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Player Information ;
Your Nickname: Aisu
OOC Journal: [livejournal.com profile] aisuyoukai
Under 18? Nope!
Email/IM: AIM: goldxlll
Characters Played at Singularity: Tron / Rinzler | (au) [[livejournal.com profile] double_discs] ; Billy the Kid [[livejournal.com profile] yeehawbang]

Character Information ;
Name: Godzilla
Name of Canon: Godzilla
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: AU
Reference: The 1998 film and the subsequent animated series.
Canon Point: Somewhere in the middle of the first episode of the animated series. (See AU for details.)
Modern day Earth circa 1998. The only difference being that all of humanity's nuclear testing in various places has begun to show evidence of tampering with Mother Nature's natural evolution of species and producing mutant creatures in its wake (such as the original Godzilla himself). There are also ancient cryptological creatures (such as the Loch Ness monster and Quetzalcoatl) that begin to show their faces after millennia of hiding also usually thanks to human interference in their home areas. All these giant beasts have begun to roam the land and threaten the environment as it is now, thus the creation of the Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team (H.E.A.T.). H.E.A.T. runs around the globe hunting down and studying these mutated creatures and in the process either helps the local government/population by removing the creatures to another location or killing them off completely if necessary. This is usually done with the help of Godzilla as a protective force for the team.

Military forces are particularly large and heavily influential in this iteration of Earth probably for the sole reason of dealing with such giant, mutated monstrosities. Many of them have some very nice technologically gifted weaponry, including Japan's specialized robotics that can create giant robot yetis that have full articulation and a few added armaments on the side. Other technology is sometimes seen a bit above the norm for the time but usually specifically designed in response to or for the destruction/control over the various mutants. Otherwise the world is fairly...normal?

At first glance Godzilla is almost entirely pure animal instinct. He searches for the ideal living quarters, seeks out the easiest source of food, and grows attached to the nearest parental figure based on the first sight and smell he senses. And it is quite possible that given different circumstances to his birth and the immediate thereafter he would quite happily live out his life as simply an unusually intelligent wild animal. But lucky circumstances prove that Godzilla is a bit more than that. Godzilla has the capacity for connectivity, emotion, and even the most basic understanding of morality.

For an overgrown lizard Godzilla has an awful lot of intelligence that is above average for most animals. He is capable of understanding the most basic of words, easily following orders given to him by his surrogate human father without much context and even learning new commands while in the heat of battle when the going is tough. He seems to understand body language even better perhaps because it's the most simple way to communicate but also cuing in on human facial expressions aptly. He can tell when Nick is frustrated or angry with him and acts accordingly by either rumbling remorse or hunkering down in an apologetic manner. He tries to rectify behavior that his surrogate father does not approve of though other times it is clear he simply doesn't care or doesn't want to obey (much like a cat) and continues to do his own thing his own way. One could say this is a sign of a lack of intelligence but sometimes it is more clear that it is in fact a sign of his own personality. It is as if he is defiant on purpose, throwing tantrums like a child whether it's because he just doesn't want to do something how others want it done or because he honestly wants attention from a certain individual. He is especially attuned to Nick but he seems content enough around the rest of the H.E.A.T. members as well, showing them respect and listening to their orders whenever he's in a good mood and happily showing off for their research. He might not realize that it's research for something specific but it's obvious to him that they are watching him closely and studying him for whatever reason and has no qualms in sharing his unique ways.

It can also be noted that in general he doesn't have nearly as much respect for non-living entities as he does the living. Godzilla has paid no attention to, flat out ignored, accidentally or even purposefully destroyed the robotic instrument N.I.G.E.L. that the team employs around him on several occasions. Probably simply from smell alone he realizes this moving automation is not living and therefore doesn't care if it comes to harm. On the other hand Godzilla shows restraint when it comes to living creatures around him even in battle; he only accidentally ever destroys buildings or vehicles around him with living beings still inside, and even only partially destroys military vehicles and weapons that contain people inside them. He has also left more than one mutation alive after his battles with them. But he won't hesitate to utterly destroy anything that isn't actually living.

