University of Calippus.
Don't know if it was the dizzying pressure that I've been under, or the chance reunion with a kindred spirit in a strange place, or something else...

...But I'm glad it was him."

Omg, if they are implying that Miranda is her and his child......

"Did not expect the separation anxiety to be so strong. I guess not hearing her cry wakes me up at night too."

...Madre de Dios they are!

"Jacob has agreed to take her in. I'll miss her, but it's for the best."

In a completely (mostly) different aside: She drew Miranda on one side of a page and, flip the page, on the other side is Cortana drawn out several times. Haha. Her two daughters...

Halsey writes "She spoke her first words (in Italian): 'When the game is over, the king and pawn go into the same box.'"

You do not understand the level of fangirlism that just went filtered through my brain. Trust me, you really don't want to. But least to say there was a lot of squeeing. Cortana's first words make Giovanni cringe and nod appreciatively at the same time. Mmm.

Well there's no doubt about it left: she clearly states that Miranda is her daughter (though without using that phases or the term daughter anywhere). She calls Keyes her father, and says Miranda legally changed her name to his (from hers presumably, obviously). Dr. Halsey is...a very interesting being. A scientist, distant and calculating and cold; a mother, caring, regretful, protective.

It's getting late. I should stop reading and go to bed. Damn.

Wow. That Spartan really looks like Mario.
And with that final loony tidbit I say adieu.


Sep. 10th, 2010 05:26 pm
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Hey guys!!

I have a proposition to make for all of my Assassin's Creed fan friends. You can ignore this otherwise because that is seriously all I am talking about. Also, money. You can ignore it if you don't have any. >.>

The thing is this: I really, really want the Doctor version of the jack-in-the-box collector's item. However, Gamestop does not receive these versions of the collector's edition and yet I do not want to cancel my reserve from there. Basically, I want both versions of the jack-in-the-box. (The other one is the Harlequin, which makes more sense iconically, but I think the Doctor one is more cute. Oh, me, why.) I can't exactly afford both or, more importantly, do not need two copies of the game itself nor any of the other items. So my proposition is thus:

If anyone is buying the collector's edition from anywhere OTHER than Gamestop, will they sell me the Doctor jack-in-the-box for about 20 dollars?


If I bought the collector's edition straight from Ubisoft would anyone like to pay only $75 and receive all of the collector's items except for the Doctor jack-in-the-box?

I figure the latter is probably more likely to happen but it's up to you guys! I think it's a great deal because basically all you're paying for is the exact amount for the full game plus an extra measly 10 for all the other bonus items. I'd have to see how much shipping is but I'll likely pay for that, too, especially if you're desperate on cash. ^^

This is basically me being selfish, yes. Oh! And the sooner I know whether you want to make the deal the better. This is so I can preorder it from Ubisoft asap so I don't miss out, plus I have a coupon I'm not sure when will run out. |D (Which means I'm more likely to pay for shipping it to you!) Also, I can always cancel my preorder with Gamestop if you have to back out for whatever reason so if you think it might be possible for you to do when it comes out just go ahead and say yes so we can do this.

Please let me know which copy of the game you need: either PS3 or Xbox360. This is another reason why I need to know asap before I just...go and preorder one.

Oh, jeez that's tl;dr, why?



Sep. 2nd, 2010 11:02 am
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So there were three Horvaths in the credits of Forgotten Sands. One of them weirdly spelt their name with two Ts (as Horvatth). I was vaguely amused. Also, there was one Borgia. Get out of my Prince of Persia game you. :| ...Oh, and one guy named Ding Dong. I'm not kidding. (He was foreign obviously. Not a name change people, the world's not that crazy. Yet. Actually it probably is but I don't want to know about it.)

And yes, I sat through that entire thing--I swear to God I should have gotten an achievement for sitting through all of it just because of it's length. The music was pretty.
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My friend sent me this website and I thought it was pretty cool. Guys, it's my college they mention in there. And they're talking good about it! It's kinda cool to hear. So let me derp out just a little. I promise it's only a little. College isn't that exciting. XD

Harvard vs Lamar

See, this is why you guys should come down here to live with me~. /laughs
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I already just want to quit. Live would be so much simpler. Why do I have to be in advanced classes this semester? ; ;
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First day back to class. I only have one complaint:


Didn't really get any sleep last night practically at all ideky; had to wake up early; Marco would not shut up in French class; the American Government teacher is like the best teacher ever for making things easy; and I have to wait for ten (10) days before my new credit card thingy for extra financial aid comes in the mail. But my only complaint is about how FUCKING HOT it is outside.

...You know what I played Army of Two (the first one) the other day at my friends place. No wonder I'm complaining about the heat. |D

We totally got to that line and I burst out laughing and awkwardly explained to my friend why that line was so wonderful.

TORI. Time to get out the Rios muse!! We have some bitching to get out. XD

Aaaaaan, that's about it I think. So yeah. Not a bad first day I think. Now I'm hungry...I think I'll go eat something. Maybe ICE CREAM because it's so FUCKING HOT. /not even remotely sorry

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Okay, not the best film I've seen but it was definitely better than the one I watched on Netflex before it. That one was supposed to be good... could have been... the last few minutes of action were nice... but that's just because I like martial arts... but overall sucked due to lack of acting and a solidly built upon plot. Could have been better. But it was Asian so can't always expect much when it's not made by the more well-known people over there. Sorry, guys, but seriously. The one I just finished wasn't much better on the acting or deliverance and not much better on plot either, lol, but just somehow caught and held my attention better. Either that other movie was just that bad or I'm seriously in need of some action to negate permaboredom in my life.



Oh, went to go see The Sorcerer's Apprentice again last afternoon. It was absolutely positively worth the 4.75 spent on seeing it again in the theaters. It is so beautiful to watch on the big screen and just wonderful. I like it a little too much probably. Sue me.

But it made me content so there. :|


Aug. 17th, 2010 12:38 am
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I love you [ profile] emie_took. I think I cried just a bit. I wasn't expecting that.
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I have the strangest dreams sometimes. It's been a while since I've posted one here--did I write out the zombie apocalypse one? that was great--and it is actually one of the most long sort of personal uses for this journal that I've had... that is to say, it's been a "thing" for me to write them here since the beginning. A hobby or habit if you will. I can't quite get that in the words I want to express what I mean/feel but whatever. ANYWAY.

That aside. Here we go one more time:

the mafia and me )

Y-yeah... ignore that, too.
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I couldn't even get through the first five minutes of 18 to Life without bursting into tears laughing at Jesse Rath's facial expressions. I will have to actually sit down and watch this at a later time. It could be amusing. Although I'm not into that sort of sitcom... those faces. /facepalms and laughs helplessly
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Just watched Knowing. I liked it. I don't care if people think the ending is predictable/corny. I still thought it was a good film. I also happen to really like Cage so that helps. Sue me. But still I think I would have liked it anyway.

These are just thoughts I want to get out of my head. Things about the film. Spoilers if you haven't seen it.

Allusion )

That...did not turn out as expected. Ignore that. Please.
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Trying out another new muse at my sandbox. Open to all. Please go and bug. Y/y? ^_^

Over at the Arcana Cabana.

I'll never mind more comments, and I'll never mind what day someone comments on. Or how long it lasts. Seriously. ^^

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