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Player Information ;
Your Nickname: Aisu
OOC Journal: [ profile] aisuyoukai
Under 18? Nope!
Email/IM: AIM: goldxlll
Characters Played at Singularity: Tron / Rinzler | (au) [[ profile] double_discs]

Character Information ;
Name: Henry McCarty, aka William H. Bonney, aka...Billy the Kid
Name of Canon: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: Canon
Reference: The Excellent Adventure.
The Kid himself 'at a glance'. There is also more information on the historical figure on other pages of that site. For clarification I will be using the historical time-line of his life for his background because, you know, he is a historical figure an' all. Mostly sticking to the well known facts rather than myths, though it is completely possible that Billy may exaggerate his stories from time to time. He'll be taken from right after escaping jail and right before being hunted down and shot in the totally unfair ambush. ;;
Canon Point: Post-Excellent Adventure. So he'll be coming from his own time (1881).
Billy's natural born setting is the late 1800s, your typical wild west country with all the works. He grew up (more or less) in the growing town of Silver City, New Mexico, just so you get the true gist of how wild west we really mean here. Billy is used to dust, horses, more dust, and saloons as his natural habitat. Billy is an infamous outlaw but not by choice so much as circumstance. While he is wanted for murder and has been known to resort to thievery to get by, the only times Billy has ever done either of the two offenses is out of fear and misguidance and in the act of self preservation. Most townsfolk do not fear Billy and in fact are usually happy to have him around for his courteous and easy-going ways. He is especially well liked by the Mexican populace as he always encouraged and defended them.

But enter in two fundamentally dumb rockin' 1989 teenagers trying to write an excellent history paper so they don't flunk out of high school, and suddenly the modern day is introduced to the Kid. (Along with several other time periods for brief snippets.) Out of all the historical figures taken out of their proper time-lines, it is possibly Billy that adjusts the easiest and takes everything in stride the best. He quickly picks up on the rocker lingo spoken effusively by Bill and Ted and begins to incorporate it accordingly into his own speech patterns. Though he does not spend much time in the future he is vaguely introduced to modern conveniences and technology, not necessarily getting much of it but at least not being caught off guard by new inventions if/when being re-introduced to such things. Such as when he arrives in Sacrosanct. He'll be more fascinated by everything than bewildered by it. He'll also take the transition fairly well overall because he has already traveled through time and space before.

The Kid was also very vaguely introduced into the future of the main characters, too. What he might have picked up on was: Bill and Ted are famous in the far future; the two are the best known and loved rockers on the face of the planet (and off it! there's a space station in that future, too); their band the Wyld Stallyns is influential everywhere helping establish basic hospitality guidelines ("Be excellent to each other."), peace around the globe, and set rock'n'roll as a standard for music everywhere ("Party on, dudes."). Basically, the world is a better place all in thanks to the two teenagers that kidnapped him from his time period and drug him all around time to "write" an excellent history report over.

In other words his setting is pretty typical from the real world except in the future they have time machines made out of phone booths and excellent music that plays nearly 24/7.

Billy the Kid is a friendly, easy-going fellow with a humorous out-look on life and a never-failing bravado for adventure. He is a generous sort that will always give out more than he has because frankly he's not worried about much other than surviving and having a good time while doing it, and he cares more about the people around him than his own assets. Money is never an issue with him--he never wants more of it than he needs--and when he needs it he'd just assume have a bit of fun gathering it whether it's by playing a hand of poker or making an educated bet on the local horse races. Hell, he'd even rather participate in the horse race himself for a bit more fun than just straight up bet. Then when he has money he tends to spend it on yet more things that please him--cartridges for his guns to practice with constantly and show-off firing at items, or dime novels and newspaper magazines to idle the time away with fancy dreams. Yes, contrary to popular belief Billy isn't illiterate; fact of the matter is he loves to read and goes about it every chance he gets. And he'll read just about anything he can get his hands on. He's also rather fond of excellent music and likes to show off his fancy feet at a quick dance or two. He knows what he likes and likes what he knows, and spends his time doing 'em rather than worrying about the grand scheme of things.

Yet in a dire situation Billy can be serious as a heart attack and shows no fear in the face of adversity. In fact, he's quite the opposite of frightened in a pinch, repeatedly showing a calm demeanor and quick-wittedness about him that manages to get not only himself out of trouble but his allies as well. Even in these situations his friends always note a humor in his eyes and a quick grin on his countenance. He never seems worried even when he probably should be; instead he's relaxed and ready to face whatever comes his way with a quick draw and a steady hand. And as shown on the Excellent Adventure, while Billy is willing to shoot his gun all wily-nilly at any given moment of the day, he isn't all that quick to actually shoot at anybody, much less aim to kill. He'd rather shoot into the air and startle people while he makes a quick get-away than aim anywhere purposefully in the off-chance that he might harm someone. Billy feels bad enough about the few people he's killed and doesn't want any more of that on his conscience; he'll only resort to that as a last-ditch effort, and though he won't hesitate to do what he's already done he won't get his rocks off doing it. He'll have regrets, and more than likely say a prayer in their name the first chance he gets to settle down properly.