As far as emotions go it is distinctly clear that Godzilla is quite attached to his human surrogate father Nick. Godzilla has saved Nick's life from various hazards on numerous occasions many of which he did not have to be called out to in order to realize that he was needed for the situation. If he sees, hears, or otherwise senses that Nick is in danger the lizard will come running, swimming, or leaping as fast as he can to the rescue. It is possible to go as far as saying that Godzilla loves his human father as uniquely that he can. He clearly has no problems listening to Nick's advice and orders, and goes out of his way to please Nick when possible. About the only thing he won't do for his surrogate father is eat substitute fish! He can't stand the taste of it. And if that doesn't convince that Godzilla is capable of love than the fact that he grows attached to another mutant lizard in one encounter should. He decides to protect her and her unhatched egg (and she reciprocates to the extent that they are clearly fond of each other's company, man) but when another mutant kills them both Godzilla retaliates much more brutally than usual. It becomes distinctly clear that his rage is backed by emotion rather than simple instinct.

Godzilla is also capable of making moral decisions on his own. Besides protecting humans by fighting other mutant creatures which could essentially be through territorial instincts or the need to protect his surrogate, he has also shown the desire to help others simply due to the kindness of his heart. There are plenty of times when Godzilla shows up to fight off another creature when he hasn't been summoned. Obviously he follows Nick for sentimental and protective reasons but that doesn't mean he has to show up sometimes when Nick isn't in direct danger as he has done on occasion. Infants and young creatures especially garner his attention as needing his protection. Godzilla was once fighting an older female cryptid when the noise of the cryptid's offspring caught the two fighters' attention. The only reason the cryptid was harming human facilities was due to its infant being captured. Godzilla recognized this instantly and immediately stopped fighting the cryptid and even followed after her to help save the offspring. Nick was not there to convince Godzilla to help rather than fight (instead he was trying to help the infant in the laboratory and was the reason the cries were suddenly audible outside) and Godzilla made this decision on his own without prompt.

There are also several instances when Godzilla shows combat intelligence that seems unprecedented for a simple animal. He is capable of recognizing some advantages over terrain and capability. Such as causing a mountain slide in order to crush his opponent after it has been disabled. He has used his fire breath many times to disintegrate objects in his path or remove bodily excrements such as spider's webbing or liquid-goos that make movement difficult (that one he heated until it hardened and he could break out of it). He burrows many times to escape attacks when he is on the loosing end of a fight, but then also uses this to his advantage in creating weak spots in the ground or coming up where and when the other creature is not expecting it, regaining the upper hand numerous times with this trick. All of these are things Nick did not teach him beforehand. Godzilla seems to like battle, too, reveling in his prowess and is obviously proud of his abilities as he roars defiantly whenever he wins and hovers over his defeated opponent, adding worse to wear upon the creature in some way whenever he's defeated a particularly hard opponent. Then he checks on Nick one last time and disappears, content with his win.

He is a curious creature by nature and will poke his nose into anything that he finds interesting, even a few things that he knows he'll be reprimanded for. He doesn't fear anything and will rush straight into a fight without much thought other than to win. He is defiant to anyone that thinks they can control him and yet certain individuals he will accept commands from out of trust and understanding. He knows when someone is trying to defend him and will gladly defend them back whenever given the chance. He feels remorse and sadness for the loss of close ones, and he sympathizes--to an extent--whenever others show sadness of their own. He will protect those that are nice to him and those that apparently cannot defend themselves and he will thrash anything that opposes him or those he cares for. He has little regard for non-living items but showing some sort of intelligence or life will garner his attention enough to, perhaps, be convinced there is reason to not harm a certain entity. On the other hand, if it appears threatening or harmful he will show no hesitation in destroying whatever it is as quickly as possible.

Note on Nick and AU timeline: Yes, Nick was mentioned a lot in this section simply due to the fact that he affects Godzilla a lot and in a large way. Nick helps shape what Godzilla becomes, how he acts, and how he responds to a lot of stimuli. It is entirely plausible to see that it is Nick's kindness and defense of Godzilla that causes the giant lizard to show compassion and develop a purpose for himself in fighting other creatures. He is calm and docile because he respects and loves Nick, who is level-headed and kind to Godzilla in the first place. Like father, like son.

Obviously taking Godzilla from such an early stage could affect the lizard in monumental ways that could alter his perception of things. He won't have been taught many things by Nick yet and he will be almost a blank slate for behavioral modification. He will also be very depressed at loosing his father figure so quickly after having finally gotten attention and approval from him. However, he is intelligent and with interaction from the people on the station hopefully he will grow in a good way once he comes to terms with his separation of father and home. The basics will always be there--just like the core personality of an individual is usually always present no matter what ends up happening to them. But, as stated in the AU section, being able to interact with people on a closer level will allow him to develop more quickly and learn faster, better, and overall more rounded than is apparent in the cartoon which was referenced heavily to indicate his intelligence/personality because that is his genuine personality despite many of these events not occurring yet in his 'taken from' timeline.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitation Suggestions:
Abilities: Godzilla is fast and agile like the iguanas he's mutated from. He can run very quickly and climb obstacles that seem impossible to climb thanks to his claws and strength. He's pretty much designed for it through evolution. He is a very acrobatic swimmer as well and can hold his breath for extreme periods. (Sometimes it appears as though he can actually breath underwater; I think that's just ridiculous so we're ignoring that.) Unlike the species he derived from he is also capable of burrowing underground very well and very quickly. Because of his size though he cannot burrow into concrete like his parent could. But thanks to his mutation he also has enhanced regeneration, healing at a quicker rate than normal. Where most animals would take days or weeks to heal, Godzilla will heal in half that time, a few hours or days instead depending on the type and severity of the wound of course. He also has enhanced stamina, which, simply put, means he can run, swim, climb, fight, and otherwise move around for long periods of time without getting exhausted. He just keeps going and going and going and, well, going. And last, but certainly not least, he has what is referred to by the H.E.A.T. team as an 'atomic flame breath'. A special ability that isn't quite known how he can produce, Godzilla basically roars out a wicked green flame from his mouth whenever he's really on the offensive. Despite it's name, the flame isn't radioactive and why it's green is anybody's guess. It is only as harmful as typical fire. And as small as this offspring of the original is the ability cannot be sustained for nearly as long.

Weaknesses: Godzilla is "just" a lizard. While he is gifted with an above average animal intelligence and is even capable of making moral decisions for himself (clearly shown in more than one episode of the cartoon), he is still basically an animal and has limited to no knowledge of human technology, culture, and social behavior. He makes an effort to understand only for the sake of curiosity and a special bond to certain personages but instincts are still a major factor for him and he more than readily will fall back on them in confusing/hectic times. And while he has an enhanced healing factor it is only beneficial to him if he can get away from whatever caused the wound(s) in the first place. He's still organic and he can only take so much damage before it becomes fatal. At his smaller size, he is particularly vulnerable compared to his larger parent.

Power Limitation Suggestions: N/A. I think the AU takes care of that, frankly.


Godzilla is a giant, mutant marine iguana that really looks the part, for all intents and purposes looking like a lizard standing only on his hind legs. This iteration of the beast is only about 8-10 feet tall as he normally stands hunched over, giving him about 13 feet in total length (not including the tail obviously) if he were to ever stand fully straight. His tail is easily about the same length of his body. His main scales are a dark green-gray color with a distinguishably lighter version of the same color appearing on his underside (belly, underneath his jaw, bottom portion of tail, etc). He has a set of dorsal fins that trail the length of his body with the two largest being set where his shoulder blades are and the rest becoming increasing smaller from both above and below that point. The fins are a slightly brighter hue, with a more bluish green tint to their color. He has bright golden hued eyes lined with a hint of his keen animal intelligence.

Less than a day. He just hatched, okay?

AU Justification ;
If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across?
To begin: this Godzilla is actually the one surviving offspring of the original Godzilla creature that "attacked" New York and ran rampart for the past couple of days before its eggs began to hatch. This offspring's hatching occurred later than the rest, in fact after all the others were destroyed by an air strike, somehow surviving the bombing in a secluded area further beneath the surface and being a late bloomer. It is somewhat suggested that it has a "defect" in its genes that makes it different from the others; it is later found out that this creature cannot reproduce asexually. It also happens to hatch whenever Nick Tatapolous literally stumbles upon its den in search for any possible surviving eggs/hatchlings, resulting in him being covered in fluids that smell like the creature itself. Scared off by incoming sounds from Nick's companions, the creature runs off before it can decide what to do with the scientist. A little later, Nick has formed a small team of scientists with the intent to capture the creature. They set up bait and wait for it to come to them.