Due to being so small and frail-looking as a child, Billy grew up being picked on all his life. The older he gets the more bravado he tacts onto his personality to make up for this ill treatment, always trying to prove that he's just as manly as the next guy sitting at the bar. He's a stubborn little mule and doesn't like taking 'no' for an answer very much especially if he thinks it's because a person doubts his skill. He's made up for his small stature with quickness and cleverness in the past, and has learned to counter strength with tact and a guile that is just as likely to get him into trouble as it is get him out of it. Yet no matter what the circumstances he's always got a ready smile on his lips and possibly a wry remark to go along with it. If there's one constant about Billy the Kid it's his predilection to show an eager smile whether in having a good ol' time with the local sweetheart or while facing off against the meanest bully in town like there ain't to tomorrow. He's just funny that way. Optimistic, even.

Oh, and Billy is quite well aware of the fact that he's a handsome fellow--one too many pretty dames have told him that much in the past when it didn't matter so much but he's a little older and now it does. He'll gladly point out a cute girl when he spots one (like Bill's step-mom) and he'll even more gladly start up a flirting conversation with a woman he thinks he can stand even half a chance at winning over. And heck, Billy is a sociable guy in general and likes to talk to any friendly types whenever the situation arises so he'll keep a conversation going if he doesn't spot anything wrong with it. The only time he'll end one real quick is if a person does something stupid and ruins Billy's fun in one way or another. (Lookin' at you, Dr. "Siggy" Freud. :\) And he's not above name-calling. He is kid after all. Ruin his good time and he'll taunt and tease until he's found a protagonist to 'play' with; probably another side-effect of being picked on that he feels the need to subject it to other people. Point it out to him though and he'll probably apologize like a good boy and be genuinely regretful in his chastisement. Another thing people truly remember about Billy the Kid is his penchant for manners. He is a surprisingly polite boy, good-natured and generous.

To his friends and allies he is extremely loyal and devoted. While Billy has been known to get his gang out of trouble on more than one occasion, overall the Kid is more of a natural follower than a leader. In fact, despite numerous rumors contrary to the truth, Billy never did lead any of the gangs he ever ran with. When he was on his own he could cope well enough but eventually he always sought out people to hang around and follow (which, unfortunately, tended to be the wrong kinds of people and got him into more trouble). He is smart and well adjusted but yet seeks out others to lead most of the time as if he can't quite get over the fact that he's truly on his own in the world. Or he just doesn't want to be on his own. He enjoys quiet alone time with a good read or by cleaning his firearms, but eventually he's had enough and tends to seek out the rowdiness of genuine adventure. Wanderlust. A need to be the center of attention. The desire to always be doing something and to have a lot of fun while doing it. Billy is predisposed to be right in the middle of it even if it kills him. Which, isn't his intent but he's not likely to notice the risk if he's having an adventure. He has a 'devil-may-care' attitude about him and never expects to be caught by the law, and loves to return to old haunts to visit friends and places that brought him joy. Maybe he's sentimental in those regards, but truthfully he never had much of a lasting family and so his friends make up for that empty spot in his life. He'd risk his life for anybody that's ever done a kindness to him and is eager to show kindness to the world in return for the small cares he's been shown in the past. He's very dependable in any situation and tries to do right most of the time despite his outlaw status.

Overall, Billy comes off as a fun-loving kid that just wants to party his entire life. He's never thought too hard about the future and what it might have in store for him, and really was never given the chance to even try before he'd been dealt a bad hand. To make up for it, Billy just goes along with whatever he's dealt and makes the best of what he does have. He treats people with kindness for those that show kindness to others and knows a tough version of fairness hardened over his life as a runaway in the harsh wild west that he sticks with and delves out to just about everybody equally. He knows he's an outlaw and wanted for murder, and he regrets that, but he doesn't let it get him down or make him meaner than he needs to be. If he had been dealt a more generous hand in life then maybe he would have made something more of himself; but since he wasn't, he'll just have to do what he can to help others and never complain while he's having fun with what he's got!

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitation Suggestions:
✗Abilities/Strengths: The Kid is a cunning, resourceful lad that is calm in a tight situation, capable of keeping his humor about him even while retaining a seriousness for the tougher circumstances. He is an excellent shot with both the revolver and the sharpshooting rifle, said to hardly ever miss his mark and always practicing and showing off his skills despite the rarity of cartridges in those days. He knows his guns inside and out, and is well acquainted with most guns of the time period but especially favoring the Winchester lines. His small build makes him more agile and lithe than most (and makes it possible for him to slip most bonds, especially handcuffs). He knows how to handle a lasso (which, along with the other cowboy stuff, can presumably mean he knows how to tie some decent knots). He is great with animals and was known as a fine horseman who treated his mount right and knew how to keep his horse fresh for a dash while still keeping a steady pace out in front. He can speak fluent Spanish. He is kind and caring enough to do a good deed for just about anyone in need, and is very reliable and extremely loyal to a fault. And above all he is brave to the point of recklessness.