Continuing from here begins the AU events. Instead of having grown exponentially within that short amount of time as it does in the cartoon, this Godzilla creature only grows to be about 10 feet in height and thus when it comes to the trap area the cage is just barely large enough to contain him once he crawls in to get at the fish. The team captures him. As in the cartoon though now for different reasons, Nick quickly realizes it has a special bond to him--having imprinted on him when it hatched just hours ago--and convinces the team to keep the creature alive instead of killing it so that they can study it. Ideally it would have accompanied them on missions and slowly began to learn simple commands issued by Nick just as in the cartoon, however shortly after finding a place to hide the creature it disappears from the H.E.A.T. premises--and ends up on Sacrosanct.

Obviously the biggest factor for the AU is the size difference: this Godzilla is 20 times smaller than its canonical self. This is due to the same defect that causes it to be sterile only now it is also literally a runt. A really really tiny runt. This effects its place in the world considerably simply for the fact that he can now interact with humans on a more 'even' playing field. While still considerably larger than humans he can go places he wouldn't be able to as a larger creature and can get closer to the smaller creatures that care for him. With more face-to-face interaction he can learn faster and experience closer contact that allows him to form stronger emotional bonds with his benefactors.

Samples ;
Log Sample:
One minute he'd been content enough in his new den and the next he wasn't. Godzilla didn't know what was going on but he was sure of one thing: he didn't like it. Which resulted in one of the loudest, if not most destructive, arrivals on the space station. He roared and thrashed at the automations that tried to lead him away from the hole he'd curled into whenever he'd arrived at this awful new place. He bit the head off of one, certain it wasn't one of his parent's companions if simply due to the unusual smell. It was more like the little yellow thing that accompanied them--and while Nick and one of his male companions didn't seem to appreciate it whenever he thrashed it, Godzilla didn't hesitate in making it known he didn't like it near him whenever it annoyed him--and neither did he spare these automations as they tried to herd him away from his hideout. He felt no remorse therefore as he whacked another with his powerful tail and sent it flying to shatter into pieces as it hit the wall at the far end of the area.

Eventually though the little buggers managed to coral the giant lizard into one of the shower rooms. That didn't go off much better than the herding and Godzilla howled at the bad smelling rain and raked his claws against the door in an effort to leave back out the way he came. But that didn't work. The rain stopped and he heard a noise from behind, and he whipped around to face whatever strange and annoying thing was to come at him next. Let him get his claws and teeth into it, whatever it was, and then see how much the place liked to torture him with its bad smell and annoying critters.

There was a door open on the other side of the room now. Godzilla headed for it hesitantly, trying to sniff at the air to see what might lay beyond but snorted as the lingering acidic smell filled his nostrils instead. He ran through the door as quickly as possible in hopes that if there were a trap he could startle the person behind it or dart quick enough past it to go free.

Nothing happened. Godzilla kept running.

Somehow, either through sheer dumb luck or an animal's keen instincts, Godzilla ended up in the nearest Garden Zone outside the Junkyard. There he seemed content enough with the warm ground and green grass and all of nature surrounding him (and comforting his sensitive nose) and he spread out on the grass as if to sunbath like many reptiles tended. It was then he noticed the shiny metal bracelet on his forearm and he sat up to examine it with a curious tilt of the head. He sniffed at it and then chomped on it.

He decided he didn't like it. He wanted it off. It shouldn't be there. He began to chew on it, and it did funny things that eventually made him decide he really wanted it off. He kept chewing at it. It was coming off if he had any decision in the matter.

Network Sample:

[Crunch crunch crunch.]


[It's very dark and dank looking wherever this wearable has ended up and it still sounds like something is...chewing on it?



[Yep. There's something chewing on it. In fact, it's a rather large lizard chewing on the wearable attached to its wrist. It seems to notice that something about the device has changed as it stops chewing on its wrist long enough to give it a half cocked stare in curiosity. He blinks once and then RRROARS at it. It's a pretty impressive sound even if it is smaller than it's parent.

Surprisingly, he actually tries to poke at it with his claws for a few minutes as if aware that that might produce something from it. But when he can't figure it out he quickly goes back to chewing on it again instead.]

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