✗Weaknesses: He is brave to the point of recklessness. Billy is always eager to prove himself and shows a carelessness to his actions when it comes to grandstanding. What it comes down to is a 'devil may care' attitude in terms of the pursuers Billy faced; the Kid never thought he'd actually ever be caught and frequently returned to places and areas he shouldn't have, and lingered close to ones he really shouldn't have. 'The Kid' being an aptly given moniker, Billy is yet still young and inexperienced in the world. Though tried and tested, and for the most part found very capable, he is still for all intents and purposes just a kid with only a handful of years under his belt. Impetuous and easily persuaded, Billy can often be found following a quick laid plan that isn't so much plan as just pure action. He has a bad habit of trusting in people he shouldn't leading to many of his worse off escapades, and unfortunately doesn't always follow the advice of his friends when he should. He is stubborn and all too often pushes the limits of his uncanny luck to the extremes.

✗Power Limitation Suggestions: N/A. Billy only has talents, nothing special enough to warrant limiting.

✗Awesome Western Outfit including One Rad Sombrero & an Excellent Pair of Spurs on his Sweet Boots.
✗Colt single action .44 caliber
✗Colt double action .41 caliber, the "Thunderer"
✗Winchester 73’ rifle
✗Some odd amount of ammo for each

Billy is a small, fair complexed boy with clear blue eyes, wavy brown hair, and a smile nearly always tugging on his lips. He is around 5'9'' at most and slight of build, with a stringy toughness to him. He is quite fond of wearing a plain black sombrero with a single band around it. The actor who portrayed him in the movie was Dan Shor.

The year Billy was born is unknown but it is most commonly accepted that he probably never reached the age of 21 before his death in 1881. Therefore he would be around 19 or 20 at the most, but I'd say he's closer to 19.

Samples ;
Log Sample:
"Totally bogus."

In the dusty road running through town Billy was the only one to understand his own words when he referred to the sticky situation. To the front and back of him were armed lawmen looking to turn in the infamous Kid for a petty buck. They weren't even real lawman, he noted with a bitter irony, as he stared at their hastily gilded stars and rag-tag clothes. They were no better than the Regulators back when they had been authorized to hunt down their former benefactor's murderer. They were no different from Billy himself.

Well. Before he'd run off and gotten more people killed because the lying sheriff refused to keep up his end of the bargain they'd made. But Billy couldn't have helped that. It wasn't his fault the guy wasn't honest. He hadn't wanted it to come down to that, but it had and there was nothing else to it.

Billy damn sure wasn't certain how he was going to get out of this one but he sure as heck wasn't going to just let them take him in without a fight. His hand inched closer to his pistol and he licked his lips free of the sudden dryness starting to creep down his mouth into his throat. But one of the rag-tag lawmen saw the vague movement and suddenly all hell broke loose. The first shot missed Billy by a mile (it landed in the dirt just in front of his feet indicating the shooter hadn't even gotten their gun fully drawn before they'd pulled the trigger) and without a single thought the Kid was in instant motion. He didn't go for his gun, instead dashed to the side to head for the nearest cover. Somehow, ducking and weaving awkwardly as he went, the Kid managed not to get shot before he reached a building with thin glassed window that he easily went flying through, breaking the glass and sending the shards flying everywhere around him as he landed in a lithe cat-roll.

He came up in a low crouch and scooted back as quickly as possible to place his back against the wall below the window he'd just smashed through and set himself into his new cover.

"Excellent," he told himself. "Now what, Kid?"

But there wasn't much time for him to come up with a plan to get out of this mess before there was an eerie, bright and sudden flash of light that left him seeing more stars than had been pinned to the lackeys firing at him from outside. And then the sensation of falling, falling, bam! he hit the ground and kept rolling. He felt glass crunch beneath him and knew he'd be bleeding when he looked. But it was the sight that met his eyes when he opened them and looked around at the completely new surroundings all around him that really concerned him.

He had no idea what was going on but at least he wasn't getting shot at anymore.

Network Sample:
[After about an hour of fiddling with the device and one horribly inadequate tutorial on the wearable from one of Hyptia's disinterested subroutines later, the post begins with a finger tapping at the screen on the video function. When it moves away from the camera what appears is a kid no older than nineteen with clear blue eyes, curly brown hair, and the hint of a smile on the corners of his mouth. Wearing a plain black cowboy hat.]

...So I think I got this down now? The cute little blue lady said it records what I'm saying so everyone around can hear me. I remember something kinda like this back in San Dimas but this. Excellent.

Just one real question because, man, she may be cute but she's colder'n my .44... Is this that place with the rad music like last time? Because that was all very stark and strange at the same time there, too.

Oh, and if anyone knows two dudes by the name of Bill and Ted that hang out together and play rockin' music? Point me in their direction, would ya?

